Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How I Apply MAC Face and Body Foundation

Hello Lovelies, 

I get asked a lot about the MAC Face & Body foundation and the most asked question I get is, how do I apply it? 

Recently I was asked if I could film and upload a gold eye make up look and I have been asked a lot  if I can use the face and body foundation in a tutorial, so I thought I would kill 2 birds with 1 stone and film the gold eye look whilst using the face and body foundation and I'd have a chat with you all at the same time, so 3 birds with 1 stone really. 

Since I'm asked a lot to write a blog post on how I use the face and body foundation too I thought I'd come over and share my video with you on my blog, it is hard sometimes to explain in written text and much easier to show you, so I thought I would share my video for those of you who'd like to see how I apply the face and body. 

If you would like to see the video click this link to be taken straight to the video. 

I hope you enjoy my golden summery make up look and I hope me showing how I apply the face and body is helpful for everyone who has asked. 

Thank you for reading/watching, much love as always, 

Zoe x

Monday, 18 August 2014

Date Night OOTD

Hello Lovelies,

A couple of weeks ago Simon and I went out for a meal so I thought I'd share with you what we wore.  We went to a local country pub/restaurant and had a nice meal and a few drinks, it was lovely to go out together and something we really enjoy doing and are doing more and more now our girls are older.

Unfortunately the photograph was taken on my phone and it was pouring with rain and going dark so it isn't very clear but hopefully you'll be able to see our outfits. 

It wasn't a very "posh" place we went to so we opted for a smart/casual look. 

What I wore

New Look Black  Chevron Fine Knit Pom Pom Hem Kimono - £22.99 available here
River Island Black Longline Vest Top - £6.00 available here
Next Pale Blue Skinny Jeans - £24 available here
Next Black Peep Toe Sling Back Heels - Old

What Simon Wore

ASOS Pink Oxford Short Sleeved Shirt - Was £18.00 now £12.00 available here
TU At Sainsburys Dark Blue Slim Leg Jeans - £12 available in store
Zign Navy Blue Boots old but similar from Next - £55.00 available here

We had a lovely evening and we have a rule that we always take selfies when we go out anywhere so here are our selfies from our evening out, some clearly taken before the drinks and some after!

Let me know if you'd like to see more OOTD posts featuring both me and Simon, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below, I always answer all my comments and questions so be sure to check back for my reply :)

Thank you for reading, much love as always,

Zoe x

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Were You A Brownie? The Big Brownie Birthday

Hello Lovelies,

Today I have a bit of a different post for you but one I think you'll find interesting. A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely lady called Cat from Girl Guiding, I was instantly drawn to Cats email because I was once a Brownie and a Guide myself and my niece is a Brownie but also because my lovely friend Claire who sadly passed away in June was a Brownie leader and did a lot of work for the Girl Guiding charity in her spare time and once I'd read Cats email I was very keen to be involved.

This year the Brownie section of Girl Guiding celebrates its 100th birthday and to mark this wonderful occasion a group of young female designers, all whom were Brownies have designed a limited edition t shirt for the Debenhams Red Herring Range. Sales from the t shirt will help Girl Guiding to continue to provide amazing experiences to empower girls and young women.

me wearing the t shirt

There are 3,000 of the limited edition range of t shirts available in Debenhams stores throughout the UK and Northern Ireland and also online. The t shirt comes in Ivory and Light Blue and is available in sizes 8 to 20, the price of the t shirt is £16.00 but 25% of that price goes to the Girl Guiding charity so £4.00 from every t shirt sold will go to the charity. I love the design on the t shirt especially the owls and there are little gem details around the branches and leaves adding a touch of glitz and glamour to the t shirt, it's a lovely t shirt and extra special as it was designed by women who were once Brownies. Also as a bit of fun, the swing tag on each t shirt contains a link to a ‘How Brownie Are You?’ quiz - challenging buyers to earn their ‘Brownie Points’. 

To mark The Big Brownie Birthday, thousands of girls across the UK voted for the top skills and qualities they believe truly deserve ‘Brownie Points’ and taking a stand against bullying, being brave and independent and helping to fight injustice came out on top this says a lot about young women today I feel and as a mum of two young girls, both who have been bullied I am so glad that taking a stand against bullying was there as a way to earn Brownie points, this is a very important message to give young females.

I am so pleased and proud to be part of the Big Brownie Birthday celebration and hope that if you were a Brownie you might buy one of the t shirts and wear it with pride and even if you haven't ever been a Brownie the t shirt is lovely and still something nice to be a part of as a female. 

Were you a Brownie? Take part in the "How Brownie Are You?" Quiz here

If you would like to buy a t shirt online the Ivory one is available here and the Light Blue one is available here or alternatively you can find them in Debenhams stores. 

Below are some close up photographs of the design on the t shirt. 

If you would like to find out more about The Brownies or Girl Guiding, you can find their website here

I dedicate this post to my lovely Claire bear, the best "Snowy Owl" ever!

Thank you for reading, much love as always, 

Zoe x

*I was kindly gifted my t shirt from Girl Guiding. 

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