Sunday 30 July 2023

Something I Havent Ever Done Before On My Blog

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Welcome back.

Today I have some news for you, it's about something a bit different and something I haven't done before. I am going to have my very first blog series where I share tips and tricks or hacks, whatever you want to call them, for things to do and ways to save money during the school holidays. 

I am going to write these type of posts throughout the year for each school holiday period, each post will have a different infographic depending on the season, the summer ones will all have the above infographic as the blog post photograph so they stand out, and as I said, other seasons will have a different photograph. 

Why The New Series?
With the cost of living crisis and prices of absolutely everything going up a ridiculous amount, everyone is trying to save where they can.  I think almost everyone I know has been impacted by the cost of living crisis, some more than others and it's a horrible feeling to be struggling financially. I have had situations in my life where I have been rock bottom financially and it was horrendous, I think posts like these may have helped me had there been blogs around during those times. 

My friend once said to me that I should write a book of tips to save money, and things I did with my children when they were little as she always found them really useful when she had her children and  while it's a nice idea and very kind of her,  I think it's more than advertourous for me,  but I can write a blog post or two, so that's where the new series comes in. 

When my children were younger,  I was a single parent for a while, and for some of the years of that time I struggled massively financially, it was a horrendous time in my life and one I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. And myself and Simon, my partner have struggled financially also, especially when I was medically retired from the NHS and we lost my wage. Simon has also been made redundant twice, and both times weeks before Christmas, not ideal at all. 

I am not proclaiming to be a money saving expert by any means, I'll leave that up to Martin Lewis, but I would like to be able to help people by sharing my tips, tricks or hacks I learnt over the years which saved us money,  I will also be doing my research too and sharing my findings with you. 

What Will The Posts Be About?

I will be writing a variety of posts, there will be ideas to keep children entertained during the school holidays, ideas that don't cost a lot of money, there will be places I find that have deals and discount codes, how to find the best deals, places to eat cheaply or free, and basically anything I can share with you that might help make the school summer holidays a little bit easier on your pocket. 

I hope you think this is a good idea and I hope my posts will be able to help, if they help just one person, it'll be worth the effort of writing them. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. 

Thanks for reading

Zoë x



Tuesday 18 July 2023

A New Summery Limited Edition Launch From Wild AND A Discount Code


sustainable deodorant, organic deodorant, vegan beauty products, sustainability, save the planet

I'm sorry, but I have been keeping a secret, today I am going to tell you what it is.

Today, Wild launch their brand new limited edition Sunset Ombre case and Tropical scent refill which is perfect for summer, and I can't wait to share it with you.

I have been using the brand new limited edition tropical scent for the past few weeks along with my gorgeous new personalised sunset ombre case and I can't wait to tell you about them. Plus I have a discount code for you, it's a great discount and means you'll get some brilliant deals, so keep on reading to save some pennies. 

sustainable deodorant, organic deodorant, vegan beauty products, sustainability, save the planet

sustainable deodorant, organic deodorant, vegan beauty products, sustainability, save the planet

As you can see from my photographs, the new limited edition Sunset Ombre case is so pretty, just look at those colours, just beautiful,  and mine has my name on it, how amazing is that? It's absolutely perfect for summer, and to be honest we're not having much of a summer right now in the UK so this case brings a nice summery feel and the scent to me, reminds me of holidays, what better way to bring some summer vibes when it's grim outside?

I won't go into detail in this post about Wild, its ethos and its products and subscriptions because I recently wrote an in depth review post which includes everything you need to know about Wild and its products, you can read that post by clicking THIS LINK if you didn't see that post or want to know more about Wild.

sustainable deodorant, organic deodorant, vegan beauty products, sustainability, save the planet

sustainable deodorant, organic deodorant, vegan beauty products, sustainability, save the planet

Wild always send their products out nicely packaged, and the new ombre case matches perfectly with their packaging. Your case and refill come in a cute peach coloured box with instructions on how to insert the refill into the case on the lid of the box. 

When I opened the Sorbet scented refill I instantly loved the scent, it smells fruity, imagine pineapple, passionfruit, mango, orange and papaya with a hint of coconut, just like holidays, but the scent isn't overpowering at all, it's lovely and subtle but just enough, and I love it! The perfect scent to go with the gorgeous Sunset Ombre case, which is so lovely and summery and if you want to, you can have your case personalised like mine which is such a nice touch. 

Discount Code

When shopping on the Wild website if you use the code MAMMAFULZO20 you will receive a 20% discount on all orders including subscriptions, this is such a great deal and gives you great savings too.  I have also checked with TopCashback and if you have an account, you can get up to 12.75% cashback too, so you can get a really good deal and save some money, win-win. 

So, that's my secret, but what a secret to share. I love my sunset ombre case and the tropical scent and I think you will too, so if you want to get your own, head on over to the Wild website using THIS LINK and don't forget to use the code MAMMAFULZO20 to get yourself a great deal. 

Have you tried Wild? Do you like the new sunset ombre case? And what's your favourite type of scent? I love fruity and fresh scents, let me know yours in the comments.

Thanks for reading

Zoe x


Monday 17 July 2023

Five Makeup Products I Picked Up Recently


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Welcome back! 

I have a Sephora and an Amazon haul for you today, only a small haul and only 1 thing from Amazon, but I thought I'd share with you what I got. 

I won't bombard you with loads of photographs in this post and too much waffle, but I am going to write some posts reviewing the items I got, so you will have an in depth review coming of all the products soon, I like to try products out for a while before I give you my honest opinion on them, rather than use something once and say it's wonderful or I am "obsessed", we don't do that round these parts. 


The first thing I got is one of the Sephora Collection Colourful Mono Eyeshadows in the shade 232 Girl Talk which is a glitter finish, there are different finishes in the Sephora mono eyeshadows, they are glitter, metal effect, matte, sequin and shimmer and apart from the matte shades, all the other finishes are on sale at the moment from £6.99 to £4.20 which is a great saving. 

You can find the eyeshadow HERE.

Next up are two more items from the Sephora Collection range, they are two of the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Matte Liquid Lipsticks and I have the shades 09 Watermelon and 69 Hippy Pink. I like liquid lipsticks and I have another shade in these and it is brilliant, so I'm hoping these will be the same, the lipsticks are £12.99 each. 

You can find the lipsticks HERE.

Next up is the Kiko Milano Invisible Lip Liner, I always have an invisible lip liner in my makeup stash, and I was in need of a new one, I haven't tried this one before but thought I'd give it a whirl, it was £5.99. I like using an invisible lip liner or universal as they are also called, when I don't have a matching liner to my lipstick or if I don't want the lipstick to bleed, I have found using the liner helps, sometimes I will use a matching lip liner and an invisible one if I know the lipstick will likely bleed. 

You can find the lip liner HERE


And lastly, I have the Elf Hydrating Satin Camo Concealer in the shade Fair Beige, it was £5.70 so a little cheaper than elsewhere and at the time I bought it, I couldn't find the shade I wanted anywhere, and after a quick Google search, I found it on Amazon. It was my eldest daughter who recommended this concealer to me, she uses it and loves it, although she uses the one with the black lid, since I have dry skin I went for the hydrating one, I'm hoping I love it as much as my daughter does. 

You can find the concealer HERE.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I picked up, although it's only a tiny haul, but I will be back with some more exciting hauls soon and I am also going to be filming a Superdrug haul for Instagram and am considering a fashion haul too. 

Have you tried any of the things I picked up? If so, share with me in the comments, and please let me know what you think about a try on fashion haul too? 

Thanks for reading

Zoë x


Tuesday 4 July 2023

There's A New Feauture On My Blog


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Welcome back! 

Today I wanted to tell you about a new feature I now have on my blog. 

It's a sign-up form so you can subscribe or sign up for a newsletter from me if you'd like to. The form is just over there → where it says "subscribe by email" It's free to sign up and the form is very simple to fill out, it's basically just your name and email address, you don't even need to use your full name if you don't want to and you can unsubscribe anytime should you want to. 

What's the newsletter for? 

You may be wondering why I have decided to add this feature to my blog, well, first of all, I have added it, or should I say, my daughter added it for me because previously, readers of my blog could follow or sign up via a website called Bloglovin, but that appears to have gone,  whether it is temporary or not, I don't know, but it isn't there now. 

If you followed me via Bloglovin you would have been notified when I uploaded a new blog post, and other bits and bobs regarding my blog, and now it looks like you won't. So I thought a newsletter might be a good idea for those of you who want to be kept in the loop, you will be notified of new blog posts I upload and any giveaways or competitions I have running,  or it might just be a little chatty email so we can have a chat sometimes too. 

 So if you want to sign up or subscribe, I'm not quite sure of the correct saying, but if you want to, fill in the form and you'll get a welcome email from me and then after that I will pop up in your inbox now and again, don't worry though I won't be emailing you constantly, you won't need to fear opening your inbox. 

I hope you like this idea and I hope some of you do sign up too, it feels more personal than Bloglovin which I like, and I will hopefully chat with you by email soon.

Thanks for reading, 

Zoë x

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