My First Solo Blogging Event And Some Useful Info For Beauty Lovers

Friday, June 23, 2017

My First Solo Blogging Event And Some Useful Info For Beauty Lovers

Hello Lovelies

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that a couple of months ago I had a very exciting day, and today I am going to tell you all about it and tell you about some other news/information that any beauty lover will be interested in. 

I have had my blog for a while but I started to blog regularly over the last 2 years, my blog is my space online where I can write about things I love and share those things with you, blogging is also my escapism, I explain more about that in my "about me" section which you can find here so I won't bore you with that now. 

With blogging comes a lot of invites to some amazing blogging events, unfortunately because of my health I can't go to these events and turn down at least one or two events per week and often more which always upsets me, I'd love to be able to go. Besides blogger events I have also been invited to have blow dries at celebrity hair salons, have microdermabrasion, facials and other skin treatments etc etc but more often than not these things take part in London, and always something other bloggers have also been invited to. 

In around March time I was asked by the lovely ladies at Z PR if I would like to go to a Superdrug store local to me and choose a beauty treatment to have. I was so touched by their kind offer and of course accepted. The ladies at Z said they would arrange it all for me, and it was arranged for me to visit the Trafford Centre Superdrug store. I looked into which beauty treatments were on offer there and chose to have a gel manicure, if you know me well enough, this won't be a surprise, as I adore nail polishes and treatments so having gel nails was the perfect choice for me. 

I didn't know what to expect at all from my trip to the Superdrug store in the Trafford Centre, but one thing I was quite excited about was that the trip was just for me, it wasn't a blogging event with lots of other bloggers, nobody else was invited, it was just little old me, and it felt really lovely and was my very first solo blogging invite. It did feel different there not being any of my blogging friends or bloggers I knew being invited but it was really lovely to be asked and I was so pleased that I had been asked and I also felt a little bit proud too, does that sound really silly?
Superdrug The Trafford Centre

The Superdrug store in the Trafford Centre is a really good sized store, I did try to take the photograph above of the outside of the store, but it was a little difficult on a busy Saturday,  hopefully you can see it is a really good sized store. 

When I got to the store I asked for the store manager as I had been asked to do by the lovely ladies at Z, the manager, Sarah came and she was lovely, she took me over and introduced me to Kirsty, one of the nail technicians who was over at the manicure station. Kirsty had a client so Sarah chatted to me and asked me some questions about my blog and also told me all about the beauty treatments on offer at the store. 

Beauty Treatments

To be honest I didn't have a clue that Superdrug offered so many beauty treatments, I had seen a lady threading eyebrows in the Manchester city centre store but I didn't realise it was a treatment offered by Superdrug, so I was really pleasantly surprised to learn that they offer brow treatments and nail treatments and also in May of this year the store was starting a re fit and would soon have a whole beauty salon at the back of the store to which they are hoping to add hairdressers to in the future, meaning you can be fully pampered all under one roof, which is brilliant. 

My First Solo Blogging Event And Some Useful Info For Beauty Lovers

The manicure station was at the front of the shop, it has room for two clients and you can choose from a variety of treatments including gel manicure or regular nail polish, you can have your toes painted or gelled, nail art, file and polish, gel removal and much more. The photograph below shows all the nail manicure treatments available.

My First Solo Blogging Event And Some Useful Info For Beauty Lovers

It is so simple to book in for any of the manicure services too, you can ring and make an appointment or you can simply pay at the till in store and then make your way over to the manicure station and if there aren't any clients you have your treatment there and then, or the nail technician will give you a time slot of when to return, and the best thing is, if you have a Superdrug beauty card, you get a 20% discount off all the treatments meaning a gel manicure would be £14.40 which is a brilliant price for gel nails and to be honest, even if you don't have a beauty card, the price is £18.00 which is the best price I have ever seen for a gel manicure, it is £30.00 at my local salon. 

Along with manicure treatments there is also a whole host of brow and lash treatments available too. 

My First Solo Blogging Event And Some Useful Info For Beauty Lovers

My First Solo Blogging Event And Some Useful Info For Beauty Lovers
The Beauty Studio at the back of the store where brow & lash treatments are done.

Having My Gel Nails Done

The nail technician who did my gel manicure was called Kirsty, she was lovely and chatted to me throughout my manicure, she made me feel like the most important person in the world and asked me lots of questions about myself and blogging, she told me about her family and all about the training she had taken to do the job and how much she enjoyed it, and I could tell she really enjoyed her work and she was happy doing it, she was such a nice lady.

All the nail technicians at Superdrug are Orly trained and all the products they use are Orly too which I loved as Orly is one of my favourite nail polish and nail treatment brands, I have used Orly nail polishes and top/base coats for many years. 

There were 61 different shades of Orly gel polish to choose from, I have had a lot of gel manicures over the yeas and never had 61 shades of gel polish to choose from, I thought the choice was incredible. 

My First Solo Blogging Event And Some Useful Info For Beauty Lovers

There are also regular polishes to choose from should you not want gel or for under 16's, children are not allowed a gel manicure but discretion is used for example if a 15 year old wanted gel nails and their parent/guardian was present and able to sign for them, Superdrug would be happy to oblige. There were 24 regular polishes to choose from plus some glitters too.

My First Solo Blogging Event And Some Useful Info For Beauty Lovers

Before Kirsty started my nails, she asked me some questions and I had to fill a short form in. Kirsty filed my nails first of all and then applied a cuticle product to my cuticle area, she then pushed back and trimmed my cuticles and applied a base product. She then continued with the gel manicure. the polish I chose was Beach Cruiser,  a bright neon pink with Shine On Crazy Diamonds, a glitter to have over the polish on my ring finger to add a little sparkle, it took me ages to choose though as there were so many shades. 

My First Solo Blogging Event And Some Useful Info For Beauty Lovers

All the lamps and tools used are also Orly branded, I was really impressed by the standard of the equipment and tools used, the manicure station was very neat and tidy too and very clean.

My First Solo Blogging Event And Some Useful Info For Beauty Lovers
Myself & the lovely Kirsty

My Nails

Orly Beach Cruiser Gel Polish

Orly Beach Cruiser Gel Polish

I loved my nails, the shade was so vibrant and they were really glossy too, the gel polish lasted for 12 days and would have lasted longer had I not caught my thumb nail and ripped it right down, meaning the gel came away at the side too, I would definitely have gotten at least a few more days wear from them if not more.

Having my nails done was a very special treat and they looked lovely, I will definitely have my nails done at Superdrug again, the whole experience was very professional but also extremely friendly and I can't recommend it enough, if you like having your nails done, either with gel or regular nail polish, or if you have an occasion to go to, I can't recommend having them done at Superdrug enough, the discount if you have a beauty card is an added bonus too, such great prices and amazing results.

After having my nails done, I spoke again with the Sarah, the store manager and she showed me some of the brands they stock in store, they have a really great selection of brands and the Sarah also informed me that most of the brands Superdrug stock are cruelty free and all their own brand products are cruelty free. She showed me some of her favourite products to use and I showed her some of mine, it was lovely to have a chat with her about our favourite makeup and skin care products, swapping tips, she was such a lovely person. 

I then had a browse around the store and I checked out the beauty studio where the brow and lash treatments are done, and then sadly it was time to leave, before I left Kirsty handed me a huge bag full of products, I was completely blown away, it was so kind and very much appreciated. 

My First Solo Blogging Event And Some Useful Info For Beauty Lovers
Just some of the products in my goody bag. 

The goody bag I was given had so many amazing products inside, I will be reviewing the products on my blog but some of the products included were, a selection of Style Freedom hair products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, false tanning products, nail files, skin care products, a toiletry bag/makeup bag, a tote bag, skin clearing treatments, some yummy snacks and so many more things, there really were a lot of products, I was blown away and then when I saw there was an envelope in the bag containing an extremely generous Superdrug gift card for me to spend, I was blown away all over again.

I had a really lovely time at the Superdrug Trafford Centre store, I was extremely well looked after, I was continually offered refreshments and asked if I was ok and comfortable, there was always a seat for me and the staff were all very friendly and kind, especially Sarah and Kirsty who looked after me extremely well. I couldn't have been treated any better. 

The Superdrug store in the Trafford Centre really is brilliant, it is a great size and they stock so many products and brands, the beauty studio and nail station is a fantastic addition to the store and I can't wait to see it when it has had the refurbishments. If you haven't ever been to the Superdrug store in the Trafford centre, I would highly recommend it, it's a great store and the staff are lovely, I will definitely be back. 

My first ever solo blogging experience was amazing and I can't thank the lovely ladies at Z PR enough, it was extremely kind of them to arrange it all for me, I had a truly wonderful day and won't ever be able to thank them enough. 

A huge thank you also to Sarah, Kirsty and all the staff at the Superdrug store in the Trafford Centre for looking after me so well, for my amazing nails and making me feel like the most important person in the world, it was lovely and a day I'll never forget. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoë x

✿ The goody bag, gift card and my gel manicure were all gifted to me by Superdrug/Z PR 

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