My Blogging And Life Goals For 2016

Sunday, January 03, 2016

My Blogging And Life Goals For 2016

Hello Lovelies

I'm not one for making New Years resolutions, I never have been but this year I have decided I would like to set myself some goals some of which are goals I want to achieve or try and achieve in my personal life and some are blogging goals, I have chosen 5 goals each for both my personal life and my blog and today I thought I'd share those goals with you. 

My Personal Life Goals ✿

1. To think positively. 

This is something I had started to do towards the end of 2015 after a conversation with my friend Khila and so far I feel it has made a difference, a lot of awful things happened to myself and my family the last few months of 2015 and I worried myself sick and thinking positively has helped me a lot. Something else I do every day and am going to continue with is think of 3 positive things that have happened that day, it can be anything at all from something simple like having hot water but can be something a lot bigger, just 3 positive things. I started to do this after speaking to my friend Laura one day when I was having a really bad time, Laura sent me a voice note and asked me to tell her 3 positive things and as hard as it seemed to find them I did it and it really helped, one of my friends is having a particularly hard time at the moment and I have been asking her for her 3 positive things each day and telling her mine and it does really help, it makes me realise that no matter how bad the day may have been there have been some positives, no matter how small. 

2. To keep up our "jar of happy things"

On new years day 2015 myself and my family started our "jar of happy things" I do have a full blog post on the jar here if you'd like to read it and find out more about it. We all add things to our jar as they happen throughout the year such as some good news, or if we've had a nice day, an achievement etc etc. We opened our jar on new years eve and it was lovely, we were all together and our youngest daughter took out all the little bits of folded paper and read them all out it was such a lovely experience and one I'm looking forward to doing again on new years eve this year so I am definitely going to keep it up and keep adding things to our jar. It makes you realise that even if the year has been a difficult one as 2015 was for us, it wasn't all bad and reminds you of happier times and positive things.

3. Try not to worry so much.

I think I am the worlds worst worrier, I worry about every single eventuality there is and most of the time they don't happen, I really want to try and not worry quite so much in 2016, I worry about all sorts of things and if I'm not worrying, I worry that I'm not worrying! It's not good and I need to stop it or at least try not to worry so much, my brother always says there is no point worrying about something until it happens so I am going to try my best to take his advice and not to worry so much. 

4. Cut down on Pepsi Max (and try to give it up).

I don't drink tea or coffee or any hot drinks and the only thing I really drink is Pepsi Max and although it doesn't contain sugar it really is not good for me and I drink far too much of it so I am going to cut down on the amount of Pepsi Max I drink with the aim to give it up completely, I am not setting myself the goal of giving it up completely because I may not achieve that goal but I am going to at least cut down a lot and maybe I'll give it up in the process who knows. 

5. Ask for help when I need it instead of struggling.

I am fiercely indépendant and suffering from the medical conditions I do means I need a lot of help with things, Simon always says that I have "more front than Blackpool" meaning I put a brave face on things and he's right, I do. But I am also terrible for trying to do things that I know I either really can't do or will struggle to do and be very ill if I do do it, and when I was writing this post I asked Simon and the girls what goals they thought would be good for me and they all agreed on this one so here it is, I am going to aim to stop being so stubborn and ask for help when I need it rather than suffer in silence. 

✿  My Blogging Goals ✿

1. Comment on blogs more.

I am terrible for not commenting on blogs, I read blogs every day but I always forget to leave a comment and it is always so nice to read the comments I get on my blog posts and I really want to do it more on the blogs I read to let the blogger know I enjoyed their post. 

2. Reach 1,000 Bloglovin followers.

It really isn't the number of followers I have that is important to me and your support and kindness is far more valuable but it is nice to have goals to aim for and my next big milestone as far as Bloglovin followers go is 1,000 and I would love to reach that. 

3. Keep up my blogging schedule.

In 2015 I started to take my blog a lot more seriously and even though I have had my blog for around 3 years it was always a sideline to my youtube channel but in around March/April 2015 I started to blog much more and even started a schedule so my followers/readers would know when to expect a post from me, I have been posting 5 times a week since mid October and I am going to aim to keep to 5 posts a week. 

4. Believe in myself more. 

I am terrible for putting myself down and not believing in myself or my blog as much as maybe I should do, and I really am going to try my best to believe in myself and my blog more in 2016. 

5. Be more organised & procrastinate less.

I am so bad at being organised plus I am the queen of procrastination and when I'm writing a blog post (or should I say speaking one because I use voice dictation which has to be the best invention ever) I am soooo bad for picking my phone up and scrolling through Instagram or Twitter or playing on Township (yes I am that sad) and then an hour has passed and I'm sat there when the post could have been done. I also need to be more organised, I am quite organised when it comes to my blog but I would like to be more organised so I aim to at least try to be more organised and to procrastinate less in 2016. 

So those are my goals for 2016 both in my personal life and goals for my blog too, do you set goals or make resolutions? I'd love to know what your goals are if you have made some and if you have set yourself some goals are any of your goals similar to mine? 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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