Halloween Fashion For When Fancy Dress Isn't Your Thing

Friday, October 23, 2015

Hello Lovelies,

It's almost Halloween and a time when we often get invited to parties and because it's Halloween that more often than not means fancy dress, now don't get me wrong I'm not boring at all but fancy dress costumes can be extremely expensive, I do have a post on how to create an affordable Halloween costume which you can find here not everyone wants to dress up in fancy dress but it is nice to go to a party and spend time with friends and or family.

In today's post I have some of my favourite picks from ASOS that are all Halloween related but not actual fancy dress, so you can still look the part at a Halloween party without wearing a fancy dress costume, I have some accessories, some dresses and some other clothing pieces for you, so if like me you don't want to spend a fortune on a fancy dress outfit but you want to get into that Halloween spirit here's a few idea's of how to do it.


Halloween Fashion For When Fancy Dress Isn't Your Thing

1. Ghost Mask - £8.00 available here, this is ideal just to pop on with a plain black outfit, it transforms you into a ghost without any effort at all.

2. Glow In The Dark Ghost Tights - £8.00 available here, I have a few plain black dresses so would wear these with one of those just to add a bit of something Halloween-y and they glow in the dark too so are a bit of fun.

3. Elegant Touch Monster Nails - £7.99 available here these are great if you don't want to dress up or wear any sort of accessories at all, pop these false nails on and still have a touch of Halloween.

4. Pumpkin Mask - £8.00 available here again like the ghost mask you can wear this with any outfit to transform yourself without going to a great deal of effort.

5. Halloween Tattoos - £6.50 available here these are great because they do have enough tattoos to create a sugar skull but if that's a bit too much for you there are some random tattoos you could wear just to add a little something without dressing up.

6. Pumpkin Sunglasses - £10.00 available here I love these they are so much fun and would look great with any outfit, great for a party and guaranteed to get a laugh.

7. Catface False Lashes - £6.99 available here these are super cute, they are gorgeous lashes with green diamantes for the cat eyes and silver to make the whiskers, the lashes are really full and would look great with any makeup look and outfit, definitely something a little bit different.

8. Pumpkin Headscarf - £6.00 available here this is really fun and quirky and would look great with any outfit at all.

9. Stitch & Blood Design Tights - £8.00 available here these would look great worn with a plain dress or skirt and are really quirky.

10. Facelace Broomchicks - £8.50 available here these look so good on and they give the impression you have gone to a lot of trouble when in reality it's taken you 2 minutes to create a fantastic eye look, using some orange, green or even red makeup on your eyes then placing these on top would look incredible.

11. Halloween Devil Keyring - £8.00 available here how cute is this little guy? I love him and think attached to a plain black bag he'd look really cute and the perfect accessory for any party.

12. Halloween Pumpkin Glow In The Dark Tights - £10.00 available here these maternity tights are fabulous and glow in the dark, they'd look great with a plain black dress and would look amazing on any mum to be who wants to be a little bit spooky at Halloween.

13. Cat Mask - £8.00 available here another really easy look ideal to wear with any outfit.

14. Cat Ear Hair Clips - £5.00 available here these can be worn alone or would look great with item 13 but again as an addition to any outfit you are transformed super easily, if you wanted to you could use a black eyeliner to create some whiskers and also colour in the tip of your nose.

15. Cobweb Fingerless Gloves - £7.00 available here these would look great with a plain black dress to add a touch of Halloween without being too much.

16. Devil Mask - £8.00 available here again super easy, pop this on and be transformed, super easy and affordable with minimum effort.  


Halloween Fashion For When Fancy Dress Isn't Your Thing

1. Curve Bodycon Dress With Metallic Skeleton Print - £25.00 available here this would look great with tights, maybe some of the ones from the accessories above or some fishnets or even just plain black and some heels, I think the metallic print is fabulous and would look brilliant especially for a party.

2. Cheeky Hands Halloween Dress - £25.00 available here this is great and a little cheeky too as the name suggests, again worn with tights and heels it would look great. It is also available in Petite here

3. Fluro Monster Eye Dress - £25.00 available here this is another great dress, I like the fluro detailing on this, it breaks the black up a bit and is a bit different. 

4. Halloween Skeleton Batwing Dress - £28.00 available here I love the sleeves on this dress it adds a little something extra, this dress is a little more expensive than the others but the sleeve detail is lovely. 

5. Skeleton Cut Out Back Dress - £28.00 available here again a little more expensive than some of the other dresses but the detailing on this is fantastic and perfect for a Halloween party, I would wear my hair up with this one to show off the detail to the max.

6. Glitter Vampire Teeth Dress - £32.00 available here the most expensive of all the dresses I have for you, I love that the teeth have red glitter blood on them, they look so good! Wearing a red lip and nails would look great with this dress. 

Other Clothing Pieces

Halloween Fashion For When Fancy Dress Isn't Your Thing

1. Twerk Or Treat T-Shirt - £14.00 available here I love this, I like a bit of humour and think the twerk or treat is ideal for a party, worn with black jeans and boots it's a nice casual look that's still in the Halloween spirit without being fancy dress.

2. Ghost Print Leggins - £18.00 available here these are so much fun, I don't know if I'm brave enough but if I were I think a plain black top of any sort would look great with them.

3. Be Very Afraid Glow In The Dark T-Shirt - £18.00 available here I love this and the fact it's glow in the dark is fabulous, it's over sized too so ideal for wearing with leggings for a nice casual look but can be glammed up too.

4. Two Pack T-Shirts - £20.00 available here these are ideal if you have a friend or family member who is the same dress size as you, they would be great if you were attending the same Halloween party but you can wear them separately too or if you have 2 parties to go to you have 2 different looks for £20.00.

5. Pumpkin Face T-Shirt - £14.00 available here this is a bit spooky looking I think so perfect if you still want to look a bit spooky without wearing fancy dress.

6. Halloween Cat Body - £20.00 available here I love this, unfortunately I don't have the figure to pull it off but I think it's so nice for a Halloween party, it would look lovely with black skinny jeans and heels or a skirt, you could also wear the cat ears or mask from my accessories picks.

7. Witch Please Glow In The Dark T-Shirt - £18.00 available here this is another glow in the dark piece which I think would be fabulous for a party, it's over sized so can be worn casually or could be tucked into skinny jeans with heels.

8. Ghost Elbow Patch Jumper - £22.00 available here this is a nice way of wearing something Halloween-y without it screaming "Halloween" the cute little ghosts on the elbow patches are a nice discreet touch if you really don't want to go all out.

9. Curve Leggings In Cobweb Print - £18.00 available here these are great and would look lovely with a plain black top of any kind, I love them.

Are you going to a Halloween party? Do you wear fancy dress or do you prefer something a bit more subtle?

Happy Halloween and have a fabulous time whatever you're doing!

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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