Mamma's Monthly Roundup April 2015

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Hello Lovelies,

Today's post is my April roundup post, how fast is this year flying by? I swear the time between these posts gets shorter and shorter! Anyway here's how April has been for me.

April wasn't really too productive mainly because I started with a cold/bad chest on the 2nd of April and it unfortunately turned into a really bad chest infection that I am still suffering the last remnants of now, I blame myself completely because about a two weeks before I started with it my friend Emma was really poorly with the same thing and I said to her one day when we were chatting "I've been really lucky you know and haven't had a cold or bad chest for ages and this year I've not had a cold at all" how stupid am I? As soon as I said it I said to Emma "I shouldn't have said that should I? I bet I get one now" and low and behold I did, so silly Zoe there I think and I definitely jinxed myself didn't I?

Anyway being poorly meant Easter was a total flop for us, I was in bed most of Good Friday and felt shocking for the rest of the Easter weekend. I did manage a shopping trip with Lissy during her school Easter holidays which was nice, she is revising now for her A level exams so I doubt we'll go anywhere until after they are finished but it was lovely to spend time with her.

We had some lovely weather mid April which was I'm afraid short lived as it is now like winter where I live and extremely cold, I wore a scarf and gloves and my big winter coat to go out to an appointment this morning! But the lovely weather meant we turned our attention to our garden, we don't have a huge back garden and our front garden is small so we just have a couple of the box plants in there and I usually have a hanging basket in summer. But our back garden is a lot bigger than the front and it's all flagged with a cream coloured paving stones.

Over the winter the paving stones get so dirty and go a lovely shade of green (nice) so Simon jet washed it all (front and back gardens) and he pulled up the weeds for me too. Once the garden was looking a lot better we had a trip to our local garden centre. We don't have any grass in our back garden it is all paved and I like it that way it is much easier to maintain and we don't have the any issues with our rabbits bringing muddy paw prints in either. Although we don't have grass I do like to have a nice garden so we have a lot of tubs with plants and flowers in, I used to have bedding plants every year but I wouldn't be able to pot them up now because of my condition and to be honest they get really expensive and only last for one summer, so I only buy plants that flower annually now. Last summer I bought a couple of new plants but unfortunately the winter has finished them off so we bought 2 Azaleas which will flower a lovely bright pink colour and we bought some herbs and we also bought a rose.

The rose we bought was to plant in Oscars name, if you're a new reader of Mammafulzo you may not know who Oscar is, he was our beloved Cocker Spaniel dog and unfortunately we lost him last July, he was 14.5 years old, we made the decision not to have Oscars ashes but we wanted something to remember him by, obviously we have hundreds of photographs and we kept a lot of his things but we thought a rose was a nice way to remember him and he loved chewing my roses when he was out in the garden. The rose we called is called "a friend for life" and we thought it was extremely fitting for Oscar, it will flower a lovely pink colour when it flowers.
Oscars rose "a friend for life"

Oscars rose is doing well since it was potted into one of our tubs and the other plants we got are looking well too, I shall update you as they all start to flower. 

So aside from being poorly and watching Simon transform our garden into something much nicer to look at, I haven't done much at all I'm afraid. But please let me know in the comments what sort of April you had, did you do much at all? 

I hope your April was a little better than mine and I hope next month I have some more exciting news for you, so sorry April was a bit of a flop! 

Thank you for reading, much love as always,

Zoe x

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