Our Baby Girl Turned 18 - Lissy's 18th Celebrations

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hello Lovelies,

I'm pretty sure you are all aware but just incase you're not, my youngest daughter Alicia or Lissy as we call her turned 18 at the end of March, it was such a lovely day, well weekend and in a recent update video I uploaded to my you tube channel (watch here) I mentioned I would write a blog post all about it so here goes.

This post will be extremely picture heavy, so apologies in advance.

First of all I thought I'd share some photographs of Lissy when she was born and when she was a little girl.


On the left hand photograph, Lissy is 2 days old and yes that is a little Cole holding her, and in the photograph on the right Lissy is 2 weeks old. 

Lissy at 2 and a half

Lissy is 3 years old here wearing a wig that I was using for my friends hen party, her balloon filled "veil" is hung on the door behind Lissy, she loved this wig bless her so I had to take a pic.

Lissy is 4 in this photograph, it was taken on holiday in Skiathos, Greece. 

Lissy was 5 here, this was taken on Christmas day, she wanted a nurses dress up outfit so she could be "just like mummy" bless!

So there's a few pics of "little Lissy" isn't she a cutie? I know I'm biased as her mamma but she was so cute. I made Lissy a dvd for her birthday and used photographs of her from my scan photograph when I was pregnant with her right up to the most recent photograph we had of her and I set the photographs to music, I used many different songs, some that mean something to me and Lissy or me, Simon and Lissy and some that are just her favourite songs, I loved making it, it took me hours but it was worth it and when I watched it back when I'd finished it I sobbed my heart out watching my baby girl grow up before my eyes in 22 minutes, Lissy loved the dvd though it's a very special gift and I loved making it. I also made her another dvd, I asked Will and all her best friends and our close family members if they would record a message wishing her a happy 18th birthday and then I put them all onto a dvd for her, she loved it and it was so nice, her best friend Megan sent a message from Austrailia too so it was very special to her. 

So, onto Lissy's 18th birthday weekend. Lissy had a party the night before her birthday, we hired a room and booked a DJ and some caterers, it was a fantastic night. Myself and Simon decorated the room in the afternoon, we chose a pink and silver theme for the room and the house as Lissy was wearing a raspberry coloured dress with silver shoes and bag and she loves pink too, the room looked great and Lissy was really pleased with it. Over 150 people came from family and close friends of the family who Lissy has known all her life to lots of Lissy's school friends and her best friends too, unfortunately her very best friend Megan couldn't come as she lives in Austrailia but she sent a beautiful card and gift and of course recorded a video message for Lissy. 

The DJ we hired was amazing, he was such a lovely man too. He'd asked Lissy to email him some songs she liked and to tell him what sort of music she likes and he got it all spot on, the dance floor was full all night and at one point it was like being in a club, all Lissy's friends were dancing and family were dancing too and of course Simon who loves dancing and once he's had a couple of drinks doesn't sit down. He really was a brilliant DJ and everyone loved him, he played exactly the right kind of music and something to suit everyone. The caterers were fabulous too, I'd used them for my 40th party and they were good then so I booked them again and the food went down very well and in fact there wasn't a scrap left at the end of the night, everyone really enjoyed it. We also had a cake made for Lissy it was beautiful, the lady who made it came to the house in January and spoke to Lissy about what sort of things she likes, we had no idea what it would be like until she delivered it on the Saturday morning and I'm sure you'll agree it was beautiful. 

Lissy's cake

The bunting on the top says Alicia on it, the photograph doesn't show it up too well and it is a shame you couldn't see the cake in real life as it was stunning. The top tier was chocolate orange flavour with a chocolate orange filling and the bottom tier was a vanilla sponge with a jam and cream filling it was yummy! 

We also decorated the inside and outside of our house, I don't have any photographs of the outside because the weather was awful but we attached banners that said happy 18th birthday on them and lots of balloons onto our fence round our front garden and we also attached banners and balloons to the front door. 

Inside we continued the pink and silver theme.

You can't really see each balloon properly but we had the individual numbers 1 and 8 with silver ribbon and silver sparkly weights and then we had 2 bunches in pink and silver stars with hot pink and baby pink to match the banners. We had all 4 of the pink stars personalised with different things on, you can't see properly but they all had different personalised messages on from myself, Simon and Nichole.

The photograph above shows some of the decorations in the lounge too, we had to attach some of Lissy's cards to the doors in the lounge as there was too many to put up and we'd used all the space so I stuck them to the doors, you can see the banners on the door and above the door too. And we also had a door curtain on one of the doors (top left photo) We put the pink and silver round balloon in the lounge window too and we had the pink and silver decoration in the bottom left photograph on our sideboard so the whole lounge was decorated, it looked great and Lissy loved it. 

Unfortunately it's out of focus (sorry) but I wanted to show you the decorations we had hanging from the ceiling, they looked lovely but I didn't realise the silly camera was out of focus, it doesn't help that the weather was terrible when I took the pics so they are dark too, I hope you can still see how nice the decorations were.

Now for a few pics of us all before we headed out to the party....

How stunning does our baby girl look?

Lissy and her boyfriend Will

Very Proud Mamma & Pappy 

Me & My Girl

Proud Pappy

My little family

Me & My Gorgeous Girlies

A selfie with some birthday glasses we got for Lissy to wear

And a couple of pics from the party...

Lissy blowing out her candles, there are sparklers on the cake too but it's a very dark pic, sorry.

Selfie with Si

A selfie with Cole and Laura

It really was a great night and everyone had a fantastic time, especially Lissy and that's all that mattered to us, she had a brilliant night and definitely one to remember, we all did to be fair it was a great party and so nice to see everyone enjoying themselves. 

The day after the party was Lissy's actual birthday and shall we say everyone in the house apart from me was what you might say "delicate" I was fine though just very very tired, I think I'm still recovering from it all. We got up early and Lissy opened all her cards and gifts and we chilled out for a bit then just after lunchtime Laura came to visit us before she set off back home as she had stayed over in a hotel not too far away, Laura stayed with us for a good few hours which was lovely and we had a good catch up, it was lovely of her and Mr Laura to come all that way and stay over, we were really touched. We had some more visitors later that afternoon and evening and we were booked into a restaurant to go out for dinner but Lissy was so tired she just wanted to chill out so she asked if we minded cancelling the booking and having a takeaway instead and as she was the birthday girl it was her choice, so that's what we did, Lissy chose the takeaway and chose pizza, we have the nicest pizza delivery ever, so we all sat round together eating take away pizza and chilling out, it was a lovely end to a very busy weekend but a fantastic weekend too. 

Overall it was an amazing weekend and it was worth all the stress and planning and tiredness that went into it for the weeks and months beforehand. I couldn't really choose a best bit from the weekend  as it was all fabulous but I think seeing Lissy enjoying herself with her friends and Will at her party, dancing and having lots of fun and her face when she saw her cake and her gifts was amazing, she had an absolute ball and she deserved every single minute of it. 

Lissy has had some tough times in her 18 years so far and she has done so well, she's a lovely, genuine, kind, loving, loyal and caring young lady and both Simon and I are so very proud of her, she is stunningly beautiful inside and out and not only my daughter but my best friend too. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about Lissy's 18th and seeing lots of photographs. I did film a video with Lissy of her showing what she got for her birthday, if you'd like to see that click on the image below. 

Thank you for reading this super long and picture heavy post, I hope you enjoyed it, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below and I'll get back to you asap. 

Much love as always,

Zoe x

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