Nails, Lips And Lashes

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Nails, Lips And Lashes

Fake it til you make it so they say (who actually is they?) and in the beauty world this is something we can do in different ways, some of us false tan, or have acrylic nails or lash extensions, botox etc etc. So when I received some lovely false lashes and nails recently, I wanted to share them with you and I also have couple of rather pretty lipsticks I thought you might like to see too, I mean, who doesn't like pretty lipsticks? So without further ado, I shall share the products with you, after all you didn't come here to read my ramblings. 

Kiss False Lashes

Lash Couture - Gala

The first pair of Kiss lashes I have to share with you are the Lash Couture Gala lashes, these are faux mink lashes and perfect for a dramatic look. 

Kiss False Eye Lashes

Kiss False Eye Lashes

The Kiss Lash Couture Gala lashes have a knot free lash band that distributes weightless volume and curl, the lashes are incredibly soft and seamless and can be re used as many times as suitable for you. The lashes come with a small tube of lash glue, and are easy to apply and stay in place perfectly once applied. 

To apply, lay on top of your natural lash, trim if needed. Apply the Kiss lash adhesive to the lash bad, wait for a few seconds, approx 20-30 and for the adhesive to look slightly clear and apply the lashes along your natural lash line, hold the lashes in place until the adhesive is dry and the lashes are set in place. 

True Volume - Spicy Kiss

Kiss False Eye Lashes

Kiss False Eye Lashes

The Kiss Try Volume lashes in the style Spicy Kiss have a Tapered End Technology so the lashes blend with your natural lashes for a natural looking volume. They are less dramatic than Gala but still give a full lashes look with lots of volume. They are made from 100% natural hair and come with a small tube of lash adhesive.  To apply use the same technique as described above. 

Kiss do the most brilliant lashes, my youngest daughter is my "lash guinea pig" as I don't wear them, so she tries them and then tells me how they apply and feel when they're on and remove and how many times she can wear them, for my blog reviews. She wears lashes every day and has tried several brands, so she knows her stuff when it comes to false lashes. She always gets a good few wears from the Kiss lashes and finds them easy to apply and remove and they feel comfortable to wear too, she has worn both sets and likes them both but said for her, the Gala are definitely more suited for a night out or occasion as they are very full, but if you like a full lash look during the daytime, they can be worn when best suits you. 

You can find Kiss lashes on the Superdrug website and on the Boots website prices start at £4.99 and increase depending on the lashes you choose. 

imPRESS Nails

I didn't really wear false nails until last year when I received some glue on false gel nails to try from Kiss which were amazing and with those nails were some imPRESS nails and I loved the look of the imPRESS nails so much and like that I didn't need to use glue so I tried them out as soon as they arrived and I am so glad I did. To be honest, when I first tried them imPRESS nails I didn't hold out much hope for them staying on my nails as well as the glue on Kiss nails as they are press on nails, but I was pleasantly surprised at just how long they do last. 

Today I have a couple of pairs of the imPRESS nails to share with you in the styles I am loving at the moment and wanted to show you as I think you will love them too. The first pair are the style number 56886 and are a French Manicure style with a choice of an accent nail which has a strip of silver glitter running along the white tip. 

imPRESS nails

The imPRESS nails come with 30 nails in this pack and 6 of those nails have the silver glittery strip to add as an accent nail if you wish. I always add the accent nail as I like the look of it. The nails come in an easy to open pack and have a small wooden orange stick, a wipe to prepare the nails, a small nail file and the nails. 

To apply the nails, you must first push down the cuticles with the orange stick and then wipe the nails with the wipe to ensure they are prepped for the nails. Choose the size of nails for each finger then pull the tab at the bottom of the nail so the adhesive tab comes away and press the nail onto your natural nail applying pressure, once all the nails have been applied do not immerse your hands in water for an hour. 

Once the nails are applied, if they need slightly filing down, I would recommend to leave it for about an hour before filing using the small file included. I noticed little tabs on some of the nails so waited and then filed them off once the nails were secure. The imPRESS nails last really well and look lovely, I get so many compliments when I wear them, and every single set I have worn, I have had several compliments on how nice they look and my friend thought I had had acrylics last time I used these French Manicure ones. 

imPRESS nails

Another set of imPRESS nails I love are these in the style 57943 they are so pretty and I love using the silver sparkly nail as an accent nail on my ring finger. 

imPRESS nails

imPRESS nails

You can see from the photographs above how the imPRESS nails come in their packets and whats included. I stupidly forgot to include the small nail file in the photograph but the nails do come with one of those also. imPRESS nails are brilliant and if you haven't tried them already, I highly recommend you do, even if you don't ever wear false nails, I was exactly the same until I tried a pair an then was hooked and now I wear them all the time, it is extremely rare I go anywhere,  but I still like my nails to look nice so will apply the nails just to wear at home, PJs, a messy bun and fancy nails is the new trend you know! 

If you do want to try some of the imPRESS nails, you can find them on the Superdrug website priced at £7.99. 


Joan Collins Divine Lips

Joan Collins Divine Lipsticks

Joan Collins Divine Lipsticks

The lipsticks I have to share with you today are the Joan Collins Divine lipsticks in the shades Lady Joan and Melanie, both look very similar in the bullet but are different on the lips. 

The packaging of the Joan Collins Divine lipsticks is beautiful and very luxurious, something that anyone would feel happy to pull out of their bag to touch up their lipstick. The packaging is gold with the JC symbol on the top of the lid and Joan Collins written around the centre of the lipstick. The lipsticks come in a box with black and gold colouring and a picture of the lipstick and the shade name on the side of the box, I find this very handy when rummaging in my makeup bag as I like to keep products in boxes and it is so much easier to find the lipstick you want when there is an image of it on the side of the box. 

Joan Collins Divine Lipsticks

Lady Joan (left) is described as "a flirtatious fuchsia with a hint of pearlescence, this luscious raspberry pink gives lips a look that is oh-so desirable!"It is a lovely shade, I would say it has a purple undertone to it, for me fuchsia is a bright pink shade and while Lady Joan does have a lot of pink in it, it also has purple tones to it too. It is a lovely shade though and something a bit different for me from a red or bright pink.

Melanie (right) is described as "a violet shade that favours ‘Cool’ skin tones and darker colouring. This shade is perfect for expressing individuality and a strong sense of style." Melanie is a lovely shade and definitely more purple than Lady Joan, they do look very similar in the bullet but on the lips they are different, so if you have one and would like the other but are wondering if you should purchase the other but think they won't be different enough, they are different and look very different on. 

Melanie and Lady Joan both apply well and feel very moisturising on the lips, when I first tried the Joan Collins makeup range last year, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the products were and every product I have tried so far, I have liked. The Divine Lipsticks are formulated to actively hydrate the skin and they do feel very hydrating on the lips, the lipsticks apply well and aren't messy to apply at all, they last really well on the lips with around 3-4 hours wear time including eating and drinking, they also top up really well and wear away from the lips nicely too. 

You can find both Melanie and Lady Joan on the Joan Collins Beauty website priced at £18.00 each.  

Joan Collins Divine Lipsticks Swatches

So those are the nails, lips and lashes I have to share with you today and I hope you like them all as much as I do. All are lovely products and products I definitely recommend you try if you haven't already. 

Have you tried any of the nails, lips or lashes I have shared today? And do you ever "fake it til you make it" beauty wise with nails, lashes, tan etc? Let me know in the comments below, your favourite "false" beauty products. 

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