What I Got For My Birthday 2016

Monday, March 07, 2016

Hello Lovelies

Valentines day was my birthday and I was asked a lot to write this post but wasn't sure if I should as I knew it would be picture heavy, however after conducting a Twitter poll to ask if you'd like to see what I got for my birthday despite lots of pictures the answer was a resounding "yes please". I was incredibly spoilt and am very grateful for all my gifts and along side all the beautiful gifts I received, I also received some money from my parents and siblings and some friends too which is so kind and thoughtful. 

Gifts From Friends


I was very lucky to receive some vouchers from my friends for my birthday, I received a Boots voucher from Vinny and her family and a Debenhams voucher from Shelley and her family, I am really looking forward to spending those, I love both Boots and Debenhams for beauty products. 

Non Make Up Items

My friend Lynne and her family kindly bought me the lovely little cake in the first image, they also bought me a pretty Cath Kidston umbrella, a book called My Dysfunctions which is a funny book and a Thankful Journal, I've never seen one of these before but it's a lovely gift and I am going to be writing a post about it soon. 

My friend Shelley and her family as I said bought me a Debenhams voucher, they also kindly bought me a little Thumper Tsum Tsum, we lost one of our bunny's in November last year and Shelley wrote on the tag that it was to remind me of Tallulah which was a kind thought, I also got these lovely earrings, they are 3 coloured, silver, yellow gold and rose gold and are very me, I love hearts and these are perfect. 

My friend Ashleigh bought me these lovely decorative tapes which are valentines themed and have love hearts on them, I have a planner and love stickers and these will be great for decorating my planner amongst other things, and how fabulous is this mug? It's so perfect for me and so true too, if you're a blogger or know someone who is you'll know how apt this is for me, I love it!

My lovely friend Khila and her family bought me this Yoda, I laughed so much when I opened him, Khila knows we are Star Wars mad in our house and she loves it too, he is super cute isn't he, I'm having a hard time keeping him away from Simon though, I also got a matching personalised Star Wars card, so so cute!

Make Up

One of my best friends sent me a box full of make up goodies,  there were so many lovely things in it including a Bare Minerals lipstick, the Zoeva Rose Golden palette, a Louise Young eye shadow palette, Revlon Matte Lip Balm, 2 Stila Cream blushes, a Clinique cheek pop blush, 3 NYX matte lipsticks and a Pixi lip balm, how spoilt am I? She is very naughty but very very kind and knows me well, I can't wait to use all of these. 

My lovely friend Emma and her hubby Chris bought me this gorgeous Stila lip glaze set, it's so lovely and comes with a separate head band which is also lovely, I have heard a lot of good things about these and cannot wait to use them, theres so many pretty shades too, I'm going to be spoilt for choice.

My eldest daughter Coles boyfriend kindly bought me this Nars lipstick, it's a stunning shade and I cannot wait to wear it, he went shopping on his own and chose it himself too which I thought was really kind and he chose really well, it's perfect. 

Gifts From My Girls

I was completely spoilt by my girls, when I said "please just get me a nice card" they clearly didn't listen,  I am very grateful and they are very naughty!

I love anything heart shaped related and love this notebook and pen and pencil set, the girls thought it would be useful for jotting down blog post ideas and because I forget a lot I need to write things down everyday so these will be really useful and they're so pretty too.

How cute is this? It's a zip and flip travel pillow shaped like a bear, you may already know that bears are very special to me and my family. I struggle to get comfortable because of my medical conditions and need to sit in a certain position on the sofa, the girls saw this and thought it would be good for me to lean on and use to get comfortable when sitting on the sofa or in bed, he's super cute too. 

I love this, it's a pencil case but I'm going to use it to store my make up brushes in, I think being lipstick shaped it's perfect for a make up brush holder and if they won't all fit in I'll have a very lovely pencil case to keep my planner pens in and other pens, as I said I'm always writing things down so either way I'll get a lot of use out of it, it's amazing. 

How beautiful is this phone case? It's by Kate Spade and is stunning, again it's covered in hearts so is right up my street, I love it, I also love the little diamantes on it too, it's so pretty, my phone is going to look amazing isn't it?

How spoilt am I? I couldn't believe it when the girls handed me a huge gift bag with all these beauty products in. There is a pack of 2 micro mini Beauty Blenders which I adore, 2 Sephora liquid lipsticks, a MAC nail polish, 2 Kiko lipsticks, the Too Faced chocolate bon bon palette, 2 Kiko lip liners, a MAC lipstick, 3 Sephora lipsticks, an Illamasqua skin base foundation, a Kiko blush palette, a MAC X 9 eye shadow palette, a Beauty Blender cleanser, a MAC eyeliner pencil and a MAC lip pencil. I was blown away and still cannot believe it, I have 2 very kind and very generous daughters and am very very grateful, I'm speechless to be honest which isn't like me at all.

Gifts From Simon

As I said bears are very special to me and my family and Simon picked up these 2 teeny tiny bears and apparently the dark one is him and the pale one is me bless him, but he'll kill me for telling you that so ssshhh, he also got me these super cute bear socks that are also pink which is my favourite colour what could be more perfect, pink and bears.

I have wanted some Adidas Superstars for a while now, I used to wear them when I first met Simon and had worn them for years and then I switched to Converse but over the last few months I've been loving Superstars again and had been looking at these ones and the plain white but couldn't choose,  Simon chose these for me and I love them, I don't know how well it is coming off on camera but the stripes are sparkly and the back logo too, I love them. 

Juicy Couture is one of my favourite perfume brands and I was thrilled to receive the latest of their fragrances, the bottle is lovely as they always are, it is almost helicopter shaped at the top and has little diamantes encrusted in the lid, it's stunning and it smells beautiful, it also comes with a shimmer body lotion. 

Simon also bought me these beautiful Pandora earrings, they are absolutely perfect, beautiful diamante jewelled heart shape, I absolutely adore them.

Those are all my beautiful birthday gifts, I am so very lucky and words can't describe how grateful I am, I have some extremely generous friends and family members who spoilt me completely and Simon and the girls totally ruined me too I am very very lucky and extremely grateful.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts and for all the lovely emails I received,  it means such a lot to me that you took the time out of your day to do that, thank you so very much. 

I can't explain how lucky I feel not only to have been given such beautiful and generous gifts, vouchers and money but also for the love and support I receive from my family and friends and the love and support from all of you every single day, it is so lovely and I will never be able to express how much it means to me, thank you all so very much. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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