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Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello Lovelies 

If you saw my last blog post or my  Exciting Adventures Youtube video you will already know that last Wednesday the 5th June I attended the SimplyBe Blogger Takeover launch event as Laura's guest along with Cole. 

I first found Laura when I was searching for an outfit to wear for my 40th party back in February, google directed me to her blog and I liked it so much I spent all that afternoon reading through old blog posts instead of shopping for an outfit for my party. I loved her blog so decided to email her and tell her how I found her and how much I was enjoying reading her blog, she emailed back and since then we have sent many emails and more importantly become friends. 

Laura has been part of something called the SimplyBe Blogger Takeover with SimplyBe the fashion company. SimplyBe who were originally an online fashion company now have numerous stores throughout the UK selling plus size fashion for sizes 14-32. SimplyBe contacted Laura and 2 other bloggers, Em and Lauren and asked them if they would like to design an outfit for SimplyBe, how exciting is that? This is something that SimplyBe have never done before, they work with many celebrities including Gemma Collins and Danni Minogue but they have never worked with bloggers when it comes to designing fashion for their company. 

All 3 girls chose a dress to design, and the first stages of the dress designing from the very first meeting to choosing fabrics etc and onwards be seen here on SimplyBe's Youtube channel. 

Around 3 weeks ago Laura contacted me to ask if Cole and I would like to be her guests at the Blogger Takeover event in Manchester, I was absolutely thrilled to be asked as I know what a massive deal this was for Laura and for her to ask me and Cole was so kind of her and we were both very honoured to be asked to such a big thing for Laura, as you can imagine I accepted Immediately and both Cole and I were very excited.

On Wednesday, the launch day, we arrived at the lovely venue in Manchester's Castlefield area and were greeted by the SimplyBe team who were all extremely lovely and very friendly, they made us feel so welcome it was really nice. On arrival we had our photograph taken and were then offered Bucks Fizz or Orange Juice and given some vouchers to obtain some drinks from the bar. Then we saw Laura, she looked amazing in her dress, she always looks amazing but she looked beautiful in her dress and also had the most amazing shoes on but I'm not here to talk shoes! Laura introduced us to her best friend who was also really lovely, and then we had a good chat before the event got started. 

The event started with an introduction from a lovely lady at SimplyBe who introduced herself and the rest of the SimplyBe team, then we were introduced to the lovely girls and saw their lovely dresses,  all 3 of the girls took it in turns to talk about their dresses and the experience they had had during the last few months, they then answered questions about their experience and dresses. Laura's dress is perfectly Laura, very girly and glamorous, the top of it is a beautiful coral colour which I love and then the bottom is black, the material is lovely, the skirt is a chiffon material and moved beautifully, doesn't she look stunning? 

 Laura in her dress 


All the girls L-R Laura, Em and Lauren 

Then we were introduced to Natalie and Mark who are the Buyer and Designer for SimplyBe and were both lovely people, they talked to us about their journey with the bloggers and helping them choose fabrics and designs etc, Natalie and Mark also spoke to us about the behind the scenes aspect of SimplyBe which was really interesting, they showed us photographs of the factory in Thailand and the people who own it, and spoke to us all about the process of going over to Paris to view catwalks to the end product which is the garments being on sale in SimplyBe it was really interesting and also nice to know what happens behind the scenes in the world of a fashion company. 

Then it was time for lunch, SimplyBe had brought along some of the new Autumn/Winter collection for us to have a look at, there are some really lovely pieces coming up from the end of July when the A/W collection is launched so make sure you check out the SimplyBe website or stores so you don't miss out on the first picks of a great collection. 

After lunch we had a presentation from Danni and Vanessa who talked us through some of the A/W collection and showed us key pieces and how the idea's for each piece are thought of,  it was nice because they welcomed feedback and asked us all what we liked and didn't like about trends or styles for future reference, wouldn't it be amazing if all fashion companies did that? After that we had another presentation all about the different clothing labels sold within SimplyBe such as Anna Scholz and again we were asked for our feedback regarding the brands sold and what we thought about pricing and different pieces such as what we liked and disliked about the jeans or the multi pack t-shirts etc there was also lots of questions asked and again it was really interesting and I learnt so much. 

Then it was time for the event to finish, and for us to go home, but not before I took some photographs which I will share with you. 

This was the screen on the large projector screen at the event

One of SimplyBe's boards showing some of their collection

One of the clothes rails with the A/W collection on (there were 3 in total) 

Laura and I

Cole and Laura

This was the itinerary card  

I'm sure you will all agree Laura looked amazing, as did the other 2 ladies, the dresses were all very different but suited each personality perfectly and another amazing thing is that the girls will be modelling their dresses for SimplyBe so they will be featured in the catalogue and online, how exciting is that? The dresses are available to buy as from next week and will retail at £45 each, I think this is a great price and if this had happened 12 months ago I would definitely have bought Laura's dress for my 40th party in a heartbeat, it is beautiful and can be worn for so many occasions, it can be worn for a night out or party or with a jacket for a wedding or christening, it is versatile and beautiful at the same time. 

We were also given a goody bag to take home which was very generous of SimplyBe and for those of you who like to see photographs of the contents of goody bags this is for you

The good bag contents, can you spot the cool curvy lady chocolate figurine? 

We had an amazing time at the Blogger Takeover event, everyone we met was lovely and I would like to say a huge thank you to the SimplyBe team for looking after us so well and a massive thank you to Laura for asking us to be her guests, we really did have a lovely time and met some wonderful people. 

I think you'll agree Laura looked amazing, I am so lucky to have found her blog that day and not only did I find a fantastic blog I found a lifelong friend too. 

Thank you for reading, much love

Zoe x

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