Mamma's Monthly Roundup - January 2015

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Hello Lovelies, 

Todays post is my January roundup post in my Mamma's monthly roundup series.  I started this series in 2014 on my blog but unfortunately in the summer a lot of things happened and it meant I was unable to carry on, I have been asked a lot if I would bring the series back for 2015, so here is the first of this years monthly roundups. 

On January 1st I started our jar of happy things (see blog post here) we already have a few things in there so fingers crossed there will be more happy things to add to the jar. 

The first thing I did in January was on the 2nd, I went to the cinema with Simon to watch Dumb & Dumber Too, after the cinema we went to TGI Fridays for something to eat. We had a lovely time although the film was terrible! The food at TGI Fridays was nice and despite the film we had a lovely time and it was nice to get out and spend time together.

On Saturday 3rd January we won the lottery!!!! Wooooooo!! Well ok then we won £25 on the lottery but it's better than nothing right? 

Simon and I have been on a couple of shopping trips during January, I can't manage a full day of shopping or even half a day and I do miss days like that, where we would go early have lunch out and come home in the evening but it is what it is and I can't do that now so I take what I can even if it's only an hour, it's been nice to get out.

In early January we booked our summer holidays, we're all so so excited!!!! We haven't been able to go on holiday for the last 2 years because of doing home improvements and we really missed it, we said this year although we still have a lot of things that need doing to our house that we needed a holiday especially after a horrible 2014 so we've booked it, we just need to pay for it now eek! 

Throughout January I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of skinny jeans, this is something I actually started last year but since I'd still not found the perfect pair it continued into 2015, I have somehow lost a lot of weight over the last few months and some people seem to think this is something wonderful but it is driving me mad with my clothes, everything is too big and all my jeans no longer fit me, hence needing new ones, but I just can't find a pair that are skinny on the leg, fit me on the waist, are high waisted and don't go baggy on the legs or at the waist after half an our of wearing them. So far I have tried so many brands of skinny jeans and they are either not skinny on the leg or they go baggy after a few minutes wear or the most annoying thing, I buy new ones that fit ok, don't wear them for 3 weeks, put them on and they're too big but I've taken all the tags off so can't send them back, eBay here I come. So any skinny jean recommendations in the comments would be gratefully received. 

On the 18th January it's mine and Simon's anniversary, I say anniversary but as we're not married, it's the anniversary of the day we got together or to sound very ancient the day we started going out, do people still say "going out with"? anyway on the 16th January we went out for a meal to celebrate, we  have a favourite place to go, it's a lovely little place that's right up on the hills or if you're northern it's on th'ills ;-) but it's lovely, its not a posh restaurant it's just a nice little place, not a pub but there is a bar, theres a big open fire place and little nooks where you can sit and have a drink before they take you through to your table, it's lovely. We had a really nice meal and just a lovely time in general, we were a little worried as it started snowing just before we left but luckily we were able to get home, although being snowed in there may have been a very yummy experience! 

Speaking of snow, we had LOADS of it!! As you're probably aware, I hate the snow, for me it means even more time spent indoors as I can't risk falling in it, we had some following our anniversary for a few days and then the last week of January we had absolutely loads of it, we still have snow on the ground now but its at that awful stage where it's so cold it's frozen so also lethal, Simon has cleared our front and back gardens and the steps we have at the front of our house so they're clear, but the footpaths look sooooo slippy. Bring on the summer and quick!

The week beginning the 26th January brought Lissy's mock A level exams, she takes her A level exams in the summer, they start in May and run through until June then it's her results in August. She worked hard in preparation for her mocks, she works really hard and we've never had to ask her if she's revised or not, bless her, she really does put the work in and if they gave out A* grades for effort she'd get them across the board. Lissy said the exams went ok, not as bad as she thought but she felt she could have done better but as we always say, she tried her best and she can't do any better than that, she's our superstar and we're extremely proud of her. 

I also had a nice little shopping trip with Lissy to mark the end of her exams, it was nice to spend time with her and she got a lovely dress for her friends 18th birthday, we weren't out long but it was lovely and spending some lovely girly time with my gorgeous Lissy finished January off nicely. 

So that's my January in a nutshell, how was your January? Let me know in the comments please how your month was, it's nice to know what you've been up to too.

I always reply to my comments so will get back to you asap. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always 

Zoe x

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