Mamma's Monthly Moans - March 2016

Monday, April 04, 2016

Hello Lovelies

Today I have my March moans for you, if you're new to my blog and aren't aware of what my Mamma's monthly moans are, I explain it all in this post which is also my last months moans post.

But this month I have quite a few moans, so I shall crack on with the post.

Moan 1 - My first moan is my skin, it is seriously naffing me off right now, it's as dry as the Sahara desert and as dehydrated too but spotty as anything, what on earth is that all about? Thank god I have an amazing spot treatment which does do a fabulous job of getting rid of the spots and any scarring I have, I have a review of that spot treatment here if you're interested.  I also thought I had a huge spot coming just underneath my bottom lip and was treating it with the spot treatment, it started as what looked like a cystic spot and then filled but wouldn't squeeze and now I think it's a cold sore and not a small one either, I haven't had a cold sore for years and years but my pain has been shocking recently and is getting me down so could be that I'm run down. It may seem trivial but my skin is my first moan and it's seriously peeing me off, does anyone else have dry/dehydrated skin and spots?

Moan 2 -  This is a blogging moan and I have a few blogging moans this month so if you are a blogger you'll probably be able to relate to some of these moans. So I'll get an email telling me someone has followed my blog on Bloglovin or I'll notice my follower number has gone up, sometimes I don't notice until the day after or even a couple of days but I always look to see who's followed me, it's lovely to get new followers and it means a lot to me that someone has followed my blog because they want to be updated with posts etc and hopefully enjoy reading my blog but what really bugs me is when a blogger follows my blog and if I've not followed back immediately or within say 24 hours they unfollow or they unfollow a week or so later if I've followed them back and are clearly following my blog so I'll follow them back. If you are a blogger please don't follow people's blogs just so they'll follow you back, I have realised now what to look for when someone follows me and I can mostly tell if they have followed for a follow but it is annoying and if you do do this, please don't.  I would like to say a huge thank you to those of you who do follow my blog because you genuinely enjoy it and not just so I'll follow you back, it means a lot to me, thank you.

Moan 3 -  Staying with the blog type moans something that came to my attention recently was a certain blogger who I won't name but is always posting "blogging tips" type of posts such as "how to gain twitter followers" and "how to gain blog followers" etc etc this blogger had recently followed me on twitter and I'd read a few of their posts over the last few months so I followed back, then I noticed on twitter they had a post they'd written about gaining twitter followers so I read it and one of their tips was to only follow people you want to engage with bla bla bla and don't follow someone so they'll follow you back and then unfollow them because it's out of order etc etc.  I finished reading the post which by the way I'd read via their link on twitter and I clicked "back to twitter" on my phone and was taken back to their twitter page and I noticed that they had unfollowed me!! So all their advice on "don't follow people just to gain followers" they had done themselves and it took me everything I've got not to A. bring it up on their twitter feed about the post and B. comment on the blog post about it, I was so annoyed, how hypocritical is that? Write a post on what not to do and then go and do it yourself, it's no wonder bloggers get a bad name is it? So not only does this happen on Bloglovin it also happens on twitter, instagram, pinterest etc etc it's pathetic and there's really no need!

Moan 4 -   My next moan is about Instagram, well not the app itself but I've noticed certain vloggers/bloggers posting a lot of images that aren't theirs and I'm not talking make up from google images etc, I mean shots of London and claiming to be there when it's clearly a screen shot of someone else's image, I noticed this recently when I'd seen an image on an account and then a vlogger/blogger also posted the exact same image but 4 days later claiming to be in London, and since then I've seen it a lot with that person and some others, why would you do that? Why screen shot someone else's images and then claim their yours to pretend you're in London? To be invited to events? To be sent more PR packages? Why? I'm blown if I know, if you know why they do this please enlighten me in the comments, it might sound weird but I am a very genuine and honest person and to me things like that are lying to your followers and it's pointless, well to me it is but if you know why this is done, I'd love to know.

Moan 5 -  I see so many you tube "haul" videos where the person will show 1 thing they've bought and then a shit ton of PR samples and being a blogger myself it's very obvious what is PR samples and what isn't but the majority of the people watching might not realise, it's not a big deal but why not say "the next items are PR samples" or have the title as haul and pr samples or something like that, misleading you tube titles aren't allowed yet I see so many everyday. I always always state in every post if I have been sent something or if I've been gifted vouchers to buy the items with, there will always be a disclaimer at the end of the post so you know I haven't bought it, I have heard recently that stating PR samples on blog post must now be done but I don't know when it comes into effect or if it's the same on you tube but I always do it anyway. I don't mind seeing PR samples in a haul video but I do think it should be stated, maybe it's just me? I watch haul videos because I enjoy them and because I'm 99% housebound they enable me to see whats in the shops and if I see something I like then I can either click the link to it if it's listed or I can search it out via google and if I knew a certain video was going to be 99% PR samples and packages I wouldn't bother watching it because chances are I've got the things or know about the items anyway, it's just a silly bug bear of mine but one that does bug me all the same.

Moan 6 - Do any of you ever do your makeup and then find one of your eyes starts to water and then ruins your makeup completely? This happens to me all the time and it really pees me off, it takes me a long time to do my make up, I have to keep stopping and I have some help too because of my silly health so when it's done I'm always glad and I don't wear make up a lot, so when I do it's a big deal as you can imagine. Picture the scene -  I'm all done and ready and then my eye starts watering, I dab it with a tissue but it carries on so I dab again, but then it carries on and on and then it's a full scale Niagra falls situation on my face and before I know it, the make up is completely ruined *insert any sad face emoji here* it's full on first world problems isn't it? It doesn't matter what eyeshadows I've used it's purely random and it doesn't always do it but when it does you can 100% guarantee it's when I'm testing out a makeup product and need photographs for my blog or I'm actually leaving the house to go somewhere which is an occasion worth getting the flags out for anyway, it's really quite annoying!

Moan 7 - My last moan is also blogging related ( I told you there were a few) and it's regarding something I see a lot on twitter, when you're a blogger and to be honest when you're not, you'll notice on instagram and twitter when a certain brand has sent out PR samples, every man and his dog post pics on instagram and twitter about it, I don't tend to do this because there's already 2,467835892 people doing it so you don't need my almost exact photo on there too. But what I've noticed and this is my moan is that some bloggers who clearly haven't had the PR sample and are a tad vexed at the situation with tweet things like "#bbloggers has anyone tried the @insertbrand product (the product everyone has just been putting on instagram and twitter) I'd love to try it" what it should really say is "#bbloggers I didn't get the same PR package from @insertbrand as a lot of other bloggers today and I'm pretty pissed off, please can I have one too" but if they are really that desperate theres such a thing as buying it yourself and there's this marvellous invention called shopping. Joking aside it's so bloomin obvious and if you wanted something so badly surely you'd just buy it? I'm all for asking people if they've tried something and liked it when I'm looking at buying something myself and want to know if it's a good product but if I don't get sent the same PR packages as everyone else, it's ok, it doesn't bother me at all and I certainly wouldn't be hinting on twitter, it's not cool at all in my opinion.

So there you have it, another monthly moans, let me know in the comments if you were nodding along with my moans or not and let me know your moans too, it's always good to know other people have things that have got on their nelly too.

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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