Salon Science Haircare Products

Friday, November 04, 2016

Salon Science Haircare Products

Hello Lovelies

I have spoken before on my blog about the problems I have with my hair due to me suffering with PCOS and how my hair falls out and is very thin, at the beginning of the year I started to use products to help with my thinning hair but stupidly started to forget to use them and then stopped altogether and that resulted in my hair becoming as thin as ever again. 

I recently received some hair products from the brand Salon Science and for the last few weeks I have been trying them out, today I thought I'd let you know my thoughts on the products, as always both my daughters have also used the products, if I can I will always ask my daughters to try products as well so I can give you their opinions too since they have a different hair type to me, I think it may be useful to know how the products are on other hair types too, in case you have a different hair type to me. 

About Salon Science & What The Brand Says About Their Products 

The perfect balance of science and beauty, SALON SCIENCE® is like a revolutionary beauty regime for your hair. Containing a fusion of powerful active ingredients and the highest concentration of plant stem cell extracts within the formulations, SALON SCIENCE® helps to replenish and revive hair from the inside out.
SALON SCIENCE® contains a dynamic fusion of powerful active ingredients and award-winning stem cells, derived from rare plant extracts. Seamlessly combining cutting edge scientific expertise, with hi-tech formulations, SALON SCIENCE® gives the healthiest, most radiant hair yet.
Formulated and developed by the leading biochemistry experts in Switzerland, SALON SCIENCE® has been designed to tackle a series of hair problems and comprises four targeted collections . . .
PhytoCellTec™ Swiss Apple: For Anti-Ageing and Restored Volume
AnaGain™ Organic Pea Sprout: For Targeting Hair Loss
GSP-T Swiss Grape: For Repair and Radiance
AquaCacteen Organic Cactus: For Hydration and Scalp Relief
The Products I Received
I received 5 products, 4 are from the Swiss Apple range and 1 is from the Swiss Grape range. From the Swiss Apple range I received the Shampoo and Conditioner, the Volumising Foam and the Scalp Tonic and from the Swiss Grape range I received the Thermal Creme. I have been using all the products for the last few weeks now, I think with hair care it is important to use it for some time before writing a review so I am able to say whether the results are consistent and long lasting etc. 
Salon Science Haircare Products

Using The Products & My Thoughts

Salon Science Celluluxe Swiss Apple Shampoo & Conditioner

Salon Science Haircare Products

The Salon Science Celluluxe Swiss Apple shampoo (£12.00 250ml) comes in a standard plastic shampoo bottle with a push down opening on the lid, there is a bit of information on the front of the bottle and more about the product on the back including instructions on how to use the shampoo. The shampoo aims to strengthen, thicken and protect fine and fragile hair.

Salon Science Haircare Products

I have been using the shampoo as instructed and washing my hair twice with it, it lathers up really well and smells delicious, it smells fruity (of apples obviously) and fresh, I really like the scent and it isn't over powering. The shampoo rinses out well and leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean. 

Salon Science Haircare Products

Salon Science Haircare Products

The Salon Science Swiss Apple Celluluxe conditioner (£15.00 250ml) is in the same style bottle with the same product information on the front and some more product information on the back with instructions of how to use the conditioner also on the back of the bottle. The conditioner also aims to strengthen, thicken and protect, fine and fragile hair.

I use the conditioner all over my hair and leave for 1-2 minutes as instructed, normally I would only apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of my hair because my hair is very oily and by very oily I mean that my hair can be washed in a morning and be oily by the evening, it is really bad, but since the conditioner is specifically to rebuild and nourish, I thought it would be best to use it all over my hair. The conditioner leaves my hair feeling silky soft and like the shampoo it smells devine, it is easy to apply and also easy to wash out too. 

The shampoo and conditioner leave my hair feeling clean and fresh and best of all it looks lovely and shiny too and feels very soft and silky without being flyaway. My hair feels in lovely condition after using the shampoo and conditioner and it does feel slightly thicker too.

Salon Science Swiss Apple Cellumax Volumising Foam

Salon Science Haircare Products

The Cellumax Volumising Foam comes in a plastic bottle and has product information on the front and more information and usage instructions on the back, it has a pump applicator which is very easy to use, the foam claims to lift and thicken fine hair. 

Salon Science Haircare Products

Salon Science Haircare Products

The Cellumax Volumising foam (£15.00 150ml) is a mousse like product that is applied to towel dried hair before blow drying or to dry hair to add volume and texture. I have been using the foam on my hair when it is wet before blow drying. The foam applies well and doesn't feel sticky at all, the instructions advise 2 pumps of the foam but more if you have thicker or long hair, my hair is quite long so I usually use 3 pumps. The foam is easy to distribute through my hair and doesn't feel crispy or sticky as some hair mousse products I have used previously have done. 

I really like the volumising foam, it is easy to distribute through my hair and it doesn't add any length of time onto the drying of my hair, my hair feels lovely once dry and there is a definite difference in how it feels, it feels as if my hair has more volume and it does feel thicker too. I don't have a style as such, my hair is just straight but both my daughters curl their hair sometimes, either with a wand and my youngest daughter blow dries her hair into a "curly blow dry" style, both my daughters said their curls stay in well and their style holds well and both girls travel to work and university on public transport so can be a little windswept at times. 

Salon Science Swiss Apple Cellucovery Scalp Tonic

Salon Science Haircare Products

Salon Science Haircare Products

The Cellucovery Scalp Tonic comes in a box with the product inside, the product comes in a small bottle with a pipette applicator. As with the other products there is some product information on the front of the box and more detailed information on the back and also the instructions of how to use the scalp tonic, the scalp tonic claims to instantly revive body in fine fragile hair.

Salon Science Haircare Products

The scalp tonic (£19.00 50ml) can be used on partially dried or dry hair and is applied by filling up the pipette applicator and applying 2 full pipettes of the scalp tonic to the scalp by distributing it evenly around the scalp and then massaging in and styling the hair as normal, it is recommended that this is done once a day for 8 weeks. 

I use the scalp tonic at night because I have very oily hair and worry if I use the scalp tonic in a morning, my hair may start to go oily, so for me it is best to use the scalp tonic at night but you can use it whenever is best for you. As with the other products, the scalp tonic smells beautiful, it is easy to apply and massages into the scalp well, the tonic doesn't feel oily and my hair isn't any more oily in the morning than it normally would be. After I have applied the scalp tonic, it does leave my hair feeling and looking wet for a while so if you are using it in the morning and want to style your hair after using it, maybe allow time for it to dry.   

The Scalp Tonic does what it says on the tin and the first time I used it, I was pleased that my hair felt thicker at the root instantly. I have been using the scalp tonic for a few weeks now and my hair does feel thicker especially at the root, so I can't wait to see how my hair looks and feels when I have been using it for 8 weeks.  

Salon Science Swiss Grape Reprotectant Thermal Creme 

Salon Science Haircare Products

The Thermal Creme (£12.00 150ml) comes in a bottle with a spray applicator, the bottle of the Thermal Creme is much the same as all the products in the Swiss Apple range with some product information on the front and more detailed information plus usage instructions on the back. 

It can be used on dry or towel dried hair and aims to prevent damage due to heated styling and also protects against colour fade. 

Salon Science Haircare Products

Salon Science Haircare Products

The Reprotectant Thermal Creme smells lovely, it has a faint grape scent as you would imagine but as is with the Swiss Apple it smells fruity and fresh, I like to use the product on towel dried hair before my hair is dried with the hair dryer. Whoever is drying and styling my hair will apply the Thermal Creme to my hair by spraying all over my towel dried hair, brushing it through and then drying with the hairdryer, once my hair is dried, if it needs to be straightened whoever is straightening my hair for me will section my hair off using clips and then spritz a light spritz of the Thermal Creme on the sections of my hair before they straighten them.  

I have to admit, I rarely use a heat protectant on my hair, I always worry when I use hair products that they will make my hair greasy so I avoid them at all costs but the Thermal Creme doesn't make my hair greasy at all and leaves my hair looking and feeling really nice and it is great to know it is protected too whilst looking shiny and healthy. 

Overall Thoughts On All The Products

Overall I am very happy with all the Salon Science products I have tried, they all smell incredible and my hair feels and looks lovely when I use them, I have used them all individually to see how they performed when using other brands of shampoo etc and I have used them all together and I feel they work best when used together, especially the Swiss Apple products, my hair feels so much thicker and looks like it has so much more volume too. 

I think all the products are easy to apply and work into my hair effortlessly, the shampoo and conditioner are easy to rinse out and the shampoo lathers up really well, the foam doesn't feel sticky and doesn't leave my hair feeling crispy and the tonic isn't greasy feeling at all and doesn't make my hair overly oily. I am really happy with all the products I have used and would definitely like to try more from Salon Science, especially the Organic Pea Sprout Proaccelerant range for hair loss, that looks amazing too. 

I would definitely recommend Salon Science, it is easy to pick up as it is sold in Boots stores and online on their website and they stock all the products from all the ranges too so there is a product for every hair concern. 

Out of all the products I have been using, I think my favourite would have to be the Swiss Apple Volumising Foam, my hair feels so much thicker and looks so much more voluminous when I use it, it is a great product and one I will definitely be re purchasing in the future, but I did really enjoy using all the products and will continue to use them until it is time to purchase some more. 

If you would like to try the Salon Science range of hair products, you can find them on the Boots website prices range from £11.00 to £35.00 dependant of the product and range. 

Have you tried Salon Science and how did you find it? Which range would you like to try and why? Let me know in the comments, it's always great to chat with you. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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