Mamma's Monthly Moans - December 2015

Monday, December 28, 2015

Mamma's Monthly Moans

Hello Lovelies

Today I have another "moans" post for you and if this is the first time you've ever read my blog and are thinking "what on earth is a moans post?" my "Mamma's monthly moans" were started a long time ago when I was asked about pet peeves in a you tube video, a lot of people liked my answers and asked me to start a monthly series of pet peeves and so my monthly moans series was born, it became surprisingly popular and since taking a break from vlogging due to health reasons a lot of my regular moans lovers asked if I could bring my moans to my blog which I did for the first time in November (you can find that post here) the post was very popular so I have decided to carry on with my moans series and today I have my December moans for you. I am considering writing a "Mamma's Annual Moans" type post covering my most moaned things in 2015 so let me know in the comments if you would like a post like that. 

Anyway onto my moans for December.........

Moan 1 - Rude People

I recently had to catch a train with Simon, we were waiting on the platform with all the other people when the train came, it was a very busy train and was packed. I am not great with walking and need to hold onto Simon for support and I'll admit I am slow and probably very slow compared to the average walking speed. Myself and Simon walked onto the train and as I was going through the doors a lady (I'll use that term loosely because no lady would be so rude I'm sure) made a nasty comment about the time it was taking me to walk and her not having "all day" Simon was furious and wanted to say something but what is the point? Plus I'm not in the habit of having a slanging match in front of a busy train so we both just looked at her with disgust and she turned away. When it came to getting off the train she was getting off at our stop and she pushed past us so forcefully that she almost knocked me off my feet, we slowly got off the train and went to our waiting taxi home, the walk from the train to the taxi is literally feet away but she would have been able to see me struggling to walk. The ironic thing was she didn't get anywhere any faster because in her rush to get off and pushing past me and almost knocking me to the ground, which may I add if Simon hadn't been holding on to me I'd have ended up on the floor she was so forceful, she dropped her bag and the contents spilled out onto the floor, nobody helped her and we heard another couple talking and the lady saying to the man "it serves her right, did you see she nearly knocked that girl flying and it was obvious she was struggling when she got on" so not only did she not get anywhere any quicker by pushing past me, she dropped her things and was held up for longer and other people noticed how vile she was, I'd say that's a definite case of karma wouldn't you? 

Moan 2 - Missing Out On Discount

I'm sure my second moan is going to be something that has happened to some of you too especially over the last few weeks with lots of people doing Christmas shopping, but how annoying is it when you place an order for something online and then the day after you get an email with a 20%, 25% or 30% off discount code off the website? It happened to me so many times when I was doing my Christmas shopping and it infuriates me. I do 99.9% of my shopping online because I cannot get out to go shopping and always google discount codes before ordering but it drives me absolutely mad when I place an order and there hasn't been any discount codes available and then the day after I am emailed with discount codes aaarrgggghhhhhh, a definite December moan!!

Moan 3 - My Car Accident Or Not...

If you are a long time watcher of my moans you'll know that the cold calling PPI claims phone calls really drive me mad, I haven't had any of those in recent months thankfully, but now they have been replaced with another type of call. The calls I get now at least once a day every day go along the lines of "Can I speak to Zoe please?" and I say "speaking" and then I get informed of a car accident I've had in the last 3 years that I had absolutely no idea I'd had which is very strange, you'd think I would remember having a car accident wouldn't you? But not only is it strange because I can't remember the car accident I've had, it is also strange because I don't drive, I'm not allowed to drive because of the medication I take and we don't even have a car because Simon can't drive for medical reasons so how on earth I've managed to have a car accident is beyond me,  I go on to explain this and then I'm asked "could anyone else in the property have had a car accident in the last 3 years?" It did make me chuckle at first that these companies are so desperate they practically go through my entire family tree asking if anyone has had a car accident but it is getting beyond a joke now because I get at least one of these phone calls every single day. I am always polite and ask if I can please be removed from their mailing list because I understand the person is only doing their job but it is so annoying and I can imagine other people might not be as accommodating as me when it comes to asking to be removed from their list. 

Moan 4 - Trying To Do The Right Thing

I am a firm believer is paying it forward and doing nice things for others, treating people how I like to be treated etc etc and part of this way of thinking is that myself and my family try our best to help out where we can, for example I recently donated a bag full of unused beauty and makeup PR samples to my local Boots because one of my friends told me they are making up shoe boxes for children who won't receive a gift this Christmas and they were struggling for items for teenage girls, they were thrilled and I was more than happy to help but another way we try to help out is by buying a couple of extra items when we do our food shopping and putting them into the trolley for the local food bank, we usually buy 3 packs of biscuits a week of different variety or a couple of tins of tinned fruit, rice pudding, jelly or chocolate biscuits like kit kats etc and put them in. The sad thing is that approximately 8 out of 10 weeks we do this other shoppers who are walking past when we are putting the items into the food bank trolley make nasty remarks, some of the things that have been said are "why are you doing that, they're probably better off than you, scrounging scum" or "you're wasting your money they're all druggies" and "why are you putting biscuits/chocolate/rice pudding/tinned fruit in/condensed milk in they need proper food" and the best one "you should give to a proper charity, not one for scrounging b******s. What on earth is wrong with these people? For a start it is absolutely nothing to do with anyone else and I have it on good authority from a friend who volunteers at a food bank that biscuits and things like rice pudding and tinned fruit that can be used as desserts or jelly are very welcome because not everyone thinks to put things in like that and a lot of the people accessing food banks are families and it's nice for the children to have biscuits and crisps and desserts etc. The people accessing food banks are not "scroungers" or "scum' they are people who for whatever reason are struggling and cannot afford to eat and we never know when we may need the service, who knows what is round the corner? But to have people make nasty remarks is really getting me down now and it happens more than it doesn't, I was chatting to a friend about it a few days ago and she suggested I report the comments to the manager of the store, I have told a friend of mine who works there about it and he has passed my concerns on but it is an absolute disgrace when all we are trying to do is help and do something nice for our local community and we are getting remarks like that, and to be honest we've had a lot worse those are tame in comparison. What sort of world do we live in when we are being abused verbally for trying to do some good? 

Moan 5 - The Dreaded P Word!!

If you are an old school moans lover you will be familiar with this moan and it is, yes you've probably guessed it, dog poo!! I absolutely loathe the fact that so many dog owners take their dog/dogs for a walk and let them poo on the pavement, I have moaned so many times about this over the years and it still winds me up just as much if not more today. The poo situation got so bad where we live that one of our neighbours contacted the local council who have been out and added signs to the lamp posts saying the owner will be fined if their dog fouls but it hasn't helped as much as we'd all hoped and still people let their dogs foul on the pavements. Simon is regularly having to go out with a bucket of boiling soapy water and a brush to move poo from outside our front garden/path but last Tuesday was the icing on the cake, we have some steps at the front of our house, we have a small front garden which is just concrete with some tubs of plants in and then we have a fence and small wall, before the steps begin there is a large flag at the bottom of the steps which leads out onto the footpath, and last Tuesday someone let their dog poo on our large flag at the bottom of our steps!!!! On our property, now it is bad enough when it is on the footpath but on our property, I was absolutely furious and so was Simon who had to move it the poor thing, how disgusting is that? To let a dog foul on somebodies private property is vile and I am livid and am now on "dog poo alert" trying to find the culprit because you can guarantee if they've done it once they'll do it again the dirty people, it is irresponsible dog ownership, we had a dog for 14 and a half years and we always took out nappy bags and kitchen roll and a carrier bag, it was standard and Oscar NEVER fouled on any ones private property or the footpath for that matter, if he went to the loo it was picked up, always. I am so mad I can't explain and I know we've had "dog poo gate" on Mammafulzo before but this is a whole new level of dog poo gate isn't it? Not a happy Mamma at all!! 

So those are my moans for December and as I said I am considering a "Mamma's yearly moans" where I am going to round up my biggest moans of 2015 for you all, if you would like me to write the post please let me know in the comments and let me know if you have any moans for December or if you have experienced similar things to me and would like to moan about it too, we can all moan together.

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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