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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hello Lovelies

Simon and I were recently reminiscing about holidays we've been on and places we've visited over the years and it made me think of places I've been to and would love to revisit in the UK, a sort of "Bucket List" of places I'd love to go back to in the UK and I thought I'd share those places with you today.



Our trip to Blackpool 2014

We visited Blackpool in August 2014 for the day and we have often said we'd love to go back again, we didn't get to see and do everything we wanted when we went for the day, I'm not very good with walking and there is so much to see and do we would need to spend more time there, it's your typical cheesy British sea side town and fish and chips on the beach front are a must but there's just something about Blackpool that makes it special. When we visited in 2014 it was Simon's first ever trip to Blackpool and he loved it, we definitely want to go back and visit the tower and stroll on the piers and the beach as we didn't get chance to last time, I think next time we'd stay over in a Travelodge Hotel as they're great value and it would mean we could spend more time there and see everything we wanted to and I could go at my own (very slow) pace. 


The Donkeys On Skegness Beach 


Skegness holds so many happy memories for me, Simon and our daughters, we had a couple of holidays to Butlins in Skegness after Simon was injured in a fire and couldn't be exposed to the sun. Our girls were a lot younger then and after looking at lots of different places in the UK to go on holiday the girls chose Butlins. We had an amazing time at and although it was somewhere we probably would never had considered if Simon hadn't had his accident I'm so glad we went, we have such lovely memories of fantastic holidays there and the irony was that both times we went the weather was lovely and we came back just as tanned as when we go abroad, we hadn't gone abroad so Simon wouldn't be exposed to the sun and it was absolutely boiling hot both times we went. We used Butlins mainly as a base and visited places in the surrounding areas, we found a lovely farm called Hardy's Animal Farm where you could buy bags of food and feed the animals and have tractor rides, there was a farm shop and an adventure playground it was a lovely place, we visited lots of places whilst we were there and we also visited Skegness itself and took the girls on the fun fair, it is similar to Blackpool in a lot of ways and we have lots of lovely memories of both Butlins and Skegness and we'd love to go back even if it's just to say hello to Billy Bear. 



In 2009 our eldest daughter Cole turned 18 and as a part of her birthday celebrations me, Simon, Cole and Lissy went to London for a long weekend, we had an absolute ball it was incredible and I have some fabulous memories from our time there. Cole chose what we did since it was her birthday treat and she chose to go on the London Eye and visit Madam Tussauds, The London Dungeon and The London Aquarium, we had a brilliant time, everywhere we visited the staff really pulled all the stops out in the Dungeons Simon was picked out to take part in something and they kept asking Cole to go to the front and take part in lots of things, then at Madame Tussauds we were ushered to the front of a VERY large queue and given free programmes. Michael Jackson had passed away a few weeks earlier and the staff at Tussauds were teaching the visitors how to moonwalk on a huge stage and the ladies got Cole up on stage to moonwalk and then the whole of Madame Tussauds sang Happy Birthday to Cole it was magical, we were taken to the front of the queue at the London Eye too and we didn't realise until we were leaving our pod but we were in pod number 18, how funny! The Aquarium was brilliant and again we were taken to the front and given programmes, the staff at all the attractions really didn't have to go to the trouble they did but they made our weekend and Coles birthday very very special and we will never forget it. We had professional photographs taken at all the attractions and whilst in Madame Tussauds we took part their Big Brother attraction where we went into the "diary room" and Big Brother spoke to us and we had to take part in certain activities it was amazing, we had the DVD of our Diary Room experience and if it is still part of Madame Tussauds I would recommend it. We loved every minute of our 4 days in London, we shopped on Oxford Street and went to Harrods and Covent Garden amongst other places and of course all the attractions and we had an absolutely fantastic time, and most importantly Cole loved it and thoroughly enjoyed her birthday long weekend away.

Wells Next To The Sea - Norfolk

Bishop Ingle House

        Wells Beach

As a child we spent many years in Wells on holiday, my dad is a Vicar and we used to go to a place called Bishop Ingle House in Norfolk for our holidays, Bishop Ingle House was a guest house for Vicars and their family and was an affordable place to stay for families who would otherwise not be able to afford a holiday. We used Bishop Ingle House as a base and went to lots of places in the surrounding areas, the beach was lovely and had lots of lovely little beach huts and I always wanted to go and look inside one of them, me and my brother played for hours in the sand dunes and used to go crab fishing on the harbour and sit with our buckets and orange crab lines for hours catching crabs and then we'd put them all back again when we'd finished. I have so many happy memories of Wells and our holidays there, it will always have a special place in my heart and I would love to re visit and take Simon and our girls there. 

So those are some of the places in the UK I have visited and would love to re visit all of which hold extremely happy memories for both me and my lovely family, there are many other places we have visited and loved but you'd be bored to tears if I listed them all so I chose the ones myself and Simon spoke about the most when we were reminiscing. There are so many other places I'd love to visit in the UK too, I have friends all over the UK and don't see them as much as I'd like to because of the distance between us so I would love to go and see them in 2016, so the places they all live would definitely be on my bucket list too. 

Where in the UK would you like to re visit that holds happy memories for you or places you haven't been to but would like to? Do you have a UK travel bucket list? I'd love to know where you'd like to go, let me know in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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