Mamma's Monthly Moans - February 2016

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Hello Lovelies

Today I have my monthly moans for February, if you're a new reader of my blog and are wondering what on earth mamma's monthly moans are, they are basically a tongue in cheek update of all the rubbish things that have happened to me or things I've noticed over the last month, as I said it is mostly tongue in cheek but sometimes is serious too.  I started my "moans" after being asked what my pet peeves were in a You Tube Q&A, people enjoyed my answers and wanted more and my monthly moans were born, each month I had a mamma's monthly moans video and people seemed to enjoy them. I am currently taking a break from You Tube for health reasons but was asked by a lot of you to carry my moans series here on my blog and in November I wrote a bit of a tester moans post and it went down really well so I posted my December moans at the end of December, you can read that post here if you like. 

I am back today with February's moans, I completely forgot to post January's, whoops! But here are my moans for February. 

Moan 1

My first moan is about BT, on Boxing day our internet went down, no warning no nothing it just went down. Our youngest daughter is at university and had an assignment due in early January and our eldest daughter is a MUA with her own business and relies on the internet and I use the internet for blogging and I am housebound and rely on the internet for many things. I rang BT immediately and was told they didn't know what the problem was and asked me a few different questions and Simon had to check the router etc, the man said they would get an engineer out but it would be the 31st December, I was so annoyed, 5 days at least with no internet. The day after I rang back and expressed my concerns and was told it was actually planned work and I should have had 4 weeks notice, we hadn't had a letter and didn't know anything about any planned work, the man told me it could be January when we had internet again, I told him we needed it for my daughters and he wasn't bothered in the slightest, he said he couldn't get a manager and I couldn't speak to anyone else. The whole time we didn't have the internet BT kept emailing us with tips on checking the wifi and sending various links, how the hell can you open emails without the internet?? I have to say 02 were incredible and gave all 4 of us 1gb of data for free to try and tide us over a little which was very kind. And then out of the blue 3 and a half days later the internet came back on, it was a nightmare without it. A week later our phone line went down, I rang BT from my mobile and spoke to a lady who gave me an 0800 number to ring and said there were steps to follow on this line, she said she would ring my mobile 20 minutes later, I put the phone down and rang the number and it was dead, the number she gave us didn't work. We have a spare phone which we plug straight into the phone line in case our usual house phones which are cordless break, Simon tried that and it was the same so we knew it wasn't the phone that was broken, we waited for the lady to ring back, 2 and a half hours later she hadn't rang so we rang back and spoke to a man, he told me an engineer would come in over 3 days time at the earliest. I explained that I am very ill and needed a telephone and we also had other reasons we needed to be by a phone at that time, I asked what we were meant to do and he just said "use your mobile" and had a flippant tone to his voice. I explained if our network or signal went down we would be unable to ring an ambulance or fire brigade and that over 3 days without a phone wasn't acceptable with my health and he wasn't interested at all and just said that was all he could do. As it turned out the phone came back on around 20 hours later but I just couldn't understand how rude the staff were and how nobody could help and to be told the engineers didn't work evenings or weekends, when I told my friend she said he neighbour is a BT engineer and she asked him about it and he said I should ring back because he works weekends, so were they telling the truth? The upshot of the rude customer service people and everything else meant we left BT after over 22 years and moved to Virgin who so far have been brilliant. But why can't some people who work in customer service be nice and try to be helpful? Why be rude to someone especially when they may be worried as I was when I knew we wouldn't have a phone, I was really worried and upset and they just didn't care at all and were very rude, it was awful and down to their rude customer service staff they have lost a loyal customer, they then tried to charge me to turn my wifi connection off, I did ring and speak to someone and to be fair they credited me so I wouldn't have to pay the disconnection and they did apologise but it didn't really help when we were without internet or telephone service.

Moan 2

I had a medical appointment recently and couldn't believe when I was on my way to my appointment how many people tutted at me or barged past me because I am slow, I need to use a crutch to walk and the support of another person, so I use the crutch on one side and hold onto another person for example Simon or whoever is with me on the other side. I will admit I am slow and have to stop a lot because of the pain I am in but is there any need for people to tut or barge past me? And make me feel more worthless than I already do, I already feel like a burden without complete strangers making me feel like more of an inconvenience, it is so rude, and it isn't like they can't see I am struggling is it? I was so annoyed and in the end I just said in a loud voice "how rude are some people?" it probably won't make any difference but if it made one person think about how they treat people then that's a good thing. 

Moan 3

My next moan is regarding an article I read about the top 12 unnecessary reasons people went to A&E (Accident & Emergency) over the Christmas period, for those of you who may not know, before I was ill I was a nurse so articles like this always catch my eye, I was absolutely horrified when I read the article and thought I'd share with you the unnecessary reasons people went to A&E over Christmas. 

1. Torn fingernail.
2. Sore throat the patient had woken up with.
3. Diarrhoea and vomiting.
4. Four month verruca.
5. False nails needed removing.
6. Ear ache.
7. Ran out of asthma inhaler and needed replacement.
8. Wart on finger.
9. Hangover after a night out.
10. Cold and sneezing.
11. Pain in the toe (left A&E 15 minutes later to visit on site bakery)
12. Hair extensions needed removing.

Now is it me or are none of those things an emergency? It infuriates me when people use the A&E departments at hospitals for things they could have visited their GP or local chemist for or not even needed any kind of medical help. When I was nursing I have seen people go to A&E with a simple cat scratch and sit and wait 5 hours for a doctor despite being told in triage "it's a cat scratch and doesn't even need a plaster" that is a huge waste of NHS resources. We have experienced awful things recently with the NHS which I don't want to go into but it's horrendous and all caused because of other people who don't need ambulances, hospital beds, A&E visits etc etc all using the NHS resources, it winds me up no end. Surely people know if they need an ambulance or not or they need to go to A&E or not? The NHS is a wonderful service but one that is in dire straights and a lot of that is caused by people not using their common sense or just taking the mick, rant over. 

Moan 4.

In January it was mine and Simons "anniversary" and to celebrate we went for a meal at our favourite local restaurant, we don't go out for meals very often because of my health and finances but have been to the restaurant quite a lot over the years we've been together, we had a lovely meal and a lovely time and then we asked for the bill. The waitress brought us our bill and walked away for a few minutes, we were paying cash because we used some of our Christmas gift (see this post for details) from the girls, we put down an amount and the waitress came back and picked up the saucer with the bill and the money on and said "do you want your change?" is it me or is that a tad rude? She may as well have said "can I have the change as a tip?" as I'm fairly sure that is what she was implying, surely it would have been better to say "I'll just get your change" to which I would have said "it's ok lovely, you keep it" it was only a couple of pounds but on principle I said "yes please" I couldn't believe it, do you want your change? I'd like to choose myself if I give a tip please, and this may sound petty but I am a huge believer in good manners and I thought it was rude. Luckily I'm not a mean person and although I was taken aback and thought it rude, Simon rang the taxi and we thanked the staff and left and we didn't say anything but another couple may have said something to the waitress or asked to speak to a manager, it has put us off going back there though which is a shame because we do like it there.

So those are my moans for February, do you have any moans? Or are you a waitress or have you been a waitress and would you have asked if a customer wanted their change? Chat with me in the comments to let me know and don't forget to let me know your moans too. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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