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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Hello Lovelies

How exciting, it's almost time!!! Today is Christmas Eve and last week I was tagged by the lovely Shaun to do The Christmas Tag and I thought today would be the perfect time to share my answers with you, so here goes here is my Christmas Tag. 

1. What Is Your Favourite Christmas Film?

This was a hard choice because I like quite a few Christmas films and I'm going to be greedy now and share my top 3 because I can't choose between them and my top 3 are Home Alone, Miracle On 34th Street and Elf. 

2. Have You Ever Had A White Christmas?

I do remember snow falling on Christmas day back in 1992 but I don't class that as a white Christmas, to me a white Christmas is thick snow falling and settling and everywhere looking like a winter wonderland but unfortunately in 1992 it wasn't like that, it snowed for about 20 minutes and didn't settle at all so I suppose it's safe to say that, no I haven't had a white Christmas I'm afraid. 

3. Where Do You Usually Spend Christmas?

I spend Christmas with my family, we also have my daughters boyfriend over and my parents come to us too, they come for Christmas dinner and stay til around 11pm, we play games and have lots of fun and up until a couple of years ago we used to have our family "pantomime" which I will explain in another post if you like as it's quite long winded for this tag, I am very lucky to be able to spend Christmas with the people I love the most and it is something I cherish. 

4. What Is Your Favourite Christmas Song? 

I love Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You and I also like Wizard I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday but my least favourite Christmas song is Stop The Cavalry.

5. Do You Open Any Presents On Christmas Eve?

No I don't open any presents on Christmas eve, I open my presents on Christmas day. 

6. Can You Name All Of Santa's Reindeer?

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Donner, Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Vixen and Rudolph? 

7. What Christmas Traditions Are You Most Looking Forward To This Year?

We always have a takeaway on Christmas eve and relax watching TV, I love Christmas day with my family laughing and playing games and on Boxing day we spend the day relaxing together looking properly at our gifts and catching up on the soaps from Christmas day whilst eating chocolates and nuts etc I love it! We still leave out a mince pie for Father Christmas and a carrot for Rudolph and Cole and Lissy sprinkle reindeer food outside our house on Christmas eve, they are 24 and 18 now but I can't imagine not doing it, on Christmas morning Simon always goes into the lounge first to see if "he's been" and we still put the presents out when the girls have gone to bed on Christmas eve. 

8. Is Your Christmas Tree Real Or Fake?

Our Christmas tree is fake, we did always have a real tree but then when we got Oscar we worried about the needles and his paws so we got a cheap fake tree and had that a few years and then bought the tree we have now. 

9.What Is Your All Time Favourite Christmas Food Or Sweet Treat?

I love my Christmas dinner, Simon is an amazing cook and his Christmas dinner is always fabulous and my mum always makes a Creme Brûlée as a dessert alternative to Christmas pudding and it is out of this world so those would be my favourites. 

10. Be Honest - Do You Like Giving Gifts Or Receiving Gifts Better? 

I love to give gifts, I like seeing the face of the person I have bought the gift for and watching their reaction, I do obviously love to receive gifts too and would be lying if I said I didn't of course it is always lovely for someone to choose something just for me because they want to buy me a gift but I do love to give. 

11. What Is The Best Christmas Gift You've Ever Received? 

I have always loved all my Christmas gifts and been very grateful for them all but one thing I'll always remember is when I was around 13/14 everyone had a specific style of leather jacket, they were the latest fashion item and all my friends had one, I really wanted one but my parents didn't have much money so I didn't ask for one for Christmas, they knew I wanted one but I hadn't asked because I knew they couldn't afford it. My parents had split up and I used to open presents at my mums and then go to church with my dad and go back to dads for lunch and then back to mums early evening, after church we opened our presents at my dads and he said to me "Zoe please can you go in the dining room and get me the roll of bin bags for all the wrapping paper, I've left them in there" I didn't think anything of it and trotted off into the dining room and there hung on the inside of the dining room door was a leather jacket!! My dad had given one of my friends the money and asked her to get it for him, I was so thrilled and couldn't believe it, it is a lovely memory and one I won't forget.  

12. What Would Be Your Dream Place To Visit For The Christmas Season?

I wouldn't want to be away actually on Christmas day as I love spending time with my family but I would love to go Christmas shopping in New York, it's never going to happen but is something I would love to do and to go ice skating at the Rockefeller Centre or Central park too.

13. Are You A Pro Present Wrapper Or Do You Fail Miserably? 

I am rubbish I'm afraid, Simon is much better than me, I fail miserably!

14. Most Memorable Christmas Moment? 

I have so many memories of Christmas, of my own Christmases as a child and also since I have had my own children so it is so hard to choose just one memorable moment but a more recent memorable moment is from 2 years ago when we had bought our youngest daughter Lissy tickets to see Beyonce as a surprise, she adores Beyonce and we had never been able to get tickets for her to see her in concert and a week before Christmas Beyonce announced tour dates and myself and my eldest daughter spent 2 hours trying to get tickets and we did! I had a t shirt printed and it was black and on the front it said "Lissy, are you ready for this jelly?" and on the back it had "Mrs Carter World Tour" and the date she was going to see her, we wrapped the t shirt up and when Lissy opened it it was amazing, she screamed and then she cried happy tears and was jumping up and down, it was such a lovely moment and one I'll never forget. 

15. What Made You Realise The Truth About Santa?

What truth? Is there something I should know? Only joking, when I was around 7 or 8 myself and my brother found our Christmas presents in the spare bedroom of our house, it was horrible and it made me question why they were in our spare room and I always wondered after that, my mum said I was very suspicious so much so she used to have to chop all the carrots up on Christmas eve because I used to count them to see if Rudolph did actually eat the one we left out for him. 

16. Do You Make New Years Resolutions, Do You Stick To Them?

No I don't make New Years resolutions, but I am going to make some sort of goals or aims for 2016 and there will be a blog post all about it so keep an eye out for that soon. 

17. What Makes Christmas Special For You? 

Being with Simon and the girls and my parents on Christmas day and having lots of laughs together, the last 3/4 months of this year have been incredibly difficult and it's been the toughest time of my life but knowing I have an amazing family means the world to me and I'm very lucky, so to me spending time with my loved ones is the most special thing about Christmas. 

The End

So that was my Christmas tag, thank you so much to Shaun for tagging me, I really enjoyed doing the tag and I hope you enjoyed reading my answers. 

I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas eve and looking forward to the big day tomorrow, let me know in the comments what you are doing for Christmas and if you have any traditions you are looking forward to. 

Have a lovely Christmas! 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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