Blog Q&A - Your Questions Answered

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Blog Q&A - Your Questions Answered

Hello Lovelies

I am asked a lot if I can do blog Q&A posts and I have done a couple up to now but recently I was asked again if I could do one, so I took to Instagram and Snapchat and asked if any of you had any questions and today I am going to answer them, I will answer the questions in no particular order. 

Q - Leahxl - If you could choose one UK location to shop and one UK location to go on holiday where would it be? 

A - I would choose Manchester centre (not the Trafford centre) to shop, I have been to London and other places but I much prefer Manchester, there are so many shops, and lots of places to sit down and to eat/drink too, I love it. For holidays I will say good old Butlins at Skegness because we took the girls there for a couple of summers when Simon had his accident and couldn't go abroad when the girls were small and it was amazing, we loved it and we all have very happy memories of it, I also love Cornwall and Wells next to the sea in Norfolk. 

Q - Leahxl - What is the makeup product discovery that has blown your mind in the past 5 years? 

A - Oooh that's a hard one Leah, I've discovered so many products over the last 5 years and it's really hard to choose just one but I will say brow products because I never used to do anything to my brows but now couldn't leave the house without filling them in. Told you I'd be greedy ha ha. 

Q - Kate Tserkeziex - If you had to live in one country with one celebrity (dead or alive) and eat the same meal for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?  

A - The country is easy, I would choose Greece, I love Greece and we holiday to the Greek Islands every summer, we love it! I'm taking the word celebrity for what it is so I'm not choosing historical figures etc etc I'm going with full on celeb and I'm going to be greedy and choose 2, I choose Rylan Clarke Neal because he makes me laugh and I think we'd get on well, we both love Big Brother and he would have loads to chat about too with him having interviewed lots of people and been on different TV shows, my other celebrity would be Katie Price, I find her interesting and she is very opinionated and I think if I had to talk to someone for the rest of my life they'd have to have stories to tell and I think she would have, and for food I would choose either roast dinner, a pasta dish or ice cream. 

Q - Amy Louise - What's your favourite thing about summer?

A - Going on holiday abroad with my family and the nice sunny weather at home when we get some, we're not lucky with the weather in England but I do like it when we are and I love to spend 2 weeks with Simon and the girls in a beautiful part of the world, I love to watch them be silly in the pool, playing games and I love watching them take part in the organised activities and love us all taking part in pool side quizzes and then going for meals at night, of course my illnesses and disabilities are always with me so I can't do much but I'm happiest when I'm away with my lovely family seeing them enjoy themselves. 

Q - Brookielovesandyxx - I love your hair, what colours do you ask for when you get it dyed? Do you get your hair bleached?

A - Thank you so much that's really nice of you to say. My sister is my hairdresser so she'll be pleased you like it too,  I don't have it bleached, I have a tint and the colours are Koleston Perfect in the shades 10/0 and 10/1, I did used to get some packets through it too in a couple of different blonde shades but my medication completely messed with my hair and it went really warm so my sister has been using more ashy colours on it and it's gradually got rid of the warm tones, it will take a couple more times maybe to get all the warm out. I use the Lee Stafford shampoo for bleach blondes too to wash it and that keeps it ashy, hope that helps. 

Q - poppylearrr - Please can you tell us what you bought Cole for her birthday? You always buy the best presents for your girls.

A - Thank you so much that's kind of you to say, it was Coles birthday on July 27th so I will do my best to remember ha ha, we bought her a leather jacket from River Island, a pack of 3 pairs of unicorn socks, some unicorn PJ's, a unicorn portable phone charger, the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance palette, some Too Faced glitter glue, some unicorn wellies, a playsuit, a pair of sandals, a unicorn mobile phone/laptop/tablet fluffy screen cleaner, a bag pom pom which is a unicorn, a unicorn headband and I can't remember anything else off the top of my head I'm afraid. Cole loves unicorns as I'm sure you can tell ha ha, she is easy to buy for but also quite hard because she gets such massive discount off a lot of makeup brands there's no point Simon and I buying her makeup but I knew the palette was something she wanted and the glue was too, she loved everything we got her and we also decorated the lounge with banners and balloons with a huge unicorn balloon and she had a home made unicorn cake, we all went out to Breakout Manchester the night before her birthday (post coming soon) and we went for an Indian meal on the evening of her birthday, she had a lovely day. 

Q- jesk8 - Have you ever used Jamberry nail wraps and if not, now that Jamberyy is now in the UK would you be interested in reviewing them? 

A - I have gel nails at the moment so wouldn't be able to review them and to be honest I don't know enough about them or the company and I always like to know about a product and company before reviewing products but I will look at them and let you know. 

Q - xshezpalmerx - Have you ever had a hair colour other than blonde and what colour would you/have you been tempted to change it to? 

A - I have always been blonde, my hair is naturally blonde but I do have it tinted as it is a darker blonde naturally, but it is naturally blonde. I have been saying for a couple of years now that I fancy having some thin strands of pink just through the ends but I'm not sure I'm brave enough or it will suit me, I have just bought a pink conditioner that is also a wash out colour too though and Cole said she is going to dye it for me so watch this space. 

Q - thepbfamily - Who or what is your biggest inspiration? 

A - That is such a good question but also a hard question, when I was growing up my hero/inspiration was Nadia Comaneci a gymnast, I was a professional gymnast and she was and still is my idol so I suppose she is one of my inspirations, I am inspired by my friends all the time, some who always think positively even in hard situations, that inspires me to be the same and other friends who are also inspirational to me for different reasons, my daughters inspire me, they are both such hardworking ambitious girls and despite facing obstacles they have fought and gotten where they want to be in life at the moment and have aspirations I know they will meet one day. Simon inspires me, he is such a kind, caring person and the way he cares for me every day is inspiring, and how much he loves me just as I am inspires me, not all men would do the things he does for me, for their partner so he inspires me. I don't honestly think I could choose just one person when I have some amazing friends and my amazing family who inspire me every day so I think I will choose them, my friends and family, Simon and my girls they all inspire me for many different reasons every day, and of course Nadia Comaneci who will always be my hero. 

Q - ella.louise.bateman - I've recently set up a blog and wondered if you have any tips/advice? Lots of love.

A - Lots of love to you too Ella, my advice would be to blog about the things you like to read about and don't force it, if you can't think of a post idea, take a step back and relax, don't force a post as it will come across to your readers. Always be honest, this is something very important to me, I see lots of blog posts where the person writing the blog is dishonest about a product because they think it will ensure they may work with a company again or they may work with other companies or PR agencies, it is wrong in my opinion and I always remain honest, even if I think the company or PR may be upset with me, I am always honest, I couldn't sit here knowing someone might buy something on my say so if I haven't been honest, obviously not everyone will like everything I think is brilliant but my opinions will always be and always have been completely honest, the same goes for declaring sponsored posts and Instagram/Twitter posts, it's very obvious when people don't declare it and very annoying and I lose respect for bloggers who don't declare and I know a lot of other bloggers who do too, I don't mind sponsored content at all, as long as its disclosed. Always reply to your blog comments and comment on blog posts you enjoy too, I always try to comment on posts I enjoy, it's nice to get feedback from readers and I love to get comments and always comment on blogs I read too. Those are just a few things but most of all I would say, be yourself, enjoy it and good luck darling. 

I am asked a lot about advice with blogging and one of the topic Q&A's I was asked for was blogging, if you would like a Q&A on blogging whether you're a blogger or you love reading blogs, let me know either in the comments or feel free to email or tweet me. 

Thank you so much for your questions in this blog Q&A, I will of course have more Q&A posts in the future so please look out for my Instagram posts asking for questions or on Snapchat too or if you have a question for next time please feel free to leave it in the comments below and I will include it in my next Q&A post.

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x 

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