Happy New Year

Saturday, January 03, 2015


Hello Lovelies, 

Happy New Year!!! 

It's that time again when lots of us make resolutions, join gyms, go on diets etc etc, for me I'm not going to do any of those things, I don't make resolutions because I never stick to them, I can't join a gym for obvious reasons and the diet thing I don't really think needs explaining. 

For me though this new year is a definite time for reflection and evaluation, I think that's the best way to put it. 2014 was without a shadow of a doubt the worst year of my life, some of the things that happened I shared on here and on my You Tube channel but some things I didn't, not because I'm being mean or secretive but because some things need to be kept private, but 2014 was a vile year and I am extremely glad to see the back of it. 

So what will 2015 bring, well for a start I hope it is a much better year than the last one!! But hopefully it will bring lots of laughter, fun, health and happiness, and even though 2014 was horrible there were a lot of nice things to look back on and it was only recently when I filmed my Christmas eve chat video and I was asked a question about the best things to happen in 2014, that I actually thought about it and realised that it wasn't all bad and there were some really nice things to come out of 2014.

So what good things did come out of 2014?.....

2014 started with me having a broken wrist (in 2 places) a broken foot and 2 broken toes, it wasn't the best start to the year and after having my cast on for 9 and a half weeks I finally had it removed in February, so that was the 1st good thing to happen, I was cast free!

In 2014 my lovely friend Laura got married, it was a lovely day and she looked amazing, we travelled up to stay over as Laura lives quite a way from me unfortunately but it was a lovely couple of days with Laura and her new hubby and we were honoured to be invited to spend their special day with them, I made lots of new friends at Laura's wedding and met her dad who is such a lovely man, it was a very special day and one I will always remember. 

Another wedding we attended was that of Coles best friend, it was lovely and so nice to see her get married after knowing her for such a long time, Cole was a bridesmaid and looked amazing in her dress, again, it was a lovely day. 

We also attended a "pink party" for a remarkable lady we know who had been given her five years clear from cancer after fighting breast cancer and winning, she wanted to mark the occasion and held a pink party to raise money for breast cancer research, as she wanted to give something back to the charity that had helped her and her family so much, it was a brilliant night there was a charity auction, a raffle, lots of dancing and fun and and most importantly lots of money was raised, over £2,000 in total, a great end to a fantastic night. 

In 2014 we attended some of our friends milestone birthday parties. 40th and 50th parties which were all really good, getting together with friends at some and friends and family at others and just having a really great night, lots of fabulous memories made with fabulous people. 

Coles career took off brilliantly in 2014, we are so very proud of her, she is an amazingly talented make up artist and she works so hard, she deserves all the recognition she gets, she's fabulous at what she does and I'm sure 2015 will continue to bring her lots of exciting opportunities. 

Lissy got fantastic AS results in 2014 and also offers from all three of her university choices, she is a superstar and works so so hard, she deserves to do well in her A levels this summer, she puts in so much hard work and effort and we are extremely proud of her. Lissy also started driving lessons in 2014, she's fab and we are so proud of the progress she has made since starting.

Simon completed a course he has been doing with work in 2014, it has been hard work for him but he did it, he put in a lot of work and it paid off and me and the girls are so proud of him. 

My mum had an operation at the end of 2014 and she was fine and the op went well, she is recovering well and on 8th January she can drive again, something she cannot wait to do! 

We finally got a new back door fitted in 2014, this probably sounds a little random but doors are so expensive and our house needs such a lot of work doing on it that we are having to do things bit by bit, so far we have had our bathroom done, and both the girls rooms have been completely re done including new windows or glass and a complete re furb, so although a new back door sounds lame, it's a big deal to us. 

I finally met one of my friends who I met through blogging and you tube in 2014, me and Gemma have been chatting since early 2013 and have a lot in common and despite not living too far away from each other we had never gotten around to meeting up, we had said so many times "we must meet up" or "you must come over" but then something always got in the way, so finally after what seemed like years we met up and it was lovely, and just like we'd met years ago, and now we have we will make sure it's something we keep up.

I saw a lot of my friends in 2014, sometimes in extremely sad circumstances but other times just for a catch up and some laughs, I love my friends so much and am very lucky to have some amazing friends. Some of my friends I have known for over 30 years and some I have known for less than 12 months but they are all very important to me and without them all, I know for a fact that I wouldn't have got through 2014. 

I carried on with my you tube channel and blog, at times this was so hard as things happened and I really couldn't face making a video or writing a blog post but I did and I'm so glad I did, the interaction with my you tube subscribers, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, Facebook friends and blog followers is something I am so grateful for, I love chatting to everyone and answering comments or questions and emails, it is so nice to interact with people and chat to people and at times it is these people who have kept me going when times have been extremely difficult, thank you to every single person, it is impossible to thank everyone in person but you if you're reading this then you know who you are, thank you. 

Writing this blog and making my you tube videos means I have met so many nice people, I've bumped into subscribers and blog readers/followers when I've been out and about and I've also made some firm friends too, unfortunately a lot of my friends live miles away, and I don't see them very often but I am in touch with them all via text message and phone calls. I am lucky that some of my friends don't live too far away, for example GemmaEl and Khila don't live too far away and some closer than others but all still in easy reach and El and Khila recently said we should meet up so I am looking forward to that. My lovely friend Emma is hoping to come up north again soon too, so I can't wait to see her too. Some of the friends I have made through my channel and blog I have yet to meet unfortunately but I am hoping to change that in 2015 so watch this space.

I suppose writing this post and looking back at the things I mentioned, 2014 wasn't all bad, but it was absolutely horrific and a lot of incredibly difficult things happened including losing some extremely wonderful people who I miss terribly and losing our beloved Oscar amongst other equally horrific things, but we're still here, I spent new years eve with Simon and our girls, the 3 most important people in the whole world, and we were all together bringing in the new year, and I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.

Together with my family bringing in a new year, a new start and a start of good things to come, something some people don't have the opportunity to do.

Happy new year, lets hope 2015 is a good one.

Thank you for reading, much love as always,

Zoe x

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