Elizabeth Grant Skincare - Review And Giveaway

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Elizabeth Grant Skincare - Review And Giveaway

It's no secret that I am a bit of a skincare geek, I love trying new skincare products and finding new products to add into my skincare routine. I buy my skincare from many different places, 99.9% of the time I buy online as I don't get out much but one place I didn't realise had a huge beauty section is Ideal World TV, they have a really good beauty section on their website, including skincare, haircare, body care, makeup and nails, tanning and sun care, wigs and extensions and fragrance, I had no idea they sold such a vast array of amazing products and when they asked me if I would like to try some items from their beauty range, I was surprised as I hadn't realised they had a beauty range. I don't watch the shopping channels on TV very often, but I had heard of Ideal World TV but I had no idea they sold beauty products. 

When the beauty products arrived from Ideal World TV and they were skincare items, I was, as you can imagine, very pleased. I received three skincare products from the brand Elizabeth Grant, I hadn't heard of the brand before receiving the products but after reading a little about the brand I now realise they are a well established and well known brand. I received a cleanser, day cream and night cream and have been using them for around 4 weeks now and wanted to let you know how I've been finding them. 

I also have the exact same products to giveaway to one of you and I will let you know how you can win the products later on in the post. 

Elizabeth Grant Skincare - Review And Giveaway

Who Are Elizabeth Grant Skincare?

Elizabeth Grant International Inc. is a sixty year old Canadian Skin Care company focused on producing the most highly advanced luxury skincare products. Elizabeth Grant Skin Care continues to evolve, but one thing remains the same; every product includes this powerful patented anti-ageing ingredient – a blend of vitamins, proteins, botanicals and anti-oxidants that penetrate deep into the skin helping to restore skin’s essential moisture, stimulate collagen and elastin production and repair damaged skin.

Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex Cleansing Mousse (Twin Pack) - £12.99

Elizabeth Grant Skincare - Review And Giveaway

Elizabeth Grant Skincare - Review And Giveaway

The cleansing mousse comes in a gold coloured tube with a flip lid and the cleanser is easily squeezed from the tube, I apply the cleanser to my dry face, massage it in and then remove with a flannel (face cloth) which I have run under hand hot water and wrung out. The first time I used the cleanser, I used it as my morning cleanse but I have used the cleansing mousse both morning and evening and to take off my makeup. 

The cleansing mouse has a nice light texture and feels lovely when applied to the skin, it massages in well and removes equally as well with my flannel, my skin is left feeling soft and smooth and above all, clean after I have used the cleansing mousse. I find the cleansing mouse removes my makeup really well, including waterproof mascara but I do prefer to use it purely as a cleanser and not a makeup remover. I usually use it as my morning cleanse or the first cleanse if I am using the double cleanse method, it leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and really soft and moisturised, my skin doesn't feel tight at all and the cleanser doesn't leave any sticky residue. 

Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex Revival Day Cream - £34.99

Elizabeth Grant Skincare - Review And Giveaway

Elizabeth Grant Skincare - Review And Giveaway

Biocollasis Complex Cell Vitality brings the snap back to your skin and restores the skins elasticity, thanks to an extraordinary powerful active peptide that stimulates the synthesis of Collagen I, III and IV, and increases elastin. Mediterranean myrtle extract limits the degradation of skin tissues and erases the first signs of ageing. The Revival Day Cream also contains Torricelumn, Elizabeth Grants super moisturising compound, which helps boost hydration levels, plumping the appearance of the skin and helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

The Revival Day Cream is a lightweight moisturiser that feels a slightly gel like and is quickly absorbed into my skin. I have extremely dry and dehydrated skin and did worry that the moisturiser wouldn't be enough for my skin when I first felt how lightweight in texture it was, but it was fine, my skin absorbed the cream very quickly and didn't leave any tacky residue and my skin feels so soft after using the cream and my makeup applies well over the top. The day cream comes with a small plastic spoon type tool meaning I don't have to put my fingers in the day cream, making application more hygienic.  

Elizabeth Grant Skincare - Review And Giveaway

After my initial concerns that the day cream wouldn't be moisturising enough for my super dry skin, I realised that I didn't need to worry, the day cream feels lovely on my skin and leaves my skin feeling super soft, hydrated and looking smooth and plumped up, my mum has commented a couple of times that my skin looks nice and I have had a few comments on my Instagram live chats that my skin looks lovely and is glowing, for me to receive compliments on my skin means a lot because I do struggle with it looking dull due to how incredibly dry and dehydrated it is. 

Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex Renewal Night Cream - £39.99

Elizabeth Grant Skincare - Review And Giveaway

Elizabeth Grant Skincare - Review And Giveaway

The Renewal Night Cream has a slightly thicker consistency than the day cream as you would expect with a night cream. The night cream also has a very slight gel feel to it, it feels lovely and although it is slightly thicker than the day cream, it isn't too thick at all and still feels lightweight.

The night cream sinks into my skin quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated on application and my skin still feels lovely and soft in the morning. The night cream doesn't leave any tacky residue when I apply it, it sinks in quickly to my skin and leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft and hydrated and looking smooth and plump.

Elizabeth Grant Skincare - Review And Giveaway

 Overall Thoughts On The Products

I have really enjoyed using the products over the last few weeks, they have been lovely to use and I have added the cleanser, day cream and night cream into my morning and evening skincare routine daily. I wouldn't usually choose a cleansing mousse but I have enjoyed using it and would use a cleansing mousse again, it has been lovely to cleanse my skin in the morning, as a double cleanse in the evening and although I prefer to use it purely as a cleanser, it is very effective at removing makeup.

The day and night cream are lovely and have a nice lightweight texture but feel really hydrating, they sink into my skin and absorb quickly without leaving a residue on my skin and both leave my skin feeling super soft and hydrated and looking smooth, plump and glowy. As I said, I have had quite a few compliments on the way my skin looks since using the Elizabeth Grant products which is always nice to hear. During the summer my skin isn't as dry and dehydrated as it is over the winter months so I am interested to see how the day and night cream will be for my skin during the winter but I'm feeling quite hopeful after seeing the results I've had over the last few weeks.

Overall I have really enjoyed using the Elizabeth Grant skincare products, my skin has felt and looked better and receiving compliments is always good!

If you didn't know Ideal World TV had such an extensive beauty range and would like to find out more, check out their website or if you would rather, you can find them on TV on the following channels, Freestat 812, Freeview 22,  Sky TV 654 and Virgin Media 747.

If you would like to win the same cleansing mousse, day cream and night cream as those featured in this blog post, head over to my Twitter account and see my pinned tweet, it's simple to enter, good luck!

Have you tried Elizabeth Grant skincare? What's your favourite product? 


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