Lit Cosmetics - Mini Me Lit Kit

Friday, February 10, 2017

Lit Cosmetics - Mini Me Lit Kit

Hello Lovelies

I love sparkle, anything remotely sparkly and I am instantly drawn to it, this is the case with anything including makeup, if I see a sparkly eyeshadow I am instantly oohing and ahhing as I swatch. I have a few different MAC glitters and pigments but in 2016 my eldest daughter introduced me to Lit Cosmetics and their glitter products, my daughter is a MUA and has been using Lit glitters for a while now and she has quite the collection which I always swoon over, but for Christmas 2016 my daughters kindly bought me one of the Lit Cosmetics Mini Me Lit Kits in the shade Champagne Wishes so I now have my own Lit glitter and since I haven't seen the brand feature on blogs I have read, and I have had a lot of requests for a review, I thought it was time I got on with it. 

About Lit Cosmetics

Lit Cosmetics is the brainchild of Jodie Perks, after doing her research Jodie was surprised to find that there weren't any decent glitter products on the market and she knew it was time to take things into her own hands. After months of rigorous testing, Jodie realised the most obvious flaw in the world of glitter was the application process, comfort and staying power. With time and determination Jodie developed a whole new application method that stays in place, is comfortable and keeps the brilliant glitter shine. Since 2002 Lit Cosmetics is not only a star product, but has grown into a makeup that can be worn by anyone, at any age, anytime. 

No Glitter No Glory is Lit Cosmetics company motto. 

About The Products

The products available are the Lit glitters and the Glitter Base, Lit also sell tools for application. 

Lit describes their glitter as, a loose, high-sparkle cosmetic grade glitter, which casts maximum light reflection. Lit also offers a "Rounded" glitter shape opposed to a "Square" or "Diamond" shape to aid in complete comfort on skin surface also giving you a smooth application. It is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates and is Vegan, Hypoallergenic and Cruelty Free

Lit glitters are available in 4 sizes,  Size 1- Micro Cut, Size 2 - Small Cut, Size 3 - Medium Cut and Size 4 - Large Cut and is available in 3 varieties, Holographic, Shimmer and Solid.  

The Clearly Liquid Glitter Base is available in Daily Wear, Waterproof and Forever Wear and comes in 4ml and 30ml sizes. It does not contain any Parabens, Alcohol or Propylene Glycol and is Vegan, Hypoallergenic and Cruelty Free

Mini Me Lit Kit

Lit Cosmetics - Mini Me Lit Kit

Lit Cosmetics - Mini Me Lit Kit

I have the Mini Me Lit Kit in the shade Champagne Wishes and the glitter is size 2. The kit comes in a champagne/gold coloured box with a clear window type front showing the products and a photograph of a makeup look using the glitter and the back of the box has instructions for use. 

The box contains a pot of glitter, a 4ml glitter base in daily wear, a brush for application and a sparkle wand for removal of glitter should any drop onto the skin. 

Lit Cosmetics - Mini Me Lit Kit

Lit Cosmetics - Mini Me Lit Kit

Lit Cosmetics - Mini Me Lit Kit
Lit Cosmetics - Mini Me Lit Kit
Sparkle Wand

The glitter has the Lit logo on the lid of the pot and comes in a square clear pot, the glitter base comes in a glass bottle with a silver lid. 

Lit Cosmetics - Mini Me Lit Kit

Lit Cosmetics - Mini Me Lit Kit

I have used the glitter a few times now and have previously used other shades that my daughter owns, I personally don't use the brush that comes with the kit, there isn't anything wrong with it, I just prefer  using other methods of application. The sparkle wand is good at removing any glitter that drops onto my face when applying the glitter to my eyes. 

The glitter can be used on the eyes, lips, hair, body, face, over tattoo's and on the nails. I have only used the glitter on my eyes so far but my daughter has used it on the face and in hair for festival looks on her clients and has also used it on the lips to create a glitter lip look. 

When applying the glitter to my eyes, I apply my eye makeup as normal and then apply the glitter once I have finished my eye makeup and before I apply my mascara. The glitter and glue are compatible with all makeup products and brands. I like to apply the glitter using a cotton bud or que tip, there is no right or wrong and you can apply it with the brush provided or your own makeup brushes, the glue does not ruin makeup brushes and washes out easily using soap and water. 

First of all, I dip the cotton bud into the glue and apply the glue to my eyelid, then I take another cotton bud and dip it into the glitter and then pat the glitter over where I have placed the glue. The glue and glitter do not have any effect at all on the makeup, the glue doesn't have an effect or the glitter and my makeup stays perfectly. Inevitably there is some fallout as there is with any glitter, to help with the removal of fallout I place some translucent powder under my eyes and on my cheekbones and if I do have fallout I can brush it away with the powder, the Sparkle Wand is also good to remove any fallout. 

The glitter stays in place beautifully, I have worn the glitter over a smoky eye look a few times and have also used transition shades in my crease and outer corner and then applied the glitter all over my lid for a full on sparkly look, I have never experienced any creasing and the glitter doesn't move at all, it looks exactly the same when I remove it as it did when I applied it. The glitter is easy to remove, I have removed it using makeup remover and a cotton pad, micellar water and a cotton pad, a balm cleanser and face cloth and makeup wipes and it removed with ease each time, it will also remove with warm water and a cotton pad. 

To give you an idea of how long lasting Lit Cosmetics glitter is, last summer Cole had a client who was going to a 2 day weekend festival, she asked Cole to do her makeup on the Friday night at 6pm because she had to leave in the early hours of saturday to get there. Cole thought she was having her makeup done for the Saturday but when her client got home she contacted Cole and told her she had left the eye makeup on the whole weekend! Not something I would do but to be fair the makeup looked amazing and the glitter looked incredible, admittedly by the Sunday it was fading and not looking as good but over 48 hours is good going and makeup and glitter looked amazing considering the time it had been on, bearing that in mind, I wouldn't advise anyone to leave their makeup on for that long, it was the clients decision to do that as she wanted to wear the makeup for the whole festival so she kept her eye makeup on and just touched up her face makeup.

Lit Cosmetics Glitter Swatch in Champagne Wishes

I absolutely love the Lit glitter and if you like sparkle and like to wear glitter I highly recommend it, it would also be perfect for dance shows and is amazing for festival looks, it washes out of hair easily too, it is a brilliant product and I am definitely going to be adding more shades to my collection. I love how I can use a tiny bit to add a bit of something special to a makeup look, or go all out and use it all over my lid, it looks so pretty and I have received so many compliments when I have used it, every time I use it either to add a touch of sparkle or if I have used it all over the lid I am asked what makeup I am wearing. 

Stupidly I don't have any photographs of my makeup when I have used the glitter but my daughter has kindly sent me some of her client photographs, where she has used Lit glitter. A couple of the looks have just a tiny bit of glitter to add a little touch of sparkle and then the other looks have more for a more sparkly look, showing how you can add as much as you like and how beautiful it looks. 

Lit Cosmetics - Mini Me Lit Kit

I am so impressed with Lit glitter, it is so easy to apply, looks incredible and removes with ease too without the need to rub at my skin, the glitter is so sparkly and shines such beautiful shades and looks amazing with so many eye looks, I love that it can be used in so many ways too and I think the Mini Me Kit is a good price considering you get the glue and the glitter and you only need such a tiny amount of both to achieve an amazing look, it will last a long time. I have also used the glue with my MAC glitters and pigments and it works brilliantly with those too and again, I didn't experience any creasing at all. 

I think it's obvious that I am really impressed with my Mini Me Lit Kit from Lit Cosmetics, I cannot praise it enough and if you love glitter and sparkly makeup looks or you're a dancer or going to a festival and want a glittery look, I cannot recommend Lit Cosmetics enough. There are so many amazing shades to choose from there is definitely something for everyone and all the shades are lovely. I am going to use my glitter on my nails next and cannot wait to see how they turn out, keep an eye out for a NOTD post.

If you are like me and love sparkle, you can find the Mini Me Lit Kit in Champagne Wishes on the BeautyBCosmetics website here priced at £16.50 or their full Lit Cosmetics range here, they currently have an offer where if you buy 4 glitters you receive a 4ml glitter base free, so definitely worth a look. The glitters are priced at £10.95 and the 4ml glitter base is priced from £7.50 depending on which base you choose, I personally recommend the Daily Wear glitter base as I have found it the best. 

Have you tried Lit Cosmetics? Do you like sparkle and sparkly makeup looks? Let me know in the comments .

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x


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