Sunday 23 December 2012

Sales Shopping online, don't mind if I do!

As you all know I am partial to a bit of online shopping, this is how I have done all my Christmas shopping this year and it is so much easier, I have looked for discount codes or used Coles NUS discount and it has been much better, I first started online shopping when I had had my operation and couldn't go out and then as my health deteriorated I found online shopping a godsend to be honest, the only thing I don't like is the delivery charges but you can't win them all can you? It is so much easier, especially when sales shopping, theres none of that pushing and shoving and queueing and millions of people all squashed into the shops, it is much nicer to sit on your sofa with a glass of Baileys and a mince pie and browse in peace.

All shops now have a "January sale" but more and more shops are starting their sales earlier and earlier most beginning on Boxing day, but I have done a bit of research for you all and found that some sales have started now and some start tomorrow (Christmas Eve) so I thought I would let you all know my findings.

River Island has started it's online sale with stores starting theirs on Boxing day the link for River Island is

Harrods sale has started online too with some massive savings on fragrance, I have had a little peep and some perfume sets are half price which is an excellent saving, especially if like me you have lots of birthdays coming up in February, their link is

Oasis have started their sale already, their link is

ASOS have started their sale too and their link is

Debenhams online sale is now on with it starting in stores on Boxing day their link is

Office have an online exclusive sale with up to 50% off the link is

New Look have a footwear sale on now with some great bargains the link is

Miss Selfridge have a sale online on shoes and accessories the link is

Next start their online sale tomorrow (Christmas Eve) at 3pm and their in store sale starts at 5am on Boxing day, Next always have some great bargains so this is one to watch, their link is

I have been told by one of the sales assistants at my local Selfridges that Selfridges sale starts on Christmas Eve this year not Boxing Day as it normally is, but this may not be accurate, I thought I would tell you as they are bound to advertise and if like me you like to online shop you can always head over using this link Selfridges like Harrods always have amazing offers on fragrance and beauty, they usually have some fantastic deals on the Laura Mercier Christmas collection so watch out for that if your a fan.

I hope you have found this post helpful, I know a lot of you really enjoy my discount voucher posts and although this is a little different it is still along the same lines, and we all like to save money don't we? Let me know if you grab any bargains, and happy sales shopping!

Do you know of any good online sales? Would you like more of these posts?

Thank you for reading, and much love

Zoe x


Wednesday 19 December 2012

Red Lips Anyone?

For years and years I have always worn quite pale pink or neutral shades of lipstick, then a couple of years ago I bought Russian Red by MAC but never really had the courage to wear it, I would wear it put on lightly and then smudged out with my finger but I never ever wore it properly for want of a better word.

In September my nephew was going to be baptised and I had bought a lovely maxi skirt with a print on and the print had a burgundy colour in it so I wore a burgundy coloured vest top to go with it, on the day of the baptism I was applying my make up and Nichole asked me if I was going to wear a dark red lipstick as she thought it would look nice with my outfit, I said no it wouldn't suit me but Nichole said she thought it would so I tried on one of her dark red lipsticks called Media by MAC and it looked really lovely which was a complete surprise to me.

A couple of days later when I was applying my make up I decided I would try on my Russian Red lipstick to see what I thought and I was pleasantly surprised and really liked it, so I wore it to film one of my You tube video's, I got quite a few comments asking me about the lipstick, what it was and how nice it looked etc that I decided I should be brave and wear it more, so I did, I wore it a lot and I got lots of lovely compliments so I decided I would look for a dark red lipstick as I'd liked Media so much when I wore it. I looked in MAC and loved the look of Darkside but at £14.50 for each lipstick and Christmas only a few weeks away, I decided to look for a cheaper option.

I went into Boots and saw the Kate Moss range by Rimmel London and they had a lovely dark red colour, shade 107 and the price was much better at £5.50 so less than half the price of the MAC one but still lovely, and the packaging is nice too, I know this isn't important to everyone but I do love nice packaging,  I was thrilled and bought it. I think reds and deep red/burgundy's are really lovely for the winter months and the lipstick looks so lovely, and is so striking that I find I don't have to make much effort with my eye make up and sometimes I have just applied a wash of a neutral eye shadow and some dark brown eye shadow under my lower lash line and a bit of mascara and then this lipstick and it is a lovely look for the winter months especially.

It is a matte formula but not drying at all, I am lucky and don't suffer with dry lips but it didn't dry my lips out at all, it stays on for hours even with eating and drinking and looks lovely, I really like it, I apply the lipstick straight from the bullet and don't use a liner with it, it looks really nice and is a lovely deep red colour. I have received lots and lots of compliments when wearing it. For the last few weeks I have worn this lipstick all the time, I am so glad I bought it and would certainly consider buying more of the Kate Moss range, the colour is lovely, the application is lovely and it lasts for hours and is a really reasonable price, just what I want in a lipstick.

The Kate Moss 107 Lipstick 

It is a lovely dark red colour ideal for winter 

And heres a swatch of the lipstick

Do you like to wear red lipsticks? Or are you like I was and always go for neutral lip colours? What are your favourite lip colours or red lip colours? I have uploaded a Top Ten lipsticks video to my You tube channel if you'd like to check that out, the link to my channel is

Thank you for reading, much love

Zoe x


Sunday 9 December 2012

Essie Winter 2012 Collection

I really like Essie nail polishes as some of you may already know.  I have been buying them for a couple of years now from but since Boots and Superdrug started to sell their diffusion line it has been much easier to pick up Essie polishes, and I now own more than I ever have, Essie and Orly are my favourite nail polish brand and I cannot resist new colours when they come out.

Essie have recently released their winter collection for 2012 and there are some lovely colours in the collection, the only one I am not too fond of is the Wheres My Chauffeur? colour, it is a minty greeny/blue colour and these colours do not suit me at all,  I love the other colours in the collection though and yesterday whilst I was shopping with Cole we went to Boots to look at the new collection, I have already looked at them on Beauty Bay but wanted to see them in the flesh too, I loved the colours apart from the minty green one. They had all the colours in Boots in the full size polishes and they also had a box set of 3 of the polishes out of the 5, the box contains Leading Lady, Snap Happy and Beyond Cozy. Since I love all 3 of these colours I bought the box set, the polishes are not full size they are 5ml but sometimes I think this is better if buying Christmas colour nail polish, and to me 2 out of the 3 are Christmassy so I didn't want to buy the full size, it is a shame they didn't have She's Pampered in the box set too as I really like that one but you can't have everything I suppose. The box set was £9.99 for 3 5ml bottles and full size Essie Polishes are 13.5ml and £7.99.

 If you want to see the full collection, they have it available in the full size polishes on Beauty Bay with free delivery, here's the link Essie polishes are £8.50 on Beauty Bay.

Anyway I shall stop rambling on as usual and show you the polishes I bought!

The Box Set of 3 Polishes (apologies for the box, they were all damaged)

Leading Lady 

Snap Happy

Beyond Cozy 

Left to Right - Leading Lady, Snap Happy and Beyond Cozy (3 coats of each colour)  

I love all 3 of the colours and definitely think that Leading Lady and Beyond Cozy are more Christmassy colours, Leading Lady is a lovely dark red with tiny glitter particles through it, the glitter particles really do stand out but it isn't glitter overload if you want more of a subtle look, Snap Happy is a lovely orangey colour, bordering on a red but not quite if that makes sense? I think this colour could be worn all year round, and Beyond Cozy is a lovely sparkly polish and layered up using 3 coats it gives a really nice festive feel, it would look lovely as an accent nail to gold or silver nails as it isn't really one or the other, it has a slight champagne colour to it I think, it is a lovely polish, I am going to try it over other colours and see if it works, I will let you know how I go with that. 

Do you like Essie polishes? Have you bought any of the Winter 2012 collection or the box set? Which one is your favourite? 

Thank you for reading, Much Love

Zoe x 


Saturday 1 December 2012

My 10 Favourite Christmas Decorations available on the High Street

Can you believe it's the 1st of December already? Where has this year gone? I know a lot of people including my sister are putting up their Christmas trees and decorations today, I don't actually put my Christmas tree and other decorations up until the second week of December, I have a funny ritual that the house has to be spring cleaned from top to bottom first, odd I know but it's just something we do in our house, and Father Christmas loves a clean house does he not? But since so many people are putting up their trees and other decorations today I thought I would share my favourite 10 decorations I have found and loved on the high street this year.

We have lots of decorations in our house, from things my girls have made over the years to some lovely bought decorations, we have personalised ones, cute ones, classy ones a real mix of everything, when I have my tree up and house decorated I will post some pictures on here for you all to see if you would like? And even though we don't really need any more decorations, every year the girls choose a decoration each that they like, this is something we have done since Cole's first Christmas, obviously she didn't choose her own decoration then, I chose it until she was old enough to choose her own and we have done the same thing with Lissy since her first Christmas. This year the decorations they chose were, a Polar Bear for Cole, surprise surprise, she loves Polar Bears and collects anything to do with them, she named him Snowy, in fact all her Polar Bears are called Snowy! And Lissy chose a red squirrel, she has named him Terrence, cool name for a squirrel don't you think? Both their decorations are from Marks and Spencer. For the last few years Lissy has chosen a Daschund decoration as she loves them so much but this year she went for the squirrel because he made her laugh, he is a funny little thing I have to admit.

I love shopping for Christmas decorations, and when we were looking for decorations for the girls to choose I saw some really lovely ones in some of the high street shops and thought I would share my favourite 10 with you, if you haven't shopped for decorations yet or like me you just like to look, you might see something you like in my favourite 10. The best way to show you I thought would be to put a photograph of them and then write under each photograph where they are available from and the price. I hope you like my favourite 10.

Polar Bear Tree Decoration £4.00 from Marks & Spencer (All M&S decorations are 3 for 2)

Santa Tree Decoration £4.00 from Marks & Spencer (Also 3 for 2)

Knitted Christmas Tree, Tree Decoration £2.50 from Marks & Spencer (Also 3 for 2)

Red Squirrel Tree Decoration £4.00 from Marks & Spencer (Also 3 for 2)

Snowball Tree Decorations £7.00 for pack of 3 from Next 

Santa Suit Tree Decorations £6.50 for pack of 4 from Debenhams

Crochet Angels Tree Decorations £2.97 for pack of 4 from Tesco

Birds On A Branch Tree Decoration £4.00 from Accessorize

Sausage Dog (Daschund) in Tartan or Houndstooth £6.50 each from House of Fraser

Santa's Laundry Garland £12.50 from Debenhams 

So that's my favourite 10 Christmas decorations available from high street shops, did you spot Terrance and Snowy in there? All the decorations shown are available on line and in store and House of Fraser are having a 2 day event until tomorrow the 2nd of December with money off and the decorations had 50% off making the sausage dogs £3.25 instead of £6.50, Debenhams also have a 20% off deal at the moment so the garland would be £10.00 instead of £12.50 and the Santa Suits would be £5.20 so if you are interested in any of those it is a good time to buy them. I love the angels and think £2.97 for a pack of 4 is a great price, and the snow balls are so cute from Next too, I think I might have to get some of the snow balls and angels for our tree.

Did you see anything you might like for your Christmas tree in my favourite 10? or do you like the garland? I love the garland but don't have anywhere to hang it. Do you choose a new decoration each year or did you as a child? Do you have a theme in your home? Let me know. I hope you liked my favourites and this post made you feel Christmassy and festive and if you are putting your Christmas tree and decorations up today or tomorrow, enjoy it and email me a photograph if you like, I'd love to see them.

Thank you for reading, much love

Zoe x 

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