Tuesday 30 October 2012

The Pet Tag - My Dog Oscar

Since making video's on Youtube for Cole whilst she is away doing her course, a few people have asked me if I can film the pet tag video featuring Oscar my dog, he is often heard walking round the lounge during my filming and lots of people wanted to see him. Oscar is an old doggy and sleeps for most of the day and is also suffering with doggy dementia, he is totally deaf and going blind, so I thought rather than making him sit with me whilst I try and film the pet tag I would do it in blog post style and insert photographs of him, then I have done the pet tag but not on camera as I feel it would be unfair to Oscar.

The Pet Tag:

1. What is your pet?

He is a Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel 

2. What is the name of your pet?


3. How old are they?

Oscar is 12, he will be 13 on March 18th 

4. Where did you get your pet from?

I got Oscar from a breeder near St Helens, she has been breeding Cocker Spaniels for many years, I researched many breeders and she was the most ethical and caring breeder I found, she also bred for temperament as well as show purposes although I have never shown Oscar in any dog shows. 

5. Why did you want to get this particular breed/species?

I spoke to my local vet and asked what breed of dog were good with children as at the time Cole and Lissy were 3 and 9 so I wanted a nice friendly dog, not too big and not too small, that would be good with children.

6. Do they know any tricks?

No unfortunately not, Oscar can sit on command using hand signals but that is about it, I did have an ex police dog handler to 'train' Oscar as puppy and after a few weeks he told me I was wasting my money as Oscar was so hideous he was un trainable, how embarrassing!! He pulled on the lead, he wouldn't walk nicely at the side of me off the lead, wouldn't lie down etc so as for tricks, I have never bothered to even try and train him to do any! 

7. Do they snuggle/give kisses?

Yes, Oscar is very snuggly, he loves to be stroked behind his ears, and cuddled, he cuddles up with Simon every night, they lie on the floor of the lounge together all snuggled up, he also likes to have his tummy ticked, that's Oscar not Simon!

8. What are some of the things they do to make you laugh?

Since Oscar is old now and sleeps for most of the time, he doesn't do much now, but when he was much younger if the TV programme Teletubbies came on he would come running into the lounge and sit looking at the TV through the whole of the opening song, as soon as the baby laughed he'd be there watching, it was so funny. He also loved watching football on the TV, he would sit glued to it for ages but then when he saw the ball would cry and look behind the TV cabinet trying to see where the ball had gone. Oscar needs to be groomed and cut and when he has been for his grooming and the lady brings him home he comes and sits near each of us in turn so we can tell him how beautiful he looks, it is so funny, he's such a vain boy! 

And that's the end of the tag, I hope you enjoyed reading it, I know it wont have the same effect as filming it and uploading it to Youtube but I have to do whats best for Oscar and he really wouldn't like to have to sit there on camera with me. He is old, and totally senile and does some very strange things now like lick the walls, and he can also be incontinent, but he's our Oscar and we love him very much. 

Do you have any pets? What funny things do they do to make you smile? Here's some photographs of Oscar I hope you like them.

I love this close up of Oscar Sleeping

Oscar wearing his new scarf Christmas 2011
doesn't he look handsome? 
One of Oscars favourite toys, his red ball. The
other thing he loves the most is his kong

This is how Oscar spends most of his days 

Sunday 28 October 2012

Welcome to Mammaful Zo


My name is Zoe, and this is my very first blog post, it is a tad nerve wracking to be doing this! I suppose I should tell you a little bit about me and what my little corner of the internet is going to be about.

First and foremost I am a mum or mamma as my 2 lovely daughters call me, they are 21 and 15 and called Nichole and Alicia or Cole and Lissy. Most of you will know Cole, she is the reason I am doing this, Cole or Coleyyyful as you probably know her has a Youtube channel and a blog, and is at the moment studying hard to become a qualified hair and make up artist, she began her course at the beginning of September and finishes mid November, the course is so intense so she is extremely busy and has no time to blog or make video's that she asked her Youtube subscribers if they would like me to make some video's for them in her absence. I had appeared in a couple of her video's previously and quite a few people said they would like me to make the video's, so for the last month or so that's what I have been doing and I have enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would.

Coles subscribers have got used to me making video's now and have asked me to make my own channel and also a blog, at first I said no as I couldn't imagine I would have anything to talk about on a blog or to a camera a couple of times a week, but then again one of the only things I am good at in life is talking, so I thought I'd give it a whirl and see how it goes, so here I am, and I don't mind telling you, it's a scary prospect!!! 

I love the make up and beauty world, online shopping, watching rubbish but fun tv shows, reading trashy magazines and lots of girly things like that, if you like the same sort of things then I hope your going to enjoy reading my blog, thank you for reading my first blog post, fingers crossed I get better at it in time! 

Zoe x
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