Scrub Love - Mint Temptation

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Scrub Love - Mint Temptation

Hello Lovelies

I have seen a coffee scrubs mentioned a few times now so when I was asked if I would like to try the Scrub Love coffee scrub, I said yes please, I was intrigued by the coffee scrubs and was eager to try one for myself since I'd read so much about them recently. 

Scrub Love are an organic, fair trade, rain forest-alliance approved, ethically sourced skin care brand from the UK, their products are made from 100% natural ingredients and don't contain artificial colours, fragrances, parabens and preservatives and their products are also cruelty free. There are three different coffee scrubs to choose from, Original Lovin, Mint Temptation and Coconut Affair, I received the Mint Temptation coffee scrub and couldn't wait to try it. 

Scrub Love - Mint Temptation

Scrub Love - Mint Temptation

I really like the packaging, the scrub comes in a white re sealable bag with black polka dots and a mint green label with the Scrub Love logo on the front, on the back is a mint green and white label with instructions, a bit about the scrub and an ingredients list. 

As soon as I opened the scrub the scent hit me, I thought the scrub might smell of coffee but it doesn't, it smells very minty. I have to admit mint scented products aren't my thing but I didn't let this put me off using the scrub and to be fair it does smell and feel very refreshing when I use it. 

Scrub Love - Mint Temptation

As you would imagine the scrub looks like coffee and feels like coffee but the granules are smaller, the directions given by Scrub Love are to grab a handful of scrub, gently rub it into the skin in circular motions, leave on the skin for 5 minutes or as long as you can and then rinse off and swoon over how amazing your skin looks and feels. 

The Mint Temptation Scrub Love contains roast organic coffee (no surprise there) coffee is a natural exfoliator which is something I didn't know until I tried the scrub, the coffee buffs away dead skin cells without damaging the delicate skin underneath, and a high caffeine content in the Scrub Love scrubs stimulates circulation to promote healing in problem areas, it also contains peppermint oil, a natural anti inflammatory and anti bacterial which is also pore cleansing, tea tree oil with it's anti septic properties means it's great for healing, softening and tired muscles, argan oil which is easily absorbed to moisturise and combat dark spots leaving the skin glowing, aloe vera to nourish the skin and also has anti ageing properties and finally dead sea salt which is full of minerals and it stimulates and relaxes deep into the tissue. 

My skin feels amazing after using the scrub. it is soft, hydrated, feels fresh and is glowing, I absolutely it. I have very dry skin and suffer from eczema which at the moment is terrible, the scrub calms down my eczema which is brilliant and leaves my skin feeling so soft and fresh and smelling amazing too. After using the scrub and being blown away by the way my skin felt, my youngest daughter Alicia used the scrub as part of her pre tanning routine, she always uses a body scrub before tanning and she said the Scrub Love scrub is the best scrub she has used and that usually despite using a scrub, her tan always clings a little on her knees but after using the Scrub Love it didn't cling at all and her tan looked the best it ever has on her knees, she was really impressed with it and will be using it as her pre tan scrub every time she tans. 

The only negative I could find about the scrub is that it is messy, obviously the shower is always rinsed down after using it anyway and you would always rinse a bath out after a bath, but the scrub does leave our shower cubicle looking like I've been gardening in it, it's not a big deal at all but you do need to allow time to clean up after using the scrub and although it's not a bad thing it is something I feel I should mention. 

Overall I love the Mint Temptation Scrub Love scrub and considering I am someone who's least favourite scent is mint, that is pretty amazing. The scrub is easy to use and leaves my skin feeling wonderful, my eczema is a lot calmer when I use the scrub which is brilliant and my very dry skin feels extremely soft and hydrated and is glowing, it really is the best body scrub I have used. The scrub does contain ingredients to help reduce stretch marks, acne and cellulite, I haven't used it enough yet to notice a difference but it has made a massive difference to the way my skin looks and feels and to my eczema too. 

If you are someone who likes to apply false tan, this is brilliant as a pre tan scrub to ensure your tan is nice and even, it is a brilliant scrub and I am so pleased I had the opportunity to try it and I can quite understand why there is a lot of buzz around coffee scrubs in the beauty world at the moment. I highly recommend trying the Scrub Love coffee scrubs and would love to try Coconut Affair as a pre holiday and whilst I'm away scrub to help prolong my tan, as the scent of coconuts always reminds me of holidays. 

If you would like to try the Mint Temptation coffee scrub or any of the other scents, you can find them here on the Scrub Love website, prices start from £11.95. 

Have you tried Scrub Love or any coffee scrub? 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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