Our Christmas Day 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016

Our Christmas Day 2016 mammafulzo.com

Hello Lovelies

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, today I thought I'd share with you, our Christmas day and what we did to celebrate it, last Christmas was a sad and extremely worrying time for us as a family so this year we wanted to make sure it was a lovely day for everyone.

Twas The Night Before Christmas......

First of all, starting with Christmas Eve, both Simon and Alicia were at home on Christmas Eve, as a nursery teacher Simon is off until the 3rd January 2017 and Alicia finished University on 16th December until the 9th January 2017 so they were both home, Nichole was busy beautifying the North as usual (she is a makeup artist for those of you who might not know) so first of all Simon and Alicia kindly made sure the house was clean and tidy all ready for Father Christmas, anyone else have to have a clean house for FC or just me?

One of my oldest friends Sarah called round to see us in the afternoon with her daughters (my god children) she usually pops in on Christmas Eve and my sister also called in to see us on her way home from work too. Once all our visitors had left, I had a shower and put on my new Christmas socks which have bears with antlers on, the bears are fluffy so they are really cute,  Cole got home around 4.30pm and then both the girls had a shower and put their bear socks on too, we all have the same, Simon has manly versions, his have bears all over. Once we were all showered, Christmas socks and PJ's on, we ordered an Indian takeaway and watched the soaps and then Elf. 

After the film, the girls (yes they are 19 & 25) sprinkled their Reindeer food outside for Rudolph and his friends and then they left a plate out with a mince pie for FC a carrot for Rudolph and a drink for FC too, he likes Pepsi Max so I'm told 😉 then it was bedtime........

Christmas Day

We got up at 8am on Christmas morning, even though the girls are 19 and 25 they still get just as excited as they did when they were small so we have the "what time can we get up?" conversation on Christmas Eve, we settled on 8am and Alicia came into our room or should I say practically ran in at dead on 8am to wake us up. Once we were up and Simon had his contact lenses in and I'd been sorted out we all went downstairs, Simon or Pappy as the girls call him, has to go first to see if FC has been and boy had he been! 

We all opened our gifts and we all got some lovely things, we were all very spoilt and all feel very blessed to have such amazing gifts. I am going to film a "what I got for Christmas" video and upload it to my YouTube channel when I am able to, so I will let you know when that is up if you are interested in seeing the things I received. 

After our gifts were opened Simon had a snooze and then he was up and showered and started preparing the vegetables for our Christmas lunch, I bought him a Star Wars R2D2 apron for Christmas so he put that on to make the lunch, he is a huge Star Wars fan and collector so he loved it!

Our Christmas Day 2016 mammafulzo.com

Whilst Simon was preparing lunch, Alicia sorted my hair out for me and helped me to get ready and then all us girls put our makeup on together and had a chat too.

Whilst lunch was on the way we took some photographs around the tree, we do this every year and it's nice to look back on them, I will share them with you later, but this is a cheeky selfie me and the girls took for now.

Our Christmas Day 2016 mammafulzo.com

My parents arrived and we all had a drink and a chat and mum set the table up with Alicia, it looked lovely but I forgot to take a photographs, nothing fancy just nice with the crackers on and also humorous with the 7 different sized chairs and stools around it, it was a real Peter Kay Christmas table with our emergency chairs. Our Christmas lunch was incredible, Simon is an amazing cook, he qualified as a chef when he left school until he changed his career in 2006, so he is a fabulous cook and his Christmas lunch is the best ever and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.  

After our meal we were all too full for dessert so Cole and her boyfriend Chris kindly washed up and sorted the kitchen out with a little help from my mum and then we all sat down and had fun with Snapchat, my parents hadn't seen it before and thought it was brilliant, my mum came on my story too and wished everyone a Happy Christmas bless her. 

Our Christmas Day 2016 mammafulzo.com

Following our Snap chat fun we got some games out, we bought Speak Out and 5 Second Rule for this year, we have new games each year, so we played 5 Second Rule first and had a good few rounds of that, it's easy to play, you choose a card and it will say something like "name 3 Christmas carols" or "name 3 scary animals or insects" and you have 5 seconds to do it in, the game includes a timer and if you don't guess, the person to your left has to take your turn as a chance to steal your point, it was harder than we thought but funny to hear the things people come out with when under the pressure of the timer, myself and my dad were the joint winners of that one. 

We then played a team game called "Describe It"  so we split into sofa's for that one, so it was me, Simon and Alicia against Cole, Chris and my parents and 1 person from each team had to take turns to choose a card and then describe the word on the card to their team without saying 3 words listed on the card, if they did it they got to keep the card and if not the other team did, and whoever has the most cards at the end of the game, wins, our team won this game too. 

We had our dessert in between playing games, mum made a creme brûlée which was delicious and we also had the choice of Christmas pudding with cream or custard, I chose the creme brûlée, it is so nice, mum makes it with summer fruits and it's one of my favourites. 

After dessert we played Pub Quiz which is basically just that, since there were 7 of us we split into 3 teams of 2 and Alicia was the Quiz master, we played 3 rounds and myself and Simon won all 3 rounds, but I think more by good luck than good management, some of the questions are so hard. It was lots of fun playing the games though, we usually play charades too and we have speak out but I think we are saving those for New Years Eve. 

At around 10.30pm my parents were tired and decided it was time for bed, they were shattered so they went home, they live just around the corner from us so it's literally a 5 minute walk if that, we were all shattered but had had a lovely day, we had plenty to eat and drink, we played lots of games, we chatted and laughed and my parents loved playing with the Snap chat filters, it was just a quiet, family day and it was perfect, lots of food, drink, fun and games and most importantly, lots of love, just the way we like it. 

Our Christmas Day 2016 mammafulzo.com

One last thing I would like to share with you is a lovely photograph of our house bunny Tinkerbell, we lost her lovely sister Tallulah to stomach cancer in November 2015 and Tinkerbell has done so well since we lost her, it must be hard for her sister to not be there all of a sudden with her in their little house. 

We saw a lovely bunny rabbit soft toy in Next before Christmas so Alicia picked it up for Tinkerbell as part of her Christmas present and when we gave it to her on Christmas morning she loved it, she was smelling it and scenting it so much. Later on when my parents had gone home and we were all back in our PJ's relaxing in front of the TV, Alicia got the bunny out for Tinkerbell again, Tinkerbell was sitting on Alicia's knee and she started to get really excited and smell the bunny and scent it again and then she started to move it with her front paws and she moved it and then she lay on top of it and kept licking it's head (bunnies lick when they love something) it was adorable and luckily Alicia managed to take a photograph of Tinkerbell and her bunny who we named Tallulah. 

Our Christmas Day 2016 mammafulzo.com

As you will hopefully be able to see in the photograph, Tallulah bunny is tucked under Tinkerbell and she is snuggling her, it was so cute and brought a tear to my eye, I don't know if she thinks it is Tallulah or another bunny, but one things for sure, she loves her.

After lots of bunny snuggles it was time for bed and Christmas day 2016 was over, it was a quiet family day with love and laughter and the people we love the most and for us, it was perfect.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas day, let me know in the comments what you did for Christmas, I'd love to hear how you spent your day.

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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