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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hello Lovelies,

As you are already probably aware, especially if you watch my you tube videos, I am a huge Coronation Street fan, I have watched the show for as long as I can remember, I was brought up watching Corrie as my mum is also a massive fan of the show. On 14th February it was my birthday and Simon got me, him and the girls tickets to go to the Coronation Street tour in Manchester for a birthday treat for me, he knows I love the show and to be fair him and the girls also love it and we watch it religiously and even record it if we're out, yes I am that sad! I was so excited to be going to visit my favourite street, I knew about the trip beforehand as you have to book a day and time slot so Simon had asked me about it, he booked it around a month before my birthday so I had plenty time to get very excited. Anyway enough waffling let's talk about the tour....

On our tickets it said to arrive 15 minutes before the tour started but we were a little earlier than that, it was freezing cold so we waited in a cafe that's in the grounds for a few minutes. Then we went to the area where you wait for your tour, tour guides shout out when the tours are about to start and if theres space on earlier tours than you're booked on you can go on an earlier tour if you want to.

We started off outside the tour and our guide Tommy introduced himself and gave us all a lanyard and a "backstage pass" and then once we were all gathered outside the tour with our lanyards on Tommy talked to us all about the area we were stood in and how it was used to film the scenes outside Carla's old flat and when Mike Baldwin was in it, his flat too. Tommy chatted to us all and asked us who our favourite characters are/were etc, we then were taken into a room and told to sit down, the room we were in was the old green room, it was really interesting and all the actors pigeon holes were still on the walls, there is also a wall where cast members old and new had written messages for people on the tour to read. Tommy explained how Corrie was filmed at the tour location for over 30 years but has now moved to another area of Manchester and how the street has actually been made 30% wider at the new set, he spoke to us about Corrie and some of the characters and we looked at photographs of the new set being made and now it's finished and Tommy told us all about the transition from the old set to the new one, it was really interesting.

We then moved through the tour and looked at the dressing rooms of some of the actors, some were open for us to look in and some were closed but all the names were on the doors, we were then taken to the make up area and dressing area and saw one of the make up chairs and some of the outfits and props used, and told all about make up and clothes for the shows and different weddings etc, then we went into an area and sat and watched a short film showcasing different scenes from corrie, some sad, some funny and some very dramatic. Then we moved onto looking at the actual sets, it was so interesting, we saw inside Gails house and Tyrones house, and Carla's flat, we also went into the Rovers and sat down, before we went into the Rovers, Tommy was talking to us all about the pub and how they make the drinks look like alcohol etc and then he asked if anyone had a birthday so I put my hand up, he wished me a happy birthday and asked how old I was (slightly embarrassing) and we went and sat down in the pub, in the pub you can have your photograph taken behind the bar (there is a charge for the photo if you want it) we all took turns having our photo taken and then when it was our turn everyone wished me a happy birthday and I was allowed to ring last orders in the pub, it made my day!

We then moved on to see more sets, we saw the barge where Ken made friends with Martha and some other memorabilia like the coffins they've used including Hayleys amongst others, then there was more memorabilia to look at, and a look behind the scenes at the sound booth, editing and producers area, it was all very technical! Then we moved on to our last leg of the tour and more chat from Tommy and lastly he asked me to come forward and press the special button that opened the doors onto the famous street. We were then outside on the street and it was amazing to be on the cobbles and see the street, it was so much smaller than I imagined, but amazing all the same.

The tour lasts around an hour and a half but you can spend as much time as you like on the street taking photographs. Something I thought I'd share with you that happened quite a few times when we were taking photographs and looking on the street was a lot of people thought Lissy was Katie, Owens daughter, we could hear people saying "I'm sure that's that girl who plays Katie" it was quite funny, I did correct everyone but it was funny to hear people thinking we had a famous daughter.

Here are some of the photographs of our day...

Outside the tour

My "backstage pass" that fitted on the lanyard

kevins garage, Audrey's salon, The Kabin, Barlows shop, Street Cars

The Rovers, Owens builders yard, Gails front door, the back of Gails, The Nazir's and Sally's

A cheeky selfie outside the Kabin

Outside the Rovers

Outside Tyrone & Fizs' (Jack & Vera's)

Outside Underworld

Cole & Lissy waiting for the bus to "Rosamund Street"

Outside Roys Rolls

Outside Devs shop

Outside Nicks Bistro

The ginned at the back of the houses

Behind the houses

Roy & Hayley snowmen

Cheeky selfie outside the Rovers

And the last few photographs, the first one makes me laugh so much, Cole and Lissy decided to rein act Tina dying when she fell off the balcony, it was hilarious! 

Cole & Lissy doing their best Tina impression

This was a special set up for Valentines day, using Sally's designer sofa 

Leaving our mark on Coronation Street (we were allowed to do this)

Our photo behind the bar at the Rovers

So as you can see from the photographs, we had an amazing day, it was fantastic, I loved that I got to ring last orders, and our guide was brilliant, if you are a fan of Coronation Street and have been thinking about going to the tour I would highly recommend it, we loved it. We had a lot of fun both on the tour and taking photographs, there were plenty of people taking photographs and we were able to ask some people if they'd kindly take photographs of the four of us together and we returned the favour and offered to other people to do the same so it was easy to get photographs of all of us together which was nice. 

I had a fantastic time as did Simon, Cole and Lissy, we all thoroughly enjoyed it, our guide Tommy was brilliant and I would definitely go again, the only negative things I can find to say is that I wish we had been able to take photographs inside the tour and that we could hear the other tours sometimes but that is it, it cost us £7.50 for our photograph in the Rovers or it was 2 for £10.00 so I didn't think that was too bad for a photograph taken there and you don't have to have it, the quality of ours is better than it looks here, I'd taken a photograph of it so it won't be as clear but it isn't amazing quality but we wanted it for the memory not the quality so we're not too concerned. 

There is a gift shop inside the streets "Medical Centre" where you collect your photographs from that are taken in the Rovers but to be honest it was overpriced for the things they had so we didn't get anything apart from the photograph, but gift shops are always expensive at places like that so we did expect it. 

We all had a really lovely day and I would highly recommend it to you if you're a fan like we are or as a gift for someone who is a corrie fan, it really is a great day out. If you would like to book tickets or find out more information you can visit the tour website here. Tickets are priced at £16.50 per adult and £16.00 for students and concessions, we thought it was well worth it. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing all about our fabulous day out for my birthday and seeing some of the photographs from our day, we took loads but I didn't want to bore you with them all. I was absolutely shattered and it was hard work, it took us 2 hours each way travelling but it was worth it all, I had an amazing time, and spending it with the 3 most important people in the world to me made it extra special, we all had a blast and it was a perfect birthday. 

Have you been to the Coronation Street tour? Would you like to go? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading, much love as always,

Zoe x

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