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Friday, November 13, 2015

Hello Lovelies,

If you are a reader of my blog and also a subscriber of my YouTube channel you will know that I have or should I say had since I'm not currently making YouTube video's, a series of video's called "Mamma's Monthly Moans" and each month I would sit down and speak about all the things from the previous month that had really got my goat or peeved me off, it was all very light hearted but some things were serious and for some reason the video's were popular amongst my subscribers, recently a lot of people have told me they miss me on YT which is so nice and it got me thinking that maybe I could try and do a "moans" on my blog so that's what I have for you today, but not a monthly moans a "current moans" today's moans are actually some things from as far back as August and up to today so my current and past moans I suppose, anyway enough of the waffle, I'm going to crack on with my moans.

My 1st moan is about something I noticed whilst on holiday but not just my summer holiday this year which we went on at the end of August, but something I've noticed on previous holidays too, why is it that when some people are on holiday they cease to look after their children properly? Now I am not for one minute saying I'm a better parent than anyone or they are bad parents but some people just sat or should I say lay sunbathing whilst their children who were babies/toddlers toddle around the complex and dangerously close to the edge of the pool, leaving everyone else to watch them. It was the same at night, the doors to the entertainment part of the hotel were open meaning access to the pools, so many parents would sit drinking whilst their children left the entertainment to go outside and play and sometimes dangerously close to the pools, it is very dark in Greece at night and the area we go to isn't well lit, but never mind the pools, anyone could abduct these children, there were certain families who just did not watch their children meaning other people had to keep fishing their small children out of the pool after they'd fallen in, no harm was done but it isn't the point, they are sunbathing and not watching their children properly and on a previous holiday we've seen a baby who was just 13 months fall in the deep end of the swimming pool whilst it's parents were sat in the bar watching a football match!!! But every year when we're away on holiday we see the same thing, parents lying around sunbathing whilst their small children run around dangerously close to the pools and are sometimes really far away from their parents, maybe it's me but it's something I've noticed more and more over the last few years and it drives me mad!!

  As you know I have a medical condition, well rather a few conditions but I need assistance with a lot of things and if I go out which is quite a rare thing for me I need to use a crutch and or hold onto Simon for numerous reasons which I won't go into, a few weeks ago I had been to an appointment and got there via train, Simon and Lissy were with me and we got on and it was very busy, I had my crutch with me so people could see I needed assistance, there were 3 families with around 3-4 children each ranging from ages around 5 to 12 and all had a seat, not one of the parents asked their child to let me sit down or maybe put the younger one on their knee so I could sit down, they just all sat there letting me struggle, now I'm not saying I've got more right to sit down than them and if I was able bodied and in perfect health it wouldn't have bothered me but I'm not, an elderly gentleman offered me his seat which I didn't take and then someone got off and I sat there, but surely it's good manners to teach children than if someone is in more need of a seat than them then it's nice to offer your seat? My daughters always offer their seats up when necessary, and I am very proud of them for that, it's different I suppose if I am using Simon and not the crutch as my illness becomes very much an invisible one, but on this occasion it wasn't, I know I'm at risk of sounding like Victor Meldrew here but it really peed me off!!!

  I've spoken before in my moans about bizarre things I am offered from companies and pr companies mostly sports equipment and sports wear which does still continue by the way but recently I have had 2 things that stood out as more bizarre than that, the 1st thing being only a few days ago. I was offered a pram, buggy or pushchair but call it what you will I was offered a device to push a baby around in, now correct me if I'm wrong but the last time I looked my children were 18 and 24 and a little bit old for a pram!! It made me laugh so much, a pram???? And the email said "we love your blog so much" really??? You love it so much you missed reading the parts where it never mentions I've got a baby?? Oh dear!!! The second comical thing I was offered was also an invitation to an event, I was invited to go and preview the item or should I say an event showing me how to use the items and then offered items to use plus an outing to use them, sounds good right? An event with lunch and drinks, plus an outing to use some new things, a great offer is it not? Well when I tell you the event and items were all regarding fly fishing you may think differently, yep you read that right FLY FISHING, what the actual? I didn't actually know what fly fishing was so googled it and at the time I was with Lissy and my friend Jodie and we were howling laughing, if you don't know what fly fishing is it's basically fishing but using a fake fly type thing, well that's what I could fathom from google anyway, but honestly why on earth would anyone offer a beauty blogger something to do with fly fishing?? I know I do blog about lifestyle things too but fly fishing, come on!! Deary deary me!!!

  My next and last moan is about fake bloopers on you tube, I was watching You Tube videos a few weeks ago and the bloopers in one persons video's were obviously fake, fair enough if you forget words or say the wrong thing, drop things etc etc but these were soooooooooo fake, why? When making you tube video's there's usually enough mistakes made in at least some video's to add bloopers in, but I've noticed that this person will include bloopers in almost all their video's and they are all put on, it's very obvious and I've noticed more and more other people noticing and unfortunately I don't think I can watch the person much longer because it annoys me so much, their content isn't bad but the bloopers are, other people had commented about it too so it isn't just me, I love a good blooper and some things are really funny especially if filming with someone else but sitting on your own in a room which most people do when filming these things were clearly set up, I'm not going to say what I mean because it may become obvious to some people who it is and I wouldn't hurt someones feelings for anything, I like the person, I enjoy their video's but cannot bare the fakeness at the end of each video, there's no need and it spoils it. A lot of people do it and I've mentioned it in the past in moans and a lot of you agreed with me, it is really needless and annoying and I wish it wasn't done, but unfortunately me moaning isn't going to change that!!

So those are my moans for this post, I know in a video I usually have a couple more moans than in this post but I didn't want the post to be too long, let me know if you enjoyed my moans post and if you'd like more of them, and if you did enjoy it would you like a couple more moans next time? I really hope you've enjoyed this post it's different obviously from seeing me sit and talk on a video but I do hope you've enjoyed it all the same.

Let me know in the comments if you have had anything to moan about lately, it always makes me feel better when it's not just me!

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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