Mamma's Monthly Roundup - February 2015

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Hello Lovelies, 

Is it me or did February fly by? It doesn't seem 2 minutes since I wrote my January round up post (read here) the month has gone so fast. 

It's been a funny old month and a busy one but I don't seem to have done much, I am suffering with pleurisy at the moment and it has had a terrible effect on my what is usually non existent asthma, but is now very much existent and driving me mad, I have an appointment with the asthma nurse on the 4th March so hopefully I'll get sorted. But it's not only me with health problems in our house at the moment, Simon is suffering with achilles tendonitis, he split his achilles tendon in January 2010 resulting in 2 operations, a year off work and a lot of physio but since then he gets flare ups of achilles tendonitis and it's really painful bless him, at the time of writing this he's been bad for around 12 days so fingers crossed it's not going to go on much longer bless him. So we've had a bit of bad luck health wise in February but hey ho, it could be worse. Anyway I'll get on with telling you all about how February turned out for me :-) 

February is a busy month for my family because we have quite a few birthdays, starting with my nephew, he turned 3 on the 3rd of February. I also had 2 friends due their babies, 1 on the 5th of February and 1 on the 10th, I was hoping that one of the babies would be born on the 14th which is my birthday, but unfortunately it wasn't to be.

 The first baby to arrive was born on the 10th of February, a little girl and 5 days over due, mummy and baby are both doing really well. On the 11th it was my mums birthday, it was lovely to spend time with her and we took her a home made cake and presents which she loved, she also loved that lots of people wished her a happy birthday on my Instagram and said to say thank you to everyone it really made her day.

My birthday was the 14th February, and also Valentines day I had an absolutely amazing day, part of my present from Simon was a visit to the Coronation Street tour in Manchester, I went with Simon, Cole and Lissy and we had a fabulous day, I am going to have a full blog post on the day including all our photographs very soon so keep your eye out for that post. I was completely spoiled by all my lovely friends and family, I'm not really sure what I've done to deserve being so spoilt but I was well and truly spoiled, I did upload a what I got for my birthday video to my you tube channel, if you'd like to see it you can click onto this link. I also received some beautiful birthday cards and was overwhelmed by the amount of people who wished me a happy birthday on my videos, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and email, thank you so very much to everyone for making my day so special. I had a fantastic day, after the tour we went home and in the evening ordered my favourite Chinese takeaway, I was extremely tired after the tour but it was worth it, I had an amazing day.

The 15th of February is my brothers birthday, he had a lovely day too and then the 17th saw the arrival of my friends little girl, she was a week late and arrived very quickly, after her mummy being in slow labour since the 14th, she decided she couldn't wait and had to be born at home because there wasn't time to get to the hospital, everything ended well though and mummy and baby are both doing just fine. 

On the 19th of February I had a nice shopping trip with my mum and Lissy, unfortunately Cole had to work and couldn't come but hopefully she will be able to do next time. We had a lovely time and it was nice to spend time with my mum and Lissy, Lissy was on her school holidays that week and on the Friday she went away for a few days with her boyfriends family to celebrate a family birthday, it was very strange without her and we missed her terribly but she had a lovely time and it was so kind of them to invite her.

On the 21st of February I woke up to a fantastic tweet from the lovely Sinead telling me I had won her blog giveaway of a pair of Rayban sunglasses, I was so happy, I never win anything so this was a fabulous surprise for me and I have always wanted a pair of Rayban sunglasses so I was super happy to win, I have already thanked Sinead but thank you again to Sinead for hosting the giveaway and also for my fabulous prize, I can't wait to receive them, I am going to be super snazzy in the summer now ;-) 

The 28th of February is my lovely sisters birthday and also my friend Kate's birthday, well it isn't actually Kate's birthday on the 28th, Kate was a leap year baby so her actual birthday is the 29th of February but she only gets to celebrate on the day every 4 years, so she celebrates on the 28th instead, both Kate and my sister had a lovely day although my sister was working, she had a nice steak for her tea with her hubby and my lovely niece and nephew, her children. 

So I didn't really do too much in February, it was a month filled with birthdays, new babies and some new sunglasses with a shopping trip and an amazing day out at on my favourite street thrown in, but all in all it was a good month, despite Simons foot and my silly chest. 

Lets see what March brings! 

Did you have a good February? Were you or anyone you know born on the 29th February? Let me know how your month panned out in the comments :-)

Thank you for reading, much love as always, 

Zoe x

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