Happy Birthday Sweet 16

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Today my baby is 16 years old, where has that time gone? Alicia or Lissy for short is my baby girl, my youngest, and I cannot believe she is 16!

Lissy was a week over due when she was born, she was due March 22nd 1997, I had the pregnancy from hell, I suffered from Hyperemisis Gravidarum or severe morning sickness, and boy was it severe,  I was sick one day 47 times, it is the worst feeling in the world, I lost so much weight that I actually only gained 2lbs during my pregnancy, it was also a bad pregnancy due to my constant worrying after miscarrying previous pregnancies at the later stage of pregnancy. I was constantly monitored, which meant lots of scans and hospital trips and I felt ill from conception. I thought Alicia was a bad case of gastroenteritis because I just woke up one morning and started to be violently sick and it carried on, so after about 5 days I went to see my GP who said to me to come back in a week if I hadn't started my period as I could be pregnant, I shrugged it off as I wasn't due my period for over a week. 

Sure enough my period didn't come and I saw that little blue line meaning I was going to be a mummy again about 2 weeks after my trip to my GP, the sickness carried on and my doctor thought I might be carrying twins because it was so severe but a scan proved otherwise. I was sick until 3 days after Lissy was born, something to do with the pregnancy hormone leaving my body so the midwife told me. I really wanted Lissy to be a girl, but my GP told me that statistically if you were severely sick during pregnancy it meant either different sex or different father, both girls have the same father so everyone including me thought I was having a boy. I had always wanted 2 girls, I have no idea why, but I really wanted a girl, so much so I didn't find out the sex I was having because I was so desperate for it to be a girl, I still have no idea why, I have a nephew Isaac who I adore and wouldn't have any other way, but I was desperate for Lissy to be a girl.

Lissy decided she wanted to be an Easter baby and on the night of Good Friday I went to bed and woke up at midnight with pains and knew I was in labour, the pains carried on and at around 2.15am I noticed that baby had passed urine as I found meconium when I went to the loo, I rang the labour ward and was told to go straight in as it could be a sign of distress or could be because baby was a week late. I got onto the delivery unit at approx 3.00am and was already 6 cm dilated, I seem to do that in labour, I labour really quickly and get to 6 cm without a lot of pain at all, I was examined and a probe attached to Lissy's head in case she was in distress it was a way to check on her, at 9.30am I was still 6 cm dilated and to cut a very long story short at 3.00pm I was still 6 cm dilated! It was decided that my consultant was needed and he was called, he used a procedure to take some blood from Lissy's head and the result showed she was in extreme distress, about 20 seconds later she stopped breathing, by this time it was around 3.25pm I was rushed to theatre and Alicia Georgia was born by emergency Cesarean Section at 3.42pm on March 29th. I had told my midwife and the other staff how desperate I was for a girl and when she was born the whole room shouted "it's a girl" I was so so happy but then the room fell silent, my baby girl wasn't breathing. 

It was the most frightening few minutes of my life, the midwife from the early morning shift had stayed with me and was still with me in theatre, I looked at her and said "it's happening again, I'm going to lose her, promise me I won't lose her" and she did something which was either very brave or very silly and said "Zoe I promise you you won't lose her" it seemed like hours, my baby girl who I hadn't even seen yet was being resuscitated and given oxygen and I could see all this going on but was totally helpless and then after what seemed like weeks I heard the tiniest little cry, like a kitten and there was a huge gasp from the whole room, my baby girl was alive and breathing on her own.

I'm not going to give you a run down of the last 16 years, it would make for a huge blog post and may be boring to others, but when Lissy was a few weeks old I found out she had a VSD - Ventricular Septal Defect, a hole in the heart and she also had a heart murmur, I was devastated, my baby had something wrong with her, luckily Lissy has never needed surgery due to her heart condition, it should have been picked up in pregnancy I was told, by one of my many scans but it wasn't. Lissy has had more chest infections than I can count and is a teeny tiny girl, the condition had an effect on her growth, she is not 5 feet 3 inches and has size 3 feet so she isn't teeny in height but has teeny little hands and feet bless her, she was unable to do some sports but she has never let her condition stop her doing anything, she is an amazing dancer. We have had some horrible times during the last 16 years, Lissy's heart condition weakens her immune system so she picks up every germ and bug going, when she was 7 she picked up a virus which attacked her heart and we almost lost her, then when she was 10 she picked up a virus lasting 4 months and was critically ill, hospitalised and missed 4 and a half months of school. 

But aside from those horrible times, Lissy has brought us the best times too, she is funny, kind, caring, honest and incredibly beautiful and she is my girl, we are very close which I am very grateful for, I am lucky to have an amazing relationship with both my daughters. 

Lissy is a fabulous dancer, she dances all the time in fact she can't walk anywhere she either dances or trots or skips or generally prances about all the time, she has a massive obsession with Beyonce, she loves everything about her, her main aim in life at the moment is to have a "Beyonce bum" she is so funny and makes me laugh every day, I am so lucky to have such an amazing daughter and I didn't want to let today go by without telling you all just how amazing she is. I am one very proud mamma indeed. I did want to put a montage of photographs on here of Lissy over the years but I think that might be a little bit too much to cope with for any 16 year old girl, let alone one with zero confidence, so I am going to put a couple of photo's of her on, but no baby ones or embarrassing ones in her words.

Lissy aged 3 on holiday in Majorca
 (Cole was on here too but she made me cut her off!) 

 Me and Lissy on the night of my 40th Birthday Party

Lissy today using her new mug and straw glasses which Simon
and I bought her as fun presents, she loves them both! 

The mug we bought Lissy it says "Oh Lissy, Why You So Sassy"
This is a nod to her love of Beyonce and being sassy, don't ask! 

I don't think those were too embarrassing do you? I am so proud of my beautiful girl, everyone who meets Lissy likes her, she is kind and friendly and extremely funny, and so very beautiful too, she has always been and will forever be my baby and I love her more than words can say. 

Happy 16th Birthday my darling girl, you are loved so much and I am so proud of you, keep being you, you are amazing and of course very very sassy! 

Thank you for reading about my beautiful girl, much love as always,

Zoe x

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