Freedom Makeup Mini Haul

Monday, July 06, 2015

Freedom Makeup Mini Haul

Hello Lovelies,

If you're a regular beauty blog reader and lover of social media you'll no doubt recently have been aware that the people behind the brand Makeup Revolution have launched a new make up brand, Freedom make up which in Freedoms words is and I quote "A NEW Professional Makeup Brand to CHALLENGE and INSPIRE you and the MAKEUP WORLD" they also claim to have "outstanding quality at affordable prices" I had seen a lot of Instagram photographs about Freedom before it launched, my lovely friend Khila makes video's for their you tube channel, I'd watched those and thought the products looked good and then when the brand officially launched Khila and one of my other good friends Gemma had written some review posts and after reading their posts I placed my order.

What I Ordered

As the title states this is a mini haul I only ordered a few things for my 1st order but the one of the products I knew I was going to order after reading both Khila and Gemma's blog posts was the Pro Conceal Palette in the shade light.

Freedom Makeup Mini Haul

The palette costs £5.00 and is available in 4 shades, the shade I ordered is the lightest of the shades and will I think it will be perfect for my skin tone, during the summer months I like to use a light base and use concealer where I need it so I'm hoping this will be perfect for me to do that. 

The next 2 items I ordered I'm pretty sure won't be a surprise for many of you, I ordered 2 nail polishes, yes shock horror Zoe bought nail polish, I really do think I've got a problem you know! But in my defence the polishes on the Freedom website are £1 each, how amazing is that? So for £1 each it would have been rude not to order a couple wouldn't it?

Freedom Makeup Mini Haul

The first polish I ordered was number 443 what I would call a bubble gum or a Barbie pink, pink is my favourite colour and I love to wear pink nails especially in the summer so this shade looked perfect for me and was exactly as I imagined it would be after seeing it on line, I can't wait to wear it. 

Freedom Makeup Mini Haul

The other nail polish I bought was shade 414 a bright lime green colour, now I don't ever wear green nails but something drew me to this shade, I've got some nail art ideas for summer nails and this is the perfect shade for the looks I'm planning but I also think it's a lovely summery colour and would look fantastic with a tan on both fingers and toes. 

My Thoughts On The Freedom Website

The website is really easy to navigate, there are a lot of products to choose from and as Freedom said their prices are very affordable, the delivery rates are clearly stated on the site too and delivery is worldwide which is great, UK delivery is £2.95 with free delivery on orders over £30.00 so not bad at all, my order came fairly quickly too, I ordered on a Wednesday and it arrived the following Monday, it was packaged and sealed well and I received text message and email updates on my delivery too, I find it really helpful when companies do this so I was particularly impressed by this feature. 

Reviews Coming Soon

I will of course be reviewing all the products in my mini haul very soon and no doubt the polishes will feature in some NOTD posts in the future too, as you'll know if you've read one of my review posts before they are in depth and include swatch photographs of the products and photographs of me wearing the products where applicable. I'll be including details of the application of the products and how they wore and of course I'll let you know if I'll be re purchasing the items or trying anything else from the brand. 

So there we have my mini Freedom make up haul, as I said I'll be back with review posts soon and in the mean time if you'd like to go over and check out Freedom, you can find their website.

Have you tried anything from Freedom? And if you did what did you try? Do you have any recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments below. I now have the Disqus commenting system and it's a great way of chatting both to me and my other blog readers, I can't wait to hear what you all think of Freedom and if you've bought anything, what you've bought :)

Thank you for reading, much love as always, 

Zoe x

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