My Birthday Celebrations & a very big surprise!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello my lovelies,

I can't believe that tomorrow it will be a week since my 40th birthday, and today is a week since my last post. What a week I have had, it has been amazing, the best of my life and I wanted to share it with you all.

As you know I have a you tube channel and I have uploaded a couple of video's on there all about my special day, one is an outfit of the night or OOTN in you tube speak and the other is just a chatty video explaining what happened on my birthday and at my party and what lovely surprises the girls and Simon had in store for me. So if you would like to watch those please feel free.

But for those of you who don't have you tube or prefer to read blog posts I thought I would come and tell you all on here too.

On the morning of my birthday we all got up at 6.30am, Lissy was in school and has to leave for school at 8.00am and obviously I wanted her to be there when I opened my gifts. I came downstairs and was told I had to go into the lounge first so I did, and I couldn't believe what I saw, there were banners and balloons everywhere! And the outside of the house was decorated with big banners too on the fence and on the front door, it was overwhelming, there were so many helium balloons and banners and a big badge and a pink fountain type thing with number 40's coming out of it, it was amazing. Here are just a some of the decorations I came down to.

The lounge door

I think someone might be 40!

My personalised balloon from Cole, Lissy and Adam 

My personalised balloon from Simon 

More balloons!

My personalised badge, sorry it's a dark photograph

So as you can see I had a few balloons and decorations and to be honest that isn't it all, there was loads of it, and it is all still up, I don't want to take them down :( The colour scheme was multicoloured pink, green, orange and silver and all the balloons and banners and other decorations were all matching to the colour scheme, Cole chose the colour scheme, she didn't want it to be too Valentines orientated although I love pink and hearts, so she still included the hearts and the pink without it being all about Valentines, a lot of thought went it to everything I am so lucky.

I opened my presents and received the most beautiful gifts, I was so overwhelmed and in shock, I am a very lucky Mamma. I had lots of visitors and phone calls, emails, tweets, texts, inbox messages all throughout the day it was amazing, my mum sent me a beautiful arrangement of flowers and in them were bright pink Gerberas, which are my favourites (along with red roses) I was totally spoilt all day. 

Later that morning I went for a pedicure, I had been told last week that I had to go out of the house for at least an hour or maybe longer, so as I needed a pedicure anyway I booked it for on my birthday, I had a lovely relax and pamper and it was very exciting and I was spoilt by the staff in the salon, I have been going there for almost 16 years now so the staff have become friends. They look after me and are really good with me, I started having pedicures recently because I can't now manage to do my own toes etc, but I am very well looked after whenever I go to the salon and it is only at the bottom of my road so it's super handy. 

I came back from the salon and when Lissy came home from school I was asked to go in the kitchen, and I was so shocked to find the most amazing birthday cake!

How amazing is my cake? The colours all matched the rest of the decorations, it was perfect, I have never had a birthday cake like it, and was so overwhelmed by it I cried, my lovely girls, Simon and Adam really had been planning lots of surprises and it must have taken weeks, Cole had ordered my cake and chose the design and colour scheme, she chose the colour scheme for my decorations and ordered things online. Another couple of surprises I had were that the girls and Adam had made 115 birthday favours to give out at my party after the food, they were little bags with all my favourite sweeties in all tied up with pink and green ribbon to match the colour scheme, they were lovely I couldn't believe it, and also Simon had bought me a book with a multicoloured striped cover to use as a guest book at my party, it really was amazing all the hard work and planning that went into making my day so very special, I have the best partner and children in the world they are so thoughtful.

I had a lovely day, got the best gifts ever and then we had a takeaway pizza from my favourite place, Simon had got me a small cake to have on the evening of my birthday as my big cake was being taken to my party. It was lovely, we had a relaxing night just the five of us, and it was perfect. 

The day after was the day of my party, I was so excited, I had my nails done, a gel french manicure with sparkle, they matched my toes which I'd had done the day before, Cole did my make up for me and we all got ready to party, Simon hadn't wanted to see my dress before my party and he loved it, he said to me "you look amazing, absolutely stunning" his face was a picture, our girls looked beautiful as always and I felt so proud of my little family. I filmed my OOTN as promised to my You tube subscribers and then we took some quick photographs whilst we waited for our taxi.

Birthday Girl

Me and Simon

Me and my beautiful girls, Cole and Lissy

My party was amazing, I got to the venue and was amazed, Simon, the girls and Adam had been in the afternoon and put up more banners and big bunches of balloons, and a door curtain, the room was full of decorations and again it was all in the multicoloured scheme, it was really overwhelming. The guests arrived, there were over 115 people there all for me, a couple of friends and family hadn't been able to make it but I am going to go out for lunch or dinner with them separately to celebrate. I received more presents and cards, I couldn't believe it, I got so many gifts, I am so lucky, I got so much that when I opened everything the children wrote down who everything was from because I would never remember! It was fantastic, everyone had a brilliant time, an old friend of mine is a DJ so she and her husband did the disco, the caterers were fabulous it was really amazing, and I was loving every minute, after everyone had had their food, Cole and Lissy gave out the birthday favours they had made, everyone loved them. Then everyone sang Happy Birthday to me and I blew out my candle which was a number 40 candle and made a wish, it was so lovely. I was then asked to make a speech, and for someone who talks as much as I do, I hate making speeches, but I am told it was lovely and that I did really well. 

Everyone danced and had a great time, all the children that were there had a fabulous time too. I was sitting down chatting to one of my friends when the DJ Michaela said Simon would like a word with everyone, he had the microphone in his hand and I thought oh dear what is he doing, he said he "wanted to say a few words about someone who is amazing, inspirational, kind, caring, loving, but enough about me" everyone laughed, and then he said that he actually wanted to talk about me, he made a beautiful speech about me and said how much he loved me and how amazing he thinks I am, he said the most beautiful things and then he asked me to go and stand with him, he said he wanted to ask me something, something he has wanted to ask me for a while, and then he got down on one knee and proposed! I was in shock, we have been together 12 years and never got engaged or married due to money worries so I just accepted it was something that wouldn't happen and here he was asking me to marry him in front of all my family and friends, I was in total shock, when he got on one knee you could hear everyone in the room gasp it was so nice, my friend said there wasn't a dry eye in the place. One of my friends Jane took a couple of photographs, she said she had a feeling he might propose when he started talking so she got her camera ready, I'm pleased she did because nobody else got any photographs or video footage, I think everyone was as shocked as I was. It was a lovely and very special moment, the girls were stood with us too, Simon had asked them to come up to stand with us and they knew all about it too, the little monkeys, Simon had told Cole, Lissy and Adam but nobody else knew, it was amazing, and a perfect end to the most amazing two days. 

Simon doing his speech

Will you marry me Zoe? You can see the shock I am in.

She said Yes!!!

Simon has had my ring made, he was really distraught though because the jeweller that is making it promised him it would be ready by my birthday, Simon told him he was going to propose at my party and it was a surprise, and when he went to collect my ring on my birthday they told him that because of all the snow we have had it has delayed things and it wasn't ready. Simon came home and sat with his head in his hands and said to Cole and Lissy "what am I going to do" and then he had an idea, years ago he was being silly when eating some sweets and he gave me a haribo ring and said we're engaged now, it's always been a standing joke ever since, when anyone says are we engaged or married he always says, "I gave her a ring and she doesn't wear it"  When he proposed on Friday he had a haribo ring in a box bless him, and I did wear it for the rest of the night and I am going to keep it as it is very special to me, but as soon as I have my real one I will post a picture for you all. I am very excited to see what it's like. 

I hope this wasn't too long and drawn out, and if you would like to watch my video where I talked all about my birthday and party please feel free to head over to You tube, I have filmed a what I got for my birthday video today as so many people asked me to do one so that will also be uploaded later tonight if you'd like to see my gifts, I am doing it in two parts, my family gifts and friends gifts as I received so many things, I was totally spoilt but am so very grateful for everything. My friends and family mean the world to me and I'm so glad they were there to help me celebrate my special day.

So that was my 40th Birthday and party, I hope you have enjoyed reading about it and looking at the photographs, I'm sorry some of them are a little dark, but you can still make out what they are. I am a very lucky girl and although I already knew it, I really do have the most amazing, thoughtful, kind, caring and generous, children and Fiance in the world and I love them all more than anything in the world. 

Anyway I'd best go, I've got a wedding to plan! 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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