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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hello Lovelies, 

Today I have some very sad news for you, yesterday morning (15th July) we had to have our beloved doggy, Oscar put to sleep, he was 14 and a half years old. 

I felt I wanted to share my news with you all because most of you "knew" Oscar, if you watch my You Tube videos you'll have heard Oscar in almost all of them pottering around on our wooden flooring, he was always making some sort of noise bless him, he has featured in vlogs, and on my Instagram and also in blog posts, so it felt right to let you all know my sad news but if you do follow me on Instagram you will probably already know.

Oscar was very old and had started to fall a lot, he was suffering from doggy dementia and he wasn't himself at all, he was blind and deaf too, he had started to fall more and more and also looked like he was having small seizures sometimes, so I knew I needed to ring the vets. I explained on the phone to the receptionist that I was concerned about Oscars health and explained what was happening, our vet didn't have any available appointments until August as she was due to go on holiday, but because of the seriousness and concern I had and because she has always seen Oscar and dealt with all his medical problems she agreed to give us some time on the 15th which was very kind of her considering she wasn't actually meant to be working. When we got to the vets she examined Oscar and told us that his kidneys were failing and he possibly had cancer too because he felt very thin, although he didn't look it, but I suppose vets know these things,  he had had several benign lumps for a long time but he had developed more and more lumps, she said he had multiple problems she said he could maybe have bloods done but said the outcome would still be the same as she knew the results wouldn't be good ones and it would be putting Oscar through unnecessary tests, I suppose we were clutching at straws at this point but I've known our vet for many years and she has been Oscars vet for most of his life, around 12 years, so I asked her what she would do if he were her dog and she were us, and she held my hand and said "I'd let him go Zoe" it was so sad and both Simon and I broke down, I won't go into details of having him put to sleep but it was very peaceful and he didn't suffer or know what was happening, both Simon and I held one of his paws and we said our goodbyes, and then our beautiful boy was gone. 

The vet said she had made time for us as when I'd explained to the receptionist she feared it would be bad news and she wanted to be the one to be with us and Oscar when the time came, she is lovely and has always been a fantastic vet to Oscar and our bunnies, but much more than a vet, also a friend. The nurse who has spent a lot of time with him and us over the years also came in the room as she wanted to be with him and us too, it was nice they both wanted to be with Oscar and us for his final journey. 

We got Oscar when he was just 8 weeks old but I'd been in contact with his breeder from his mum being pregnant so we knew him from him being born, a privilege not many people have, our breeder was fantastic, she gave us photographs from him being born, every week up until him coming home with us. 

I have sooooooo many photographs of Oscar, from the ones our breeder gave us from his birth up him coming to live with us in his furever home to hundreds we've taken over the 14 years we had him. I wanted to include a couple of him today but I didn't want to bombard you and I couldn't bring myself to look through all the ones we have at the moment so I chose some from my laptop, I may put some more up in a future post if you'd like to see them?

The first photograph on the left as you look at it is Oscar with his favourite ball, he loved his red ball, he also had a red kong and those were his 2 favourite toys out of all his toys. I love the second pic of his lovely face, this was taken last year, his nose was dry in his old age bless him. The third pic is typical Oscar taken one night, he was always sleeping flat out on his back bless him and the final pic was taken just yesterday morning and what is now one of the last pictures I took of him.

Oscar brought us so much joy over the years and getting him was the best thing I ever did, he was brilliant with the girls and when they were little if they were playing he always had to sit with them as if he was playing too, he was so loving and followed me and Simon everywhere, he always sat in the kitchen in an evening watching Simon cook and he loved to watch football with him but then would try and get behind the tv to find the ball, we were only saying at the last world cup he watched every game with Simon looking for the ball but unfortunately he was so old that he didn't even know the world cup was on this time bless him. There are so many things I could tell you about him but this would be a gigantic post, but the main thing I can tell you is he had a wonderful life with us, he was very well looked after (some would say very pampered) and we all loved him so very much and he loved us all too. 

We'll miss our special boy so much and I just hope that wherever he is in doggy heaven he's having a grand old time, I bet he'll have an endless supply of cheese on tap too, he really did love his cheese! 

Night Night Oscar, we loved you so much and will miss you terribly, you were our beautiful and very special boy and without doubt the best dog in the world.

18/03/00 - 15/07/14 

Thank you for reading, much love

Zoe x

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