Happy Birthday To My Gorgeous Girls

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hello Lovelies

As you know in the past when it has been one of my girls birthdays I have written a little blog post about their day and about little things about their childhood.

Today is my other little girls birthday or my adopted daughter as I call her birthday, today is Hannah's birthday, Hannah is my lovely friend Donna's daughter and she is 14 today.

I first met Hannah when she was a toddler, when I became friends with her mummy, they lived next door to a friend of mine and she brought them to a mummy and children gathering and lunch, we always got together in the school holidays and went to lunch and a play area, ball pool type place and the mummies chatted and the children played and we all had lunch it was lovely, Donna and Hannah came along to one of our lunch/playdates and we hit it off instantly, we had children of the same age, her son is the same age as Cole and we both loved girly things, and Hannah who is 2 and a half years younger than Lissy got on really well with both Lissy and Cole.

Donna and I became friends and I used to go round to her house and her to mine and the girls would all play together, it was lovely, and we soon became very close friends.

In 2007 I lost my lovely Donna to cancer, she was very brave and fought very hard but the cancer was too strong and on 11th October 2007 Donna passed away.

In the final weeks of Donna's life she worried a lot about the children and what would happen and especially who would help Hannah with the things girls needed help with for example periods and boys, looking for prom/wedding dresses. I promised Donna I would always be there and would do all those things.

I am extremely close to Hannah, as we all are, she calls Cole and Lissy her big sisters and I am her (adopted) Mamma, we are all there for her and she is part of our family and always will be.

Today as I said Hannah is 14 and tomorrow Donna would have been 44, she always said Hannah was the best 30th birthday present she could have wished for, even though she almost had her in the garden because she didn't think she was in labour!

Donna would be so proud of Hannah (and Rhys) she is doing well at school and is a lovely young lady, and most important of all, she loves make up and nail polish, I think we have had more of an influence than we thought :)  Donna was very glamorous too and always looked amazing so it was always on the cards that Hannah would be too.

I am sure Donna will be watching over both her children every day and I know she wished more than anything she could be here to do all the things mums do and teach Hannah all about make up and boys and all the things she needs to know, and I know I will never ever be Hannah's mum, that's Donna and always will be, but I will continue to be the best adopted Mamma I can be and will always be there for Hannah and she will have the best big sisters ever who will look out for her and teach her make up tips and other girly things too.

I wish more than anything that I could take Donna a card and present tomorrow and give her a big cuddle and have a chat and a giggle but I can't, I will be wishing happy birthday to the sky as I do every year and hoping she can hear me wherever she is, I know one thing though, she will have the biggest, sparkliest birthday in heaven.

Happy 14th Birthday to our gorgeous Hannah, who is an amazing young lady, we love you lots and lots always xxxxxxxxxxxx

And Happy Birthday to Donna for tomorrow, we love you and miss you every day, have an amazing birthday, wherever you are, I'm sure you're having a good old boogie to the key the secret round your handbag xxxxxxxxxxx

I know Donna can't read blogs but I cannot not wish her happy birthday and I wanted you all to know what an amazingly lovely and beautiful adopted daughter I have.

Love you Hannah, Love you Donna xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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