My March Roundup

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Hello Lovelies,

I can't believe another month has passed us by and it's time to write my March round up post already! If this is the first monthly round up post you've read of mine,  I shall explain what my roundup posts are about. I was asked by one of my lovely subscribers to my You Tube Channel if I would include a monthly round up at the end of my non beauty favourites video's which I upload each month, but I thought the video would be too long if I did that and decided it might make a nice monthly feature on my blog, so at the end of each month I tell you about everything I have done throughout the previous month and show you some pics too. So without further ado let's get on with my March roundup.

Happy Birthday Grandad ~ 

March started out with my step dad's birthday, he's been in my life since I was around 14 years old and is very special to me, he's always there for me when I need him and has been through some pretty tough times in my life with me and is someone I always turn to when I'm having a difficult time. He's dad, grandad and Simon's adopted dad too and we all love him very much, he survived cancer in 2006 and we are extremely lucky to have him, he wasn't too well in February and had a bit of a scare but he was feeling much better by his birthday and had a lovely day, me, Simon, the girls and Will went round in the afternoon taking cards, presents and a birthday cake, which he loved and he celebrated later with my mum having a meal out, a special day for a very special man.

Pancake Day, Kind of ~

On Tuesday 4th March it was pancake day or Shrove Tuesday to give it the correct name. I'm not too bothered about pancakes but Simon had seen a photograph online of some pancakes made into a bear face using pancakes and chocolate sauce and he'd decided he was going to make the girls one each and surprise them, obviously Cole wouldn't eat hers but he knew she'd love it all the same. Unfortunately Cole saw the same photograph online and declared she fancied having a go at bear pancakes, great minds and all that! So Cole created the bear pancakes for Lissy for her breakfast, it was the morning after pancake day but ssssshhhh nobody will know ;)

Freedom! ~

On Saturday 8th March, me, Simon and the girls went into Manchester and had our lunch out at TGI Fridays, we weren't out long at all but it was so nice to leave the house, look in a couple of shops and have lunch out, yes it nearly killed me and I was in a lot of pain both during and afterwards but it was nice to go out for a short time and spend some quality time with my lovely family.

The Best Friends Ever ~ 

The day I went into Manchester with Simon and the girls, I got home and was feeling so tired and in a lot of pain, we came in and I practically fell onto the sofa, Simon handed me the post from behind the front door and mixed in with the usual junk mail and bills was a card, I opened the card and inside was a beautiful personalised card from my gorgeous friend Emma it was so nice it made me cry, inside the card were the nicest words ever, I won't write the exact words here as it's personal to me but Emma had written such beautiful and kind words and she said that she was so glad she had met me, it really did make my day, before last September I didn't know Emma, I was introduced to her by Khila after I had been chatting to Khila about going to Plus North last year but not knowing anyone, Khila had said Emma would be there and she thought we'd get on, so she introduced us on Twitter and we chatted for a week or so before meeting at Plus North, we spent the day together there and we hit it off immediately and I don't think theres been a day since that we haven't text, we just clicked and I am so pleased I met Emma, I almost didn't go to Plus North but I am really glad I did, Emma is one of lifes genuinely lovely people, she is caring, friendly and just fabulous and I am very lucky to be able to call her my friend, I love her to bits.

A New 'Do' & A Rather Puffy Face ~

On Wenesday 12th March, I had my hair cut and coloured, nothing different just a trim and my usual colours, an all over tint with 3 or 4 different very thin strands of different blonde tones through it, it was nice to have my hair done, my sister does my hair, she has done for 20 years and she always does it just how I like it, it is hard work for me pain wise but I do enjoy having it done at the same time. After having my hair done I came home and because it is such hard work for me to get my hair done I decided I'd be more comfortable in my PJ's, make up off all nice and comfy, I also decided to use one of my hydrating face masks, I've used the same mask for over 2 years and love it, but for some reason this time it didn't love me and 6 hours after I'd used it I started with the worst allergic reaction I've ever had, my face was bright red for around 24 hours and then it was extremely puffy and sore, and since then it has been the driest and in the worst condition it has ever been in, I can only put the reaction down to my medication, I know that medication can have an effect on my skin and how it reacts and since I've used the mask for so many years (well not that one mask but that brand/type) it can't be that that caused the reaction, a very odd and very horrible experience and a rubbish end to a nice day with my sister. My skin has been and still is in the worst state it has ever been in since I reacted to the face mask, any recommendations of hydrating skin care is greatly appreciated.

L-R Teddy Bear Pancakes, The card my lovely Em sent me & my very red, sore face after the reaction to the face mask. 

A New Frock & A VERY Good Website ~

In May this year we have a lot of invitations to various things, 2 of which are weddings. This meant I needed something new to wear as I have nothing suitable for a wedding. I had no idea what I wanted to wear for either wedding and decided to trawl online sites to try and look for an outfit. One of the first websites I looked on was Very and I saw a lovely dress by the brand Little Mistress, I have never tried anything from Very or the brand Little Mistress before, but something about the dress caught my eye, I decided to take to Instagram and put a photograph of the dress I liked on there and asked my followers what they thought, they all loved the dress a lot and urged me to order it. I decided I'd bite the bullet and order the dress, so at around 6pm on the Sunday night I ordered the dress, I received my confirmation email and then to my surprise a couple of hours later I received another email to say the dress had been dispatched. The following morning I received a text message and email to say the dress would be delivered that day and at around lunch time the dress arrived. I was so impressed with the service from Very, the dress was on my doorstep not 24 hours after I'd ordered it, it came in a box on a hanger with a protective wrapping covering it. I was really really impressed and would definitely recommend Very and will certainly order from them again. I tried the dress on and Simon and the girls loved it, so I decided I would keep it, I just need some new shoes and a nice bag now, the hunt continues and I will definitely be looking on the Very site before any others, their service really is excellent!

Have A Woofly Birthday ~

March the 18th was Oscars Birthday, and for those of you who don't know, Oscar is our dog, he is a blue Roan Cocker Spaniel and he turned 14 on the 18th, bless him he is very old now and it shows, he falls over sometimes and is incontinent, he is deaf and almost blind and I honestly don't know how long he has left in the world, we love him very much, he is most certainly part of the family. He had a lovely Birthday with lots of strokes and one of his favourite chews, every dogs dream day.

No Make Up Selfie ~ 

The 19th March saw the 'no make up selfie' take off on Facebook and Instagram, everyone and his mother seemed to be posting a photograph of themselves without wearing make up, and at first I wondered what was going on until I was nominated by my lovely friend Nicola to put my 'no make up selfie' online. I realised it was a campaign to raise money for cancer research and of course I took my selfie, donated my £3 to cancer research and posted my photograph to Facebook and Instagram.  It was an amazing campaign which raised millions of pounds over just a few days and made the national news, well done to everyone who took part.

Hoppy Birthday ~

The 20th March was another Birthday in our house and another furry Birthday, this time it was our rabbits Birthday, Tinkerbell and Tallulah turned 7 on the 20th, they didn't seem to notice much but did have some of their favourite veg, broccoli and some extra hay as a treat.

L-R Oscar on his birthday, he looks so excited! My no make up selfie & donation and a collage of bunny pics I put on Instagram for the bunnies birthday. 

Lovely Followers ~

On the 22nd March after lots of people tweeting me and asking if I bought the dress I'd shown on Instagram the previous week, I decided the best thing to do was to upload a photograph of me wearing the dress, so I uploaded one and was totally overwhelmed by the amount of comments and likes the photograph got, I received the kindest compliments on the dress, it really was overwhelming, I was so touched by the lovely comments I received, and I wanted to take this opportunity to say that if you left a comment thank you so much, you made my day.

A Different Kind Of Video ~

On the 28th March, I uploaded a video, nothing unusual there is there? But I was particularly nervous about uploading this video as I have never filmed this kind of video before, it was a celebrity inspired make up look. I had been asked to film a spring make up look and had been looking around online for ideas. Orange toned lipsticks are massive for spring/summer and I found a lovely photograph of Cara Delevingne wearing a beautiful makeup look with orange toned lips and decided I would try and recreate the look in a tutorial. I was so worried about filming it and uploading it as it's something I haven't done before, but I needn't have worried as I received some lovely compliments on the look and the video and I have since been asked for more celebrity inspired make up looks and more spring/summer looks too. If you haven't seen the video and would like to, you can watch it here.

L-R The finished make up look from my celebrity/spring make up look & the pic I put on Instagram to show the dress I'd ordered. 

Happy 17th Birthday Gorgeous Girl ~ 

The 29th March was my beautiful Lissy's Birthday, she turned 17, 17!!! Where did that time go? I cannot believe she is 17, it doesn't seem 2 minutes since she was 2 years old and now she's 17, it's frightening, it really is and even more frightening is that one of our gifts to her was driving lessons, DRIVING!! My baby girl is going to get in a car and drive, I think I need a lie down. Lissy had a lovely day, her boyfriend Will spent the day with us, we had some visitors, Simon made a strawberry cheesecake at Lissy's request for her birthday cake which was yummy, and in the evening we ordered a take away and watched a film, it was a nice day and more importantly what Lissy wanted to do. She got some lovely cards and gifts and thank you to everyone who wished her a happy birthday via my Twitter and Instagram, she was really touched by everyones kindness.

A couple of photo's from Lissy's birthday
L-R A selfie of me and my lovely girl, one of the gifts Will bought Lissy a "Willicia" number plate and a selfie of Will and Lissy. 

Happy Mothers Day ~

The 30th March was Mothers Day here in the UK, I received a beautiful card and gift from my gorgeous girls and I spent the morning relaxing, in the afternoon we went to see my mum who lives literally just across the road from us, my brother was there too with his son so it was nice for us all to be together and spend time together. We came home and Simon made a yummy roast dinner, he really does make the best roast dinners ever!

Mothers day was lovely for me but it did also made me think of 2 of my lovely friends, one of which is struggling to become a mummy and one of which is no longer with us but I know would love to be able to be here with her children, so both ultimately would want the same thing but in a different way, it's sad and it makes me sad too to think of them both not being able to have what they want, I hope and pray every day that my friend is a mummy some day soon and I know in my heart she will be, and I can't wait to spoil he/she when the time comes, and for my friend who isn't with us anymore, all I can do is be there for her children as I promised I would and love them and do my best by them, I just hope I'm doing a good job. Love your mums, you only get the one and cherish your little ones too, they are both things that some of us don't have the pleasure of but want more than anything in the world.

I wanted to share this photograph with you, it's one of my favourites and the one I put it on Instagram on Mothers day, it's me, my mum & my brother taken on Coles 21st. 

Pain Go Away ~ 

I'm not quite sure if I'm experiencing a relapse or if I'm just having a bad patch pain wise but for the last week and a bit, I have been in a lot of (breakthrough) pain, sometimes things get worse for a while and then go back and sometimes they don't improve and I realise I've suffered a relapse. I'm hoping it's just a bad patch and I will let you know but for now it carries on. It has had an effect on both my blogging and my filming for my You Tube Channel, obviously I'm not going to be ok or better, I am in pain 24/7 but the breakthrough pain I am experiencing is a lot worse than normal, that's the best way I can describe it I'm afraid. So if sometimes you think I'm not making much sense in one of my video's or I look terrible, or if my posts seem a bit odd, that's why. I would also like to say thank you to all my lovely friends and family for their continued support whilst I'm not feeling great and to you all too, your tweets, emails, Facebook and Instagram messages mean so much to me, and they really do cheer me up, thank you ever so much .

So that's it for another month, I wonder what April will bring?

Please feel free to leave me a comment, I always read and reply to all my comments.

Thank you for reading, much love as always,

Zoe x

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