May Roundup

Monday, June 02, 2014

Hello Lovelies,

I cannot believe a whole month has passed since I sat down to write my April Roundup, the last month has literally flown by! As you know I don't get out much at all and am housebound 99% of the time but May has to be the busiest month of the year so far and the busiest month I have had for a very long time, we had invites to occasions every weekend of May, it's funny how things happen like that isn't it and we probably won't be invited to something for months now! So here's how May was.

Firm Friends ~ 

May started perfectly for me on the 2nd with a visit from my beautiful friend Emma and her lovely hubby Chris, I have spoken about Emma a lot on here and on my you tube videos, we first met last year at Plus North and have been very good friends ever since, Emma is lovely and a big part of my life, this year she is part of the team organising Plus North 2014 which is held in Leeds and although Emma lives in the south of the UK she needed to be in Leeds for some Plus North stuff on the Saturday (3rd May) and so made a bit of a de tour and her and Chris came to see us on the Friday evening, it was so lovely to see them both, and we had a lovely evening with lots of chat and laughter and I can't wait to see them again soon, I miss Emma it is such a shame she is so far away, it was so kind of them to come and see us as Leeds isn't local to me and is quite a drive, I have some fantastic friends and am very lucky.

Dum Dum De Dum ~ 

The 3rd of May was the start of an amazing weekend for me, I travelled to see my gorgeous friend Laura as she was getting married on the 4th May, unfortunately Laura isn't local to me so I couldn't travel to and from her wedding on the same day it is too far but it also meant I got to spend a fabulous weekend with one of my best friends, like I said we travelled down on the 3rd to the venue, it was lovely the location was beautiful, absolutely stunning and we had a lovely room. We spent some time with Laura when we arrived and then we all got changed and then spent a bit of time with Laura in her suite before having a lovely meal with Laura, her future hubby and some other guests who were staying over at the venue, the meal was lovely and I had what I can only describe as the best Eton mess I have ever tasted it was delightful! We met some lovely people and spent the evening having a nice meal and chatting with lots of laughter and of course wedding talk. After lots of chat and laughter we headed to bed in preparation of the big day.

The 4th of May was Laura's big day, we had a lovely breakfast and then at 8.15am Cole began to work her creative magic and started the make up for the bridesmaids and then Laura later on, she did a fantastic job as always and the girls and Laura all looked amazing and were all very happy with the result. We had a lovely morning with the bridesmaids and then spent time with Laura which was lovely and very special. Time flew by and it was soon time for us to get ready and go to the wedding. When I saw Laura I cried, she looked absolutely stunning, she is without doubt a very beautiful girl anyway but she looked radiant and so so very beautiful, the wedding was magical, the whole day went without a hitch and everything was perfect, I won't go into detail of the day as I feel that is Laura's place to talk about it if she wants to, but it was a perfect day and we had an absolute ball, it was lovely to be part of such a magical and special day and we were honoured to be included, Laura means the world to me and to see her get married was amazing, I wish both Laura and Mr What Laura Loves a very happy life together.

Surprise Surprise ~ 

After a lovely weekend with Laura and the gang one of my oldest friends Emma had arranged to come and see me on bank holiday Monday (5th May) I have been friends with Emma since we were 13 and met at school, we were both new to the school so kind of clung to each other but then became the best of friends and we still are today, she is lovely and a huge part of my life, we have been through some fantastically wonderful times together and also some horrifically horrible times too over the last 28 years but we have always been there for each other and always will be, Emma works full time and has a very challenging job and is a single mum to 4 little ones, so she is extremely busy as you can probably imagine, she also lives around 40 miles away from me so I don't see her as much as I'd like to but when I do see her we pick up where we left of the last time I saw her, and I know if I needed Em she'd be here in a heart beat as I would for her. We had a lovely time and it was great to see her. After Emma left I was relaxing on the sofa with Si and the girls and at around 6pm there was a knock at the door, we weren't expecting anyone so were a little puzzled as to who it could be. Simon went to the door and I heard him say come in and was wondering who was here and, in walked Laura and Mr WLL!!! I had no idea they were coming it was an amazing surprise, they were heading off on honeymoon the day after and flying from Manchester which is a couple of hours drive from us so they took a de tour to come and see us, it's a bit of a big de tour to be fair so it was so kind of them to call in and see us, it was so lovely to see them, a really fantastic surprise, we both screamed as did Cole and Lissy and then there was a huge hug to follow, I was so thrilled, it really was lovely and so kind of Laura too, the perfect end to a perfect weekend.

The above photograph is an old one of myself, Laura and Cole but a nice one I think, I'm not going to put photographs of Laura's wedding on my blog or anywhere online, it's totally up to Laura if and when she decides to share photographs of her nuptials. 

Birthdays & Shopping ~  

The 12th May was Simon's birthday, he had a lovely day spent with me and the girls but he did also have a hospital appointment regarding the problems he's had with his eyes and contact lenses so he had to attend that but he didn't mind and it didn't spoil his day. We had a nice day with visits from my parents and my sister, Simon chose his favourite take away for tea and the girls had got him a chocolate birthday cake with candles that spelt happy birthday, we sang to him but were too full from our takeaway to have any of the yummy cake, so it had to keep until the day after. The 26th May was Wills birthday, for those of you who may not know Will is Lissy's boyfriend, obviously Will spent his birthday at his house, Lissy went over and they all went out for a birthday tea and when they came home Will had a piece of yummy birthday cake for us all which was kind of him, he had had a lovely day and loved his gift from us too. On the 17th of May Simon and I nipped to the shops as he needed to go to Primark and I needed to go to Boots, we weren't out long as I can't manage and we also had to be back for Hannah's rose queen crowning, Simon has started jogging with my sister and needed some shorts, we managed to pick him some up in Primark, whilst we were there he was looking at sunglasses, he couldn't find any he liked but he did spot some rather interesting glasses!

What a bobby dazzler! Simon in the rather original Primark glasses.

50th Parties, Rose Queens & Fundraising ~ 

As I said May was an extremely busy month and apart from Laura's wedding we had my friends 50th birthday party on the 10th of May and my other friends daughter was crowned the rose queen of our local church on the 17th so we were invited to the ceremony which was lovely and then they had afternoon tea which was also lovely, the 24th May we were invited to a 'pink party' which was a party held by one of our very close friends who held the party in celebration of being 5 years clear of cancer and also to raise money for breast cancer care, a charity who were a great help to her and her family in difficult times, we were all asked to wear pink if we could and at the party there were lots of fundraising activities including a charity auction, we had a lovely meal and after the fundraising activities there was a disco, it was a lovely night and at the end of the evening we had raised just over £3,700 for a fantastic cause.

I do have a mum and daughter ootd post coming soon on the outfits myself and Lissy wore to the pink party, unfortunately Cole was working until quite late that day and we had to leave at 6pm so she couldn't come with us, it was a shame as we always do everything together and we definitely missed her being there but her business is important too and doing really well which is fantastic, and I'm sure there'll be more occasions to come where she will be able to come.

Standard selfie, with Lissy, Will & Simon at the pink party. 

Wedding Bells.....again ~

We finished May with another wedding, this time it was the wedding of Coles best friend,  Cole was a bridesmaid and she looked absolutely stunning, she wore a lovely fitted dress in Cadbury purple with some gorgeous silver strappy sandals and she borrowed a silver and diamante handbag from Lissy which matched perfectly, the bride also looked beautiful and they had a lovely day, Cole was in charge of hair and make up for the bridesmaids, bride and mother of the bride and they all looked lovely, and as always Cole did a fabulous job. After the ceremony and meal/speeches we all had a lovely time at the evening reception, Simon and Cole definitely had their dancing shoes on, it was lovely, and a nice way to end a very busy month.

Cole and her bestie at the wedding, posing for a silly selfie, as you do. 

I'll leave you with these silly selfies of me and my gorgeous Cole, a lot of people keep asking me if Cole is ok as she has been somewhat missing in action recently and not uploading videos to her you tube channel or blogging, but as you can see she is fine, just not been making you tube videos or blogging as she is extremely busy at the moment, she hasn't stopped for the last couple of months. It's wedding season and prom season along side all her usual jobs too and having a life she just hasn't had the time, she is hoping to film a couple of videos this week fingers crossed as she is going to be much more busy in June and July, good for business not good for you tube/blogging, but as you can see she is absolutely fine, just a very busy Cole.

And thats May in a nutshell, a very busy month but I have had a lovely month and been to some lovely occasions, and spent time with the people who mean the most to me, it's worn me out and I think it may take until next May for me to get over it but it's all been worth it.

How have you spent your May? Let me know in the comments what you have been doing, have you been to any nice occasions?

I always reply to all your comments and questions.

Thank you for reading, much love

Zoe x

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