Halloween Fancy Dress For Less

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello Lovelies,

On Friday night me, Simon and Cole went to a local Halloween party, unfortunately Adam was ill and couldn't come and Lissy already had plans with her friends that couldn't be changed so our original plans of the 5 of us going were changed. I wasn't sure I was going to get there either as my pain has been really bad this week, but I was determined to go and in the end made it for just an hour and 15 minutes but I went and that's the main thing.

All our outfits came out of things we already owned or bought cheaply so I thought I'd show you what we all wore and tell you where things were from etc just in case you are going to a Halloween party and wanted some inspiration for an outfit without spending a fortune or going to a lot of trouble.

 Me and Simon, Zombie School Boy and School Girl 

We didn't want to spend a fortune on fancy dress outfits but wanted to dress up so me and Simon decided on the Zombie school boy and school girl, I already had my grey skirt and Converse pumps and Simon had his black jeans and Converse pumps too so we bought some cheap white shirts and 2 ties from Asda. Cole did our make up and with a bit of back combing my hair,  we were good to go. 

Outfit Costs -
My White Blouse - £4.00. 
Simons White Shirt - £6.00 
Ties - £3.00 

Me and Cole, Billy From The Saw Movies and Zombie School Girl 

Coles looked amazing as Billy the puppet from the Saw movies, the only thing she bought for her outfit were the bow tie and the gloves, she already had the blazer, blouse, trousers and Converse pumps. 

Outfit Costs - 

Red Bow Tie - 99p including postage.
White Gloves - £2.79 including postage. 

So as you can see we didn't spend much at all, you can create a school boy or girl quite cheaply and the saw puppet too if you have a Black blazer and white shirt, you could create the look using leggings and if you don't have the blouse/shirt the ones we got from Asda weren't very expensive at all and the fake blood washes out so they can be used again if we wish. 

I hope you liked our outfits, if you are going to a party have a great time, Happy Halloween! 

Thank you for reading, much love as always, 

Zoe x

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