Salon Science Thickening Serum

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Salon Science Thickening Serum

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I suffer from PCOS and as a result, I lose a lot of hair, my hair is very thin, and any kind of hair thickening treatment draws me in. So when I received the Salon Science Thickening Serum (£15.00) it sounded like it would be right up my street. At the end of last year, I tried out quite a few different products from Salon Science (read that post here) and I got on with them really well and thoroughly enjoyed using them, so I had high hopes for the Thickening Serum too.

What Salon Science Says About The Thickening Serum

A light weight Thickening Serum packed with AnaGain™ Organic Pea Sprout extract rich in restorative proteins, starch and fibres for visibly denser, thicker hair. Hair strands are plumped to give an all over fullness. This protecting formula with unique technology restores body and bounce, encourages hair growth and leaves hair stronger and healthier.

My Thoughts

Salon Science Thickening Serum

Salon Science Thickening Serum

The Salon Science Thickening Serum is part of a range by Salon Science called the Anagain Organic Pea Sprout range, the main ingredient of the range is the organic pea sprout, and within the pea sprout are a combination of powerful ingredients, and for years the scientists at Salon Science have been researching and have found that the pea sprout can initiate the growth of new hair in human follicles.

The range claims to boost fine and thinning hair, reduce hair loss and initiate new hair growth, creating denser, thicker, fuller hair in 3 months. The serum is said to coat the hair and increase the diameter, providing visibly thicker hair. 

The serum can be used on wet or dry hair, I have been using it over the last few weeks on wet hair when my hair has been washed and towel dried. The serum has a lovely fresh but subtle scent, I would say it is a floral scent, it is very subtle though. The serum is white in colour, it applies to my hair really well and doesn't leave my hair or hands feeling sticky, I have been using 5 pumps of the serum, it has been worked through my hair concentrating on the roots, my hair has then been dried with the hair dryer and straightened as usual.

The first time I used the serum, I noticed that my hair looked fuller at the roots, there wasn't a massive change but it did appear as if I had more volume and since then I have noticed my hair does look fuller especially at the root when I use the serum, my hair also feels thicker, it is very thin and I can feel that it feels more thick which is great. My hair can look really flat too and because it is so thin I feel as if it appears really lank and straggly, but using the serum definitely gives me some volume and I think my hair looks more full especially at the root, my hair also has more bounce to it too and when I wear my hair up straight after drying, my hair doesn't appear as flat on top.

I can't say that all of a sudden I look like a lion and have a great big voluminous mane of hair, because I don't, but I think if you were to use all the products in this range and use the serum along side the other products then you would definitely notice a difference in the volume and thickness of your hair and after 3 months there would be a very noticeable difference. For me the serum is nice if I want my hair to look like I have more volume and bounce, and to stop my hair looking so flat when I wear it up. I also like that the serum is so lightweight and doesn't wear my hair down at all, or make it feel dirty or look oily as some other leave in hair products can. The thickening serum is a lovely product, and I will definitely continue to use it because I do really like the way my hair looks when I use it.

My eldest daughter has also been using the serum and she is also enjoying the results, like me she finds she has a lot more volume at her roots and her hair  feels thicker and more bouncy too.

If you would like to try the Salon Science Thickening Serum, you can find it on the Boots website here.

Have you tried the Thickening Serum? Or tried Salon Science products? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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