Real Techniques Bold Metals Complete Eye Essentials Set

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Real Techniques Bold Metals Complete Eye Essentials Set

Hello Lovelies,

I love getting new makeup brushes, there is something about using a new brush for the first time that is extremely satisfying but something extremely frustrating about getting a new brush dirty too, talk about a double edged sword! 

I have makeup brushes from lots of different brands in my collection, one brand being Real Techniques, I have a few of their face brushes and eye brushes but up until recently I didn't have any of their Bold Metals brushes, I have looked at them but always thought they seemed quite expensive so hadn't ever purchased any. In November 2016 I had an operation and wasn't very well afterwards and whilst I was recovering I received a care package to wish me get well and to cheer me up from Vinny and her family which was a lovely surprise and very kind of them, I was overwhelmed when I opened it, there were lots of different things in the package including some chocolates, some warm socks, some makeup items and the Real Techniques Bold Metals Complete Eye Essentials Set, I was so shocked but extremely grateful to receive such a lovely parcel and it did indeed cheer me up when I was feeling so poorly. 

Real Techniques Bold Metals Complete Eye Essentials Set

I was really excited to use the brushes, they came in a slim box with a clear lid so you could see the brushes through the lid, the brush set comes with a pouch to keep the brushes in which was also clearly visible through the lid of the box, on the back of the box it explained which brushes were included in the set. 

Real Techniques Bold Metals Complete Eye Essentials Set

The brushes included in the set are -

✿ 200 - Oval Shadow Brush - Ideal for all over lid application and blending.
✿ 201 - Pointed Crease Brush - A densely packed brush with tapered bristles. 
✿ 202 - Angled Liner Brush - A slanted brush that fits close to the lash line ideal for applying liner.
✿ 203 - Tapered Shadow Brush - A densely packed, precision cut brush, ideal for blending shadow into the crease and eyelid for a seamless finish. 

Real Techniques Bold Metals Complete Eye Essentials Set

All the brushes in the set have weighted brass ferules and are cruelty free, they all clean well, I have spot cleaned all the brushes with IPA and also deep cleaned them using my Beauty Blender cleanser and they have all washed and dried really well, kept their shape and haven't shed at all before or after washing or spot cleaning. 

I absolutely adore these brushes, they are all fantastic brushes, I don't use the 202 angled liner brush as often as the other 3 brushes but it is a brilliant brush, I have used it to apply shadow to my upper lash line, I don't use gel liner but I do sometimes apply a darker shade of eyeshadow to my upper lash line so I have used it for that and it does a great job.

I have used these brushes every time I have applied my makeup since receiving them, they are incredible brushes, they are soft and fluffy and both apply and blend out my eyeshadow effortlessly. The 200 brush is brilliant for applying colour all over the lid but also blends out shadow perfectly, I like to use it once I have applied my makeup to blend everything to give a flawless finish. 

The 203 is brilliant for applying shadow to the crease, it is also great for blending out shadow. I use it to apply my transition shade to the crease area when using a light lid shade and use it with my transition shade to blend out deeper shadows also. 

I use the 201 to apply colour to my "pretend crease" I say pretend as I have hooded eyes so I have to create myself a crease which is above my natural crease to give the illusion of my eye being lifted slightly, I use the 201 to apply the shadow and also to blend it out, it is also great for applying and blending out shadow to my lower lash line. 

Real Techniques Bold Metals Complete Eye Essentials Set

Real Techniques Bold Metals Complete Eye Essentials Set

I'm sure you can tell, I am very impressed with these brushes, they are all fantastic brushes and do a brilliant job at applying my makeup and I am extremely happy to have them in my brush collection. The feel lovely on my skin and they are nice and lightweight to use, this is something I was shocked about as I had always presumed the handles of the brushes would be made of metal because of the name and their appearance but they aren't. The ferrules are weighted brass but the handles of the brushes are a lightweight plastic which came as a surprise to me, but a good surprise because they are nice and light to use which is better for me because of my medical conditions. 

The brushes look and feel well made and I haven't experienced any shedding at all, they feel lovely and are super soft, the wallet they come with is brilliant and holds 5 brushes so I have room for an extra brush too, it protects my brushes but would also be great for travel as it will fit all the eye brushes I need and it looks great too with the metallic silver finish and silver button fastening with dark grey inside and 5 slots for my brushes and then a flap to cover the brush heads and protect them whilst storing the brushes or when travelling. 

Overall I highly recommend this brush set, the brushes are amazing and I highly recommend them, the brush set I have is still available on the Boots website priced at £25.00 (was £40.00) or if you prefer to buy brushes individually or just want one or two out of the set, the individual brushes are start from £12.00, I do think the brushes are expensive to buy individually so buying in a set is definitely more economical. 

Have you tried the Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes? Or do you have this set? Let me know in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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