Mamma's Monthly Roundup ~ January

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Hello Lovelies,

Today I have something new for you, a new series if you like. I was asked at the end of last year if in my 'Non Beauty Favourites' video's I could include things I'd done throughout the month, I thought it might be a nice idea for a blog post/series to let you know the things I've done throughout the month, let me know if you agree and would like more or if you'd rather just see it in the video.

Obviously being pretty much housebound I don't do a great deal and when I do it isn't going to be a sky diving outing or anything so exciting but it might be nice to share with you what I've been up to throughout the month, I won't include medical appointments as it's not interesting and something I do regularly so it would be the same every month if I did. So here goes,

A Friend From Down Under ~

I spent a lot of time in January with my lovely friend Adele and her family, they emigrated to Austrailia in 2008 and came over for a visit on the 29th of December. Adele is one of my closest friends and I adore her, she has a lovely husband and 3 gorgeous children, her eldest daughter is Lissy's best friend so Lissy was extremely pleased to see them too. I met Adele way back in 1999 at playgroup with our girls, our girls have been the best of friends ever since and Adele and I have always been very close, I would trust Adele with my life she is an amazing person, and I miss her very much, it was lovely to spend time with her and her lovely family whilst they were here.

My MRI Scan ~

On the 8th of January I had my MRI scan on my wrist, I had to have the scan because when I broke my wrist in December the orthopaedic consultant thought I may have torn the ligaments in my hand to and wanted to check so he booked me for an urgent MRI scan. The scan itself wasn't a brilliant experience, I did actually write a post on it and if you haven't already done so you can read that post here.

Fab Friends ~

I am extremely lucky to have some fantastic friends, some of which I have known for over 29 years and some who I've known less than 12 months, some who live just round the corner and some who unfortunately live miles away or abroad in Adeles case, but they are all amazing and I'd be lost without them all, whether they come and visit me for a quick chat or the whole day or if it's a regular thing or sporadic or I get a text message they send, or a phone call or Skype call or even a Skype texting conversation they all make such a massive difference to my life for all sorts of reasons. One of my closest friends Nicola or Auntie Nic Nic as my girls call her, is one of the nicest people I know, she has been a fantastic friend to me over the years, I've know Nicola for almost 15 years, we just hit it off instantly and have been the best of friends ever since. We have been there for each other throughout some of the hardest times in our lives and also some of the best. Without fail every week  she comes to collect me and takes me to her house for the day to give me a change of scenery, and I love it, I really look forward to my day at Nicola's she is a superstar and I love her very much.

Hannah and Lush ~

If you are new to my blog and You Tube Channel you might not know who Hannah is, she is the daughter of my lovely friend Donna who sadly passed away in 2007. Hannah is very close to us as a family and especially to me and my girls, the girls are in her words her big sis and bigger sis and I am her adopted mamma, we all love her very much and she is an important part of our family.  Hannah is 14 now and growing up into a beautiful and lovely young lady, who I am very proud of and I know her mum would be too. Hannah comes to see us regularly and loves chatting and spending time with me and the girls, she is very into nail polish and beauty products and will often ask my advice on lots of things, only today she text me from her shopping trip asking my advice on some nail polishes. One of the things Hannah loves is Lush, she is mad on it and every time she goes out shopping with friends she buys something from Lush, I ordered some things for her in the sales after Christmas and some of her items were faulty and after I emailed them on Hannah's behalf we received the best customer service I have ever received from a company before, they were amazing and both Hannah and I were extremely happy, I did write a blog post on our experience with Lush which you can find here.

Blood Tests ~ 

I had to have some blood tests done mid January as I have recently lost some weight without trying to and have some other symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, forgetting my words halfway through a sentence, being extremely hot, itching and feeling exhausted amongst other things. My GP was worried I could have a thyroid problem or maybe M.E. so she ran a number of blood tests, and I mean a number, I was sure I wouldn't have any blood left after seeing how much the nurse took! My GP asked me to make an appointment to go and see her once the results were in, so I made an appointment for a few days later to allow time for the results to come back. The good news is my bloods were clear, the GP thinks it must be a result of all the medication I take, I take steroids which make me pile weight on and also have PCOS which again causes weight gain but then another one of my meds completely kills my appetite, so it's a bit of a strange situation and there's no rhyme or reason for the weight loss, but I put a lot of weight on with my meds and PCOS and it won't do me any harm to lose a bit, I'm not exactly wasting away am I? There is a chance it could be M.E. but for now I'm happy not to have another diagnosis to my name and have my bloods checked regularly.

Going For The Chop ~

Every 5-6 weeks I have my hair trimmed and coloured, on Wednesday 29th of January I had my hair done.  I have a tint on my hair and around 3-4 different colours through it in tiny strands to break the colour up a bit, I don't have my hair bleached as it is naturally blonde, just not quite as blonde as it is right now. My sister is my hairdresser, and she has been doing my hair for 20 years now, she's a superstar. I love having my hair done, it makes me feel better even though it is hard work for me to sit for a while I do enjoy having it done and always feel so much better afterwards.

We're All Going On A Summer Holiday ~

I have been looking at holidays throughout January, we still haven't booked as I type this post but fingers crossed by the time I'm typing my February round up I will have news of warmer climates, do you have anywhere you can recommend? I am only allowed to fly for 2 and a half hours but my GP has kindly given me clearance or fit to fly the last few years and I have gone to Greece which is around 4 hours flying time. I love Greece and we will probably end up there again this year, that is if my GP allows me to fly there, I just need to find a destination.

Mrs M ~

In September last year I met a lovely lady called Emma at the Plus North event in Manchester. I had met Khila at an event in August last year and I mentioned I was hoping to go to Plus North, she mentioned Emma was going to Plus North too and thought we'd get on well so she introduced us on Twitter. Khila was right we did get on, in fact we got on very well on Twitter and when we met I felt like I'd known Emma for years. She is a lovely lady, so kind and caring and very genuine and I am so very lucky to be able to call her my friend, there's only one draw back, and it's a big one, Emma lives at the opposite end of the country, it is such a shame as I know without a shadow of a doubt if she lived closer we'd see each other loads! On Thursday the 30th of January Emma and her lovely hubby Chris came to visit me at home, they had been on a holiday up north so they arranged to come and see me. It was so lovely, they arrived at around noon and Emma greeted me with 2 bunches of beautiful flowers, 1 for me and 1 for Cole, they really are gorgeous, she also brought me a birthday present but as it's not my birthday until the 14th of February I've promised not to open it until the day. Unfortunately Simon had to work and Lissy was at school but Cole and Adam had the day off work so we all spent the afternoon chatting, and Cole did Emma's make up for her, she looked amazing, she always does but you know what I mean. Simon did get to meet Emma and Chris, but he is extremely shy so he didn't say much bless him, he said later that he felt really bad for being quiet but I did explain to Emma how shy he is, and he was so pleased he got to meet them and said he would love to spend more time with them and get to know them both better, Chris is very much like Simon just less shy so I think they'd get on well. I was so touched they travelled to see me but so very pleased they did, I had a lovely day, we were going to film a couple of video's but I'd had my hair done the day before and it wiped me out a bit so we didn't, but to be honest I don't think we'd have managed it anyway we were too busy chatting and laughing. I really did have an amazing day, it was better than any medication and made me feel great, I loved it and have missed Emma a lot since, the rest of my family all thought that both Emma and Chris were lovely and can't wait to see them again soon, especially me!

So as you can see, I have done quite a bit in January and apart from the nightmare MRI scan and the blood tests it has been a good month, and ended brilliantly with my visit from Emma and Chris it really was the best day of January, thank you so much to Emma and Chris for coming all the way to see me and my family, we are all so very pleased you did and we can't wait to see you again very soon.

I wonder what February will bring? Have you had a good January?

Thank you for reading, much love as always,

Zoe x

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