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Friday, December 16, 2016

mammafulzo wishlist christmas 2016

Hello Lovelies

Today I am sharing with you my Christmas wishlist for 2016, these are things I have seen and liked whilst doing my online Christmas shopping. As with all my wish lists, I will explain what each item is, how much it is and leave a link where you can buy it, should you want to purchase it for yourself.

Beauty Items

mammafulzo wishlist christmas 2016

1. Too Faced Merry Kissmas Set
- £22.00  - I love Too Faced and this set of their melted liquid lipsticks and a melted matte liquid lipstick looks lovely, all the shades are wearable for me too, I love a red lip at Christmas and over the winter months and nudes/pinks are my thing too.

2. Make Up Geek Single Eyeshadows - £6.00 each  - I have wanted to try MUG eyeshadows for such a long time, my eldest daughter has so many of them and loves them, and she has been telling me for the longest time I need to try them. I also keep seeing the lovely Leanne talk about them on her blog and each time I read one of her posts about them it reminds me that I need to try them.

3. Kat Von D Light & Shade Eye Palette - £36.00 - I have loved the look of this eyeshadow palette since I first saw it, it looks right up my street and all the colours are beautiful, I love matte eyeshadows and these look lovely.

4. Nars True Story Palette - £39.00 - This is a stunning lip and cheek palette from Nars, I love blush and I love the pink tones of the blush in this palette and the shade of the lip pencil, the palette also comes in another shade mix called Recurring Dare and is available HERE £39.00, the blushes in this palette are more peachy toned and just as beautiful. If you love blush, you'll love these palettes.

5. Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick - £16.00  - I have heard so much about these liquid lipsticks and seen many lovely swatches, again the lovely Leanne often features them on her blog and they look amazing. I have finally decided to bite the bullet and have added them to my wishlist, this shade is Watermelon Soda but there are quite a few I like the look of.

6. MAC Single Eyeshadow Pan - £10.00 -  I have 2 MAC 15 palettes that are years old and I could really do with some new shadows to re vamp my palette, there are quite a few I don't own but like.

Clothing & Accessories

mammafulzo wishlist christmas 2016

1. Marc B Yaz Clutch Bag (Sorbet) -  - I love Marc B bags and own a few that I have collected over the years, they are well made and last forever. The Yaz clutch is such a nice bag, it has 3 compartments inside and comes with a leather strap so you can swap from the chain one if you wish. I can't manage to use a bigger bag now because trying to use crutches and carry a big bag is a no no, so I am looking for something I can carry, cross body and this is perfect. It comes in a variety of different colours, so there is something for everyone. I love this pink shade it would be lovely for spring/summer but the black is beautiful too. Use the code SANTA30 for a 30% discount. 

2. River Island Rose Gold Chunky Embellished Watch -  - My watch decided to fall in bits a couple of months ago and I have missed wearing one. I love me a sparkly watch and who doesn't like rose gold? This is the perfect combination for me, I love it!

3. Next Grey Star Print Pyjamas -  - My lovely daughters recently bought me 2 pairs of pyjamas for me to recuperate in after an op and they are so soft and comfortable, I haven't ever had Next PJ's before but they are lovely, they wash really well too.

4. Next Set of 4 Rose Gold wash bags -  - I received a Sensationail starter set a few months ago and love it, since then I have bought a few different gel polishes and accessories but have no where to put them, so these wash bags would be perfect to keep all my gel nail supplies in.

5. Ugg Insoles - £18.00 - I have quite a few health problems and as a result of one of them I have very painful feet, the only shoes I find comfortable at the moment are my Ugg boots, I thought if I had some Ugg insoles, I could pop them in my shoes/boots and they might be more comfortable for me.

6. Accessorize Ethel The Bear Slippers - £9.80 (was £14.00) - We love bears in our house, they are very sentimental to us and bear slippers always draw me in and these are called Ethel, how adorable, I love the little heart shaped cheeks too, they are gorgeous!

7. Next Grey Striped Pyjamas - £16.00 -  Again, Next PJ's, so comfy and these are lovely and  I suppose I could get away with staying in these all day, as they don't look too much like PJ's.

8. Marc B Yaz Clutch Bag (English Rose) -  - Aaaaahhh the Marc B bag in a different shade, this coral shade is also gorgeous and perfect for the spring/summer, I just can't choose between the pink or the coral, which do you like best? Or should I just go with black or grey? Too much choice!! Use the code SANTA30 for a 30% discount.

9. Next Hooded Animal Robe - £28.00 -  One of the pairs of PJ's my daughters got me for my recuperation from my surgery had bears on and as I said, bears are a big thing in our house, this dressing gown also has bears on, as well as other animals and looks so snuggly, it matches my PJ's and well, it has bears on, what more can I say?

So those are just a few of the things I have seen and thought oooooohhh that's nice recently, obviously I don't for one minute expect to receive these things, they are just some things I have seen online when I have been doing my Christmas shopping and really liked, a gift I truly wish for unfortunately can't be bought, and that is to be cured from my illness and be the person I once was, but for me the people around my tree will always be far more important than what's underneath it.

Which item do you like best from my wishlist? Do you have any of the same things on your Christmas wishlist? Let me know in the comments whats on your wishlist this Christmas.

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x


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