Thursday 7 October 2021

Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde Booster - My Thoughts

Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde Booster - My Thoughts
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Having blonde hair, I like to use a purple shampoo for toning and keeping my blonde hair nice and bright, and it's fair to say, over the years, I have tried a lot of the brands available. 

When I was asked if I would like to try the Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde Booster I, of course, said "yes please", I haven't ever tried a product like it and I was intrigued to know how it worked. 

What Philip Kingsley Say About The Product

Our Pure Blonde Booster Shampoo is the best shampoo for highlighted, bleached and coloured hair. Containing optimum levels of violet micro-pigments, our toning shampoo helps clarify, hydrate and tone blonde, grey & highlighted hair.

• High shine, glossy finish

• Anti-frizz properties

• Ultra conditioning

Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde Booster - My Thoughts

The Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde Booster is a shampoo that you use just once a week after shampooing with your regular shampoo. It is always best to test a small amount before using to ensure the booster is suitable for your skin and hair type, and do not use until 14 days after having your hair, coloured, bleached or permed. 

Directions for use.

  1. After shampooing, gently work through the hair, avoiding the scalp.
  2. Leave for up to 3 minutes if the hair is bleached, up to 5 minutes if the hair is dyed, and up to 10 minutes if the hair is naturally blonde.
  3. Rinse thoroughly. Use once per week. These timings are a guide only and should be halved for first use.

In our house there are 3 of us with blonde hair, my hair is naturally blonde, I do have it tinted, so it's a couple of shades lighter than my usual dirty blonde, but I don't have any bleach. My eldest daughter has a full head of highlights and her hair is bleached, and my youngest has a balayage type colour, using bleach. I thought because there are 3 of us who all use a purple shampoo, but all have different types of colour, it would be a good test to see how the product worked for us all. 

Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde Booster - My Thoughts

The first time I used the booster, I loved how my hair looked, it was bright and ashy and looked lovely, I was so impressed, and when my eldest saw my hair, she was really impressed too and decided she would try the booster that evening. 

Her hair was at that stage where it's due a colour refresh and was looking quite brassy, especially at the back, she came downstairs after using the booster for the first time and she and I were blown away, her hair looked amazing like she'd had a toner at the salon. My youngest was next to try the booster out, and like myself and my eldest, she loved the result and how her hair looked. 

All 3 of us loved the way our hair looked after just one use of the booster, none of us left it on very long, but it had worked brilliantly and knocked out all brassy tones from my eldest daughter's bleached hair. She was so happy with it, she said she was no longer paying for a salon toner and she was just going to use the booster instead from now on. 

All 3 of us continued using the booster once a week and our hair looked lovely, no brassiness, just nice bright blonde hair, my mum is naturally silver grey and I am going to ask her to try it too because I think her hair would look lovely after using it. Because we loved the booster so much, my youngest found a daily shampoo and conditioner in the same range from Philip Kingsley, and we ordered that too, and since then those are the products we have both mainly used on our hair, my eldest still uses them too,  but since her hair is very dry, she does use other specialist treatments to help with that on her hair also.

The Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde Booster colour correcting weekly mask is honestly the best product I have used on my hair and it has been the best at treating brassiness on my daughter's bleached hair too. Since using the bottle I was gifted as a PR sample, my daughter and I have repurchased it several times and as I said, we also use the daily shampoo and conditioner, and we have recently purchased the hair mask from the range. 

I couldn't recommend the Pure Blonde Booster highly enough and will continue to purchase, along with the shampoo and conditioner from the same range, it's a brilliant product and does exactly what it claims to do if you would like to try it, you can find it on the Philip Kingsley website HERE starting at £15.50 for a 75ml bottle, you can also find it on the Look Fantastic website, Cult Beauty, Boots and Feel Unique.

Have you tried the Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde Booster? Or anything from the range? 


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