My February Roundup

Monday, March 03, 2014

Hello Lovelies,

Today I have my February roundup post, where I tell you a little bit about the month and what I got up to, as I said in January's Roundup Post I don't get out too much so don't expect any tales of scuba diving or anything so exciting but I was asked to add this to my non beauty favourites videos which I upload monthly to my You Tube channel, but I thought the video's would be a little long and since I'm already a chatterbox I thought a blog post of my month might be a nice idea. So here's how February panned out, I will pop some photographs at the end of the post.

 Two Today ~

On the 3rd of February it was my nephew's 2nd birthday and a couple of days beforehand my sister had a little family party for him at her house, it was really nice to go and spend time with my sister and her lovely family and my parents and my sisters in laws too, my nephew is learning new words all the time now but totally shocked us all when we had finished singing happy birthday to him and he'd blown his candles out, he said "again" for his daddy to light them again and then before he blew them out he sang "happy birthday to youuuuuu" it was very cute but very funny too, of course he loved us all laughing and clapping so we had many more rounds of candle blowing and singing bless him.

The Dreaded Lurgy ~

The week following my nephews party Simon started to get a sore throat and wasn't feeling too good, this progressed and by the 7th of Feb he had tonsillitis, he was really poorly and in bed all weekend, luckily I have my 2 lovely girls and some fantastic family and friends who could help me out as without Simon it was a bit of a nightmare to say the least, he saw our GP and was soon on the mend, but he did manage to share his germs with me and I ended up being quite poorly the week after, isn't he kind?

Happy Birthday Mum ~

The 11th is my lovely mummy's birthday, unfortunately I was poorly on my mums birthday but her and my lovely step dad came over to us, we'd got my mum a cake and she opened her presents, and loved them all, we bought her a M&S voucher, she loves M&S and always finds something there, and we also got her 2 nail polishes, Orly's Artificial Sweetener and Essie's Pink Diamond, mum like me loves Orly polishes and had asked me for a pale pink every day polish with some shimmer in, Artificial Sweetener isn't too shimmery but Pink Diamond is, I couldn't decide between the 2 and I know Orly is her favourite brand and lasts the longest on her nails, so I went for both in the end, mum was really happy with her voucher and her polishes, and her cake and cards too, she had a lovely day, and went out for a nice lunch with my step dad, it's just a shame I was poorly on the day.

Happy Birthday To Me ~

On Valentines day the 14th it was my birthday, 21 again ha ha, I wish! I had an eventful day to say the least, first of all I got up and opened my lovely cards and gifts and I received some beautiful cards and lovely gifts, I do have a What I Got For My Birthday video if you'd like to see my lovely gifts and haven't already. After I'd opened all my cards and gifts it was time for Lissy to go off to school, I got ready and then I had my 1st exciting thing of the day, an appointment at the Orthopaedic clinic regarding my broken wrist and chipped bone in my foot, I was really hoping they were going to remove my cast, I'd had it on for 9 weeks by then and was extremely sick of it! My appointment time was 9.45am but when we arrived at 9.30am the clinic was running 45 minutes late the nurse said, I didn't actually get seen until gone 11.00am, but the good news is, they removed my cast, yay!! When they first took the cast off my wrist was so sore, I honestly thought it was still broken, it hurt more than when I'd first fallen and broken it, the consultant assured me this was normal and that it would also be stiff from being in one position for 9 weeks which made sense. I was given some exercises to do and asked if we have a stress ball, which we do and told to squeeze that as much as possible. I was given an appointment for the 28th of February in 2 weeks time and told I may need physio.

We got home and I had some visitors including my dad, it was nice to see everyone, Simon also had a hospital appointment at the eye clinic as a follow up to him having a horrendous ulcer on his cornea over Christmas and new year, so he went for that leaving me with my stream of visitors. Simon came home and thankfully his eye is doing great and he doesn't need to go back for 12 months which is great news. Cole had been locked away in the kitchen for most of the afternoon giving me strict instructions not to go in there, I found out it was because she had made me a beautiful cake, it was white with different shade of pink love hearts on it, bless her she worked really hard on it and it was amazing. Lissy and her boyfriend Will were going out for a meal in the evening, Will had asked me about a month previously if it was OK if he took Lissy out with it being my birthday, but I didn't have plans other than a takeaway and a film and it was their first valentines so of course I didn't mind at all, it was very kind and considerate of Will to ask my permission though bless him. They had a nice meal out and then came home and we all sat round chatting, it was lovely to have my lovely family around me especially as it was my birthday. My birthday ended in a slightly unusual way as I explain in this video but I still had a lovely day with the people I love and it was nice to see my baby girl go for her 1st Valentines meal, all dressed up with her boyfriend, young love and all that, bless them.

Birthday Month ~

February is the month of birthdays in our family, and including mine we have 5 birthdays with 1 at the end of January and another at the beginning of March too, so in 6 weeks we have 7 birthdays, does anyone else have months like that?

Tea Time Treat ~

As you know I don't get out much at all but I do have lovely friends who come and visit me all the time and friends who collect me from my house and take me to their house. My friends Chris and Julie both work full time and have children and grand children to look after but they always make time to pick me up and take me out for something to eat every now and again, we don't go on a regular basis, but we do go as often as we can. Chris doesn't live too far from me, Julie lives further away so Chris picks me up and we meet Julie at a pub/restaurant have something  to eat and a good chat and then Chris drops me home, we did this on the 19th and I really enjoyed it. It's always a lovely change and although it's hard work (I find it hard to sit on upright chairs etc) I always enjoy myself. This time was lovely as Chris has to nip to her daughters on the way home so I got snuggles with her beautiful 9 month old grand daughter, it was a lovely change and I'm already looking forward to next time.

Queen Bee ~

I'm pretty sure you all know what this part of my post is about, oh yes, on the 25th I went to see Beyonce with my 2 gorgeous girls, it was actually Lissy's Christmas present from me and Simon, Cole bought her own ticket and my ticket was part of my birthday present as the concert was the 25th. Lissy idolises Beyonce and has wanted to go to see her live for so long, she didn't know she was going until Christmas day and her face when she found out was a picture. We had a bit of a nightmare going as the trains from our area were cancelled meaning it took us almost 2 and a half hours to get to Manchester, we had planned a trip to TGI Fridays before the concert but it didn't quite pan out like that. However it didn't matter or make any difference to our evening. Beyonce came on stage at 9.20pm and was absolutely phenomenal, she performed for around 2 hours and it was amazing, and once again Lissy's face was a picture, she was so excited and on the Saturday before the concert she said to me "mum on Tuesday I'll be in the same room as Beyonce" bless her, and she was and she loved every single minute of it, we all did. If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen some of the photographs of our night. I do think though that seeing Lissy's reaction was the best part of the night for me.

L-R My Lovely Cake, Lissy & Will ready for their Valentines date & our selfie at Beyonce

So that's my February in a nutshell, the definite highlights were my birthday and Beyonce but I suppose that doesn't come as a surprise really does it? As always I do have my February Beauty Favourites video on my channel and coming up later this week I will have my non beauty favourites too and my monthly moans so look out for those if you enjoy them.

I hope you all had a lovely February, let me know your highlights in the comments.

Thank you for reading, much love as always 

Zoe x

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