About Me

Thank you for coming to find out a little bit more about me.

I'm Zoe, I live in the North West of England with my partner, our 2 daughters and our house bunny.

I have always been what I suppose you would call a "girly girl" and have always loved anything beauty & fashion related, in my early teens I would spend hours creating different make up looks and trying out fashion looks and I had scrap books containing magazine cuttings of all my favourite outfits and make up looks. I also wrote a makeup and fashion column for my school magazine. My passion for beauty and fashion has continued and is something I am still very passionate about today, although I am pleased to say my taste has changed and I no longer love the bright pink and blue eye look complete with electric blue mascara of my early teenage years. In my teens I aspired to be a hairdresser and would spend hours doing my friends and families hair but my teenage world collapsed when I started a job as a Saturday girl in a local salon aged 15 and realised that hairdressing really wasn't for me.

I became a mamma at a young age meaning my carefully planned out career path had to change and I got a job working for a well known department store. I would spend any spare money I had in the beauty hall using my staff discount to its full advantage, I worked my way up to supervisor and although I stayed for a few years I knew it wasn't for me and after trying out a couple of other jobs I began a career in nursing. Unfortunately due to me being diagnosed with an incurable medical condition, I had to be medically retired from nursing. I loved everything about nursing and I still miss it every day.

I started my blog in November 2012, my eldest daughter had a blog and you tube channel at the time and I had filmed some videos and written some content for her blog whilst she was away taking a study break. Her blog readers and you tube subscribers frequently asked me if I would consider starting my own blog and I thought "why not" and I took the plunge into the world of blogging. Although I started my blog in 2012, I rarely blogged but due to my health deteriorating quite seriously over the last few years and me not being able to go out very much at all and then sadly being diagnosed with 2 more serious medical conditions, I started to write more blog posts and found I enjoyed it, it was a break from 4 walls.

Mammafulzo is my own little space online where I can write about my favourite things, I suppose a little bit like that column I had in the school rag as a teenager. My blog is also a form of escapism I suppose where I can just be me here on my blog, just Zoe, not Zoe with the health problems and disabilities who needs looking after or "mamma sitting" as we call it in our house. I use a voice dictation programme on my laptop meaning I can speak my blog posts which is brilliant for me because, because of my health problems I have problems with my hands/fingers, my daughters and friends proof read all my posts and correct them for me, sitting with me when I speak them mostly, all the wording is mine though, I just need some help with the actual typing, in fact my blog is a family affair, my youngest daughter takes all my blog photographs for me and does the layout of my blog and all the technical stuff. My girls try products for me and are often my guinea pigs, especially where false tan and false eye lashes are concerned. My partner also plays a part too, for example if I'm testing out a hair product he is the one washing my hair, my daughters also do it but my partner does it mostly so he also plays a part, it's the same with body products and other hair and makeup products, they all help me out and play a part, so it really is a family affair and I am very lucky to have their help.

I do sometimes write posts on my health and it will be mentioned from time to time but for me my blog is somewhere I can just be Zoe and "pretend" I'm just a regular person writing about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, not someone who needs constant care and looking after, and who can't do anything for herself. I hope that makes sense? I am obviously "me" but I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

I enjoy sharing the products I love and also ones I don't love as I think it's important to share negative reviews as well as positive ones, I feel it's important for my readers to know what not to spend their money on just as much as it is for me to share a holy grail or much loved product I would most definitely recommend buying. Aside from product reviews I like to share my beauty and fashion wish lists, outfit of the day or OOTD posts, nail of the day (NOTD) posts and lots of other beauty and fashion related items. I also like to write lifestyle posts sharing a little bit more about me and my life and my family life every now and again.

Mammafulzo started as a hobby and I am so glad I started, I am part of an amazing community and have been able to try so many fantastic brands reviewing products and would love to continue doing so. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and although being diagnosed with my medical conditions and having a life that I never ever expected is something I wish hadn't happened and something I struggle to accept on a daily basis, but it has happened and without it happening I most probably wouldn't have started Mammafulzo and I wouldn't have met the amazing people I have or made fantastic friends or tried some fabulous brands. I hope to continue creating content, meeting people, making friends and trying fabulous brands and I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit more about the person behind my blog. If you have any questions or just fancy a chat, my email and social media links are as follows;

Email - mammaful@gmail.com
Twitter - @Mammafulzo
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