Tuesday 30 November 2021

Christmas Gift Ideas For Children With Mosaikit

Christmas Gift Guide 2021

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Today I have a Christmas gift idea for children from Mosaikit, and although it's for children, when I opened it, I quite fancied having a little play with it myself. 

Who Are Mosaikit?

Mosaikit is the brainchild of Mosaic Artist Teresa Mills.

Teresa has more than 20 years of experience in the medium. She has written four books on mosaic art which have been translated and published in more than thirty countries. She has worked extensively on mosaic projects in schools and with groups of adults. She continues to experiment with the art form, most recently producing a series of stunning, finely beaded insect designs. 

Unicorn Mosaikit - £12.00

Unicorn Mosaikit

​Mosaikits are a wonderful introduction to mosaics. The pixelated design means there is no need for cutting, so no mess or sharp edges. Mosaikit offers forty designs with everything required — tiles, baseboard, glue — included in a lovely cotton bag. They make a lovely gift for arty crafty kids or an ideal party or ‘rainy day’ activity.

Unicorn Mosaikit

The Unicorn Mosaikit is a lovely craft kit and will make an ideal gift this Christmas, everything you need is in the cute tote bag, which can then be used again once the Mosaikit has been created. The kits come in 40 designs including animals, words, letters, rockets, trains amongst other things, there are so many and they are all lovely, there are even Christmas ones. 

If you don't think the kits with animals etc will be for your gift recipient, there is a Boredom Buster Kit which is also £12.00 and contains everything needed to make 2 coasters, this might be something a slightly older child might like, or if not, there is also the Mosaic & Decoupage Keepsake Box which is £15.00 and has everything needed to make a lovely keepsake box with a ceramic tile initial on the top which comes in different colours for you to choose from, including a sparkly one which is lovely. 

Also available from Mosaikit is the Boredom Buster Box which is £19.50 and contains everything needed to make 8 coasters, I think this is a great price and would also be a fantastic thing to buy for a child's party as an activity and works out at £2.43 per child and they can take their creation home too, my girls would have loved to do this at a party. 

I have gifted the Unicorn Kit to my lovely friends little girl, Mia, who loves Unicorns and her mummy assures me she's going to love it, once Mia has opened the kit and used it, I will ask her thoughts and edit this post to let you know what she thought. 

Overall Thoughts

I really like the Mosaikit and think it would make a lovely gift for any girls or boys this Christmas, or anytime of the year to be honest. There are so many designs to choose from and some other items to choose from too and all at affordable prices. 

I love how many designs there are of the Mosaikits, my daughters would have loved them when they were younger, they loved crafting and I know these would have been perfect. I would definitely recommend checking out the Mosaikit website and checking out all their products. 

To go directly to the website, click here, you can also get a 5% discount if you sign up for the newsletter.

Have the children in your life tried Mosaikit? Or do you think they would like to? And which one of the kits is your favourite? I like the giraffe and the dog, they are so cute, but they are all so lovely I'm spoilt for choice.  



Friday 26 November 2021

My First Glossier Mini Haul Plus Review


Glossier Mini Haul Plus Review

Talk about being late to the party, I think this is more a case of the party being well and truly over! When Glossier first launched online, the hype was real, everyone in the blogging world was talking about it, but because in the past, I have fallen for the hype of a new product and been bitterly disappointed, I thought I'd wait a while before I tried anything and then see if anything took my eye. 

Well, I definitely let the hype die down, I completely forgot about trying Glossier and didn't get round to ordering any products, this isn't a reflection of Glossier, life got in the way and when I say the last few years had rather a few curveballs, they had a few curve balls! So buying makeup fell by the wayside I suppose. 

A few months ago, a half-price code for Glossier was leaked on social media, I wasn't lucky enough to get the discount, but it did draw me to the website and I started to look at some of the products. My youngest daughter also had a browse and we decided we'd buy a few bits if there was another discount anytime soon. 

As luck would have it, Glossier launched a discount code a couple of weeks later so I decided to order a couple of things, my thought process was, if I liked them, I could always try more. My daughter also ordered a couple of things, 1 the same as me, and 2 different. 

The things I bought were the Glossier Futuredew, the Glossier Lidstar and I received a double sample of the Glossier Cloud Paint

Glossier Mini Haul Plus Review

Glossier Mini Haul Plus Review

The products didn't take long to arrive at all and when they did they came in a box, and inside was a lightly padded pink plastic zip up bag with the products in, I liked this because it's a great bag and I use it to store other things in. The packaging is nice, white clean looking boxes and simple wording, the sample of the Cloud Paint was exactly what I expected, a small sample size with enough product to try it out properly. 

Glossier Futuredew - 30ml £23.00

Glossier Mini Haul Plus Review

Glossier Mini Haul Plus Review

What it is: A shortcut to the way your skin looks after a full skincare routine—dewy, glowing, cared-for—in one long-wearing product


  • Nourishing oils (that don’t feel greasy) immediately give you a gleamy, well-moisturized look that lasts up to 12 hours
  • Powerful plant-based extracts work to make your skin look brighter, instantly and over time
  • Use it as the last step in your skincare routine after moisturizer, serums, and sunscreen
  • Doesn’t interfere with makeup—just makes skin dewier   

Futuredew is an "oil-serum hybrid" that can be worn all over the face, with or without makeup, or can be applied to the highpoints of the face to add a glow. My skin is very dry and it suits my skin perfectly, I think if you're more oily you may not need to use it all over the face but could enjoy using it for the glow on the highpoints of the face. I do also wear it alone on no makeup days if I want to look a bit more alive, sometimes I'll add mascara and lipgloss but sometimes I just use it alone, my skin just seems to look better, more healthy and plumper, it's a really lovely product and I can completely understand why it was featured in Caroline Hirons hall of fame. 

The Futuredew is pale peach in colour and has a pump applicator, I use one to two pumps and just pump straight onto my fingertips and then I massage it into my skin using my fingers, you could use a brush if you wanted to. The scent of the product isn't overbearing and doesn't linger at all, the Futuredew blends well and sinks into the skin beautifully without feeling greasy or sticky and it makes a really beautiful base for my makeup and my foundation looks lovely, not cakey or dry at all. 

Glossier Mini Haul Plus Review

Glossier Mini Haul Plus Review

The first time I used the Futuredew, I absolutely loved it. My skin is extremely dry and can look flakey, cakey and not great at all when I wear foundation, it doesn't matter which foundation or which coverage, it's just how my skin is. I do have a full and thorough skincare routine too, so sadly it's just something I have to put up with. The Futuredew is a complete and utter gamechanger for me and I will definitely repurchase, I haven't applied foundation without it since the first time I tried it and I will make sure it's a product I always have a backup of. 

Glossier Lidstar - £15.00

Glossier Lidstar

What it is: Soft, glistening eye colour that lasts all-day


• Creates a sheer veil of colour that locks onto lids without creasing (so no need for primer)
Ultrafine pigments are enveloped in a buttery base for a silky, blendable formula that swipes on easily
Each shade features different pearls, flecks, and pigments, for multidimensional colour that glows

Glossier Lidstar

I bought the Lidstar in the shade Fawn, which is described as a cool smoky taupe with violet and neutral gold pearls, I would say the shade description is pretty accurate, it's a lovely shade and has some sparkle which I seem to be drawn to, I think I was a magpie in a previous life. 

Glossier Lidstar in Fawn
Unedited Swatch

The Lidstar comes with a doe foot applicator which picks up a good amount of product, it sweeps the shadow over the eye effortlessly and applies a nice amount, not too much or too little. I use the applicator to apply the shadow to my eye lids and then blend it out and up into my socket with a fluffy blending brush and I also take some product from the applicator onto a small detailer brush which I then apply to my lower lash line, this is a really easy eye makeup look that finished with some mascara is effortless and has been my go to eye look since the Lidstar arrived. 

Glossier Lidstar
Wearing the Lidstar in Fawn

The Lidstars are available in 8 different shades, so if Fawn isn't for you, there are other shades to choose from, I have my eye on the shade Cub, which is a rose gold shade with a shimmer effect, I think that is definitely going to be in my next Glossier haul, it's a lovely shade. 

Sample - Cloud Paint in Storm & Puff

Glossier Cloud Paint

At the checkout when finalising the details of your Glossier order, there is an option to choose a sample, there are some skincare samples, and a perfume sample amongst others, but as soon as I saw the Cloud Paint samples I added them to my basket. I'd heard so many great things about these blushers and I love a cream blush so I wanted to try them. 

The samples come in the shades Storm and Puff, Storm is described as a warm rose and Puff is described as a cool pink, both are lovely shades and there is more than enough in the samples to try both shades and see if you like them. Puff was my favourite but I do like both shades and will definitely try more, I like the look of the shade Beam which is a soft peach. 

Sadly I am a bad blogger and completely forgot to swatch the Cloud Paint samples or take a photograph of my makeup when wearing them, but you can take my word for it that they are lovely, easy to apply and blend nicely into the skin, and don't disappear as you blend them like some other cream blushers I have tried in the past . I used my ring finger to tap the Cloud Paint onto the skin and then blended, also using my finger and finishing with my beauty blender. 

Overall Thoughts

My First Glossier Mini Haul

I am really pleased with the products I have from Glossier and I will 100% be buying more, my only regret is not buying these products sooner, especially the Futuredew, that is an absolute hero product for me and the best base I have ever used for my makeup. If you haven't tried anything from Glossier yet, bite the bullet like I did, I promise you, you won't regret it. 

As I type this it is Black Friday tomorrow and there is 20% off everything on the Glossier website right through until Monday 29th November 202, so a perfect time for me to try some more products, and for you to too if you would like. 

If you would like to try or just browse the Glossier website over the next few days, you can find it HERE, you never know, you might just pick up a bargain or two! 

Have you tried anything from Glossier? Do you have a hero or favourite Glossier product, I'd love to know. 


Friday 19 November 2021

Christmas Gift Guide 2021 With Adbra Happiness Habits

Adbra Happiness Habits
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Today is the first of my Christmas Gift Guides for 2021, and I am so excited to share with you, a lovely gift from Adbra, a small business from London, England. 

Who Are Adbra?

Adbra is a London based business, run by its co-owners, Adel and Libby who were inspired to start their business after experiencing the benefits that particular self-help tools and techniques brought to their daily lives. Adel and Libby researched and read many theories before deciding what ranges they would like to focus on, so they could share the benefits and techniques they had found, with as many people as they could. 

They began to create mindfulness and sustainability challenge jars from home, and have gone on to develop positive affirmation and gratitude products and today I am very excited to share one of their products with you, the Adbra Happiness Habits Jar

Adbra Happiness Habits

Adbra Happiness Habits

Adbra Happiness Habits

Start developing habits to improve your well-being with the 30-day Happiness Habits jars.


Each jar is filled with little messages, mini-activities, quotes, prompts or affirmations to help support better mental health. Due to their popularity, there are now have 8 types of jars - that's 8 months of inspiration for you and your loved ones to enjoy! 

All the jars are handmade in Adbra's London studio.


The 8 types are:

  • Positive affirmations (affirmations)
  • Mindfulness (mini-activities)
  • Self-kindness (mini-activities)
  • Gratitude (affirmations)
  • Journalling (prompts)
  • Motivation (quotes)
  • Sustainability (mini-activities)
  • Friendship (quotes)


The affirmations can be used to support journalling practice, repeated throughout the day or shared between friends and family.

Adbra Happiness Habits

Adbra Happiness Habits

I love the Happiness Habits Jar, it is filled with 30 different affirmations, printed on pastel coloured, 100% recyclable paper. At first, I didn't think I would keep up with choosing a different piece of paper every day, but I really enjoyed doing it and ended up looking forward to it. I kept the box the jar came in to put the papers I had read in, and then when I had finished the jar, I put them all back and lent the jar to my friend, who also loved it and passed it onto her daughter and I'm sure many other friends and family members will be taking the jar home with them too, everyone I have shown the jar to or told them about it has been really interested. 

Some of the words didn't apply to me, but I did try to think how they could in a different context to fit with my life as it is now. The really spooky thing is, the first piece of paper I pulled out said " I am thankful for being alive" this resonated with me so so much and I have to admit, I filled up with tears. I won't go into detail, but I never thought I would be here at the age I am now, and I am extremely thankful that I am, I saw it as a sign, maybe a bit silly, but the jar has definitely changed my way of thinking for the better. 

Adbra Happiness Habits

If the Happiness Habits Jars aren't something you feel you or anyone you buy a gift for at Christmas would appreciate, Adbra also sell a Gratitude Planner / Well Being Journal, Positive Affirmation Cards, and a Digital Gratitude Planner, all look really lovely and perfect.

Overall Thoughts

I really would recommend the Adbra Happiness Habits Jar as a gift for someone this Christmas, or a treat to yourself, a birthday gift, or any gift. It is a lovely product and for someone who didn't think they would use it, I have been looking at the other jars in the range and they all look great, they are a lovely idea and the thought of buying someone something that will make them smile each day is a lovely feeling. 

The Happiness Habit Jars also come in a 100 day size for £19.90, which come in 4 different types:

• Positive Affirmations
• Mindfulness
• Self Kindness  
• Gratitude 

You can also buy the jars in a pack of 3 for £29.90 which saves you £8.80 so ideal for gifting more than one person, the 3 pack comes in the following jars:

• Self Kindness
• Mindfulness
• Positive Affirmations

And there is also a create your own Happiness Habit Jar which is £19.99 and is a 30-day jar. 

Another brilliant thing about this small business is they offer a 30 day money back gurantee, so if your not happy with your items after 30 days, you can request a refund. 

As well as loving the products available from Adbra, I absolutely love their values, from volunteering for mental health charities to donating products to front line workers and care packages to local community groups, they also do their best for the planet using recyclable products and lowering their carbon footprint. You can read more about Adel and Libby here

It is a definite 10/10 for Adbra from me, and I am sure they will have something which will be a perfect gift idea for someone you buy for this Christmas, they seem like great people who care for others and the enviroment and they have a fabulous small business. 

You can find the Adbra website here, it's easy to navigate and alongside the products they sell, there is some other great information on there too. 

Have you heard of Adbra? Or have you tried something from their small business? If not, which jar would you choose or buy for someone this Christmas? 



Saturday 13 November 2021

The Omorovicza Night Time Heroes Gift Set

The Omorovicza Night Time Heros Gift Set
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Omorovicza is a skincare brand I have wanted to try for a very long time, their products always sounded incredible and I have read many brilliant reviews of their products over the years but hadn't got around to trying them.

Last Christmas (2020) one of my lovely friends Siobhan was hosting a giveaway to win the Omorovicza Night-Time Heros Gift Set, I entered as soon as I saw the post about it, but never thought I'd win as there were a lot of entries. To my surprise, I had a message from Omorovicza who were choosing the winner, to say I had won the giveaway a few days before Christmas, and I was absolutely thrilled. 

I was so excited, I don't think I have replied to a message as fast as I did the one from Omorovicza telling me I'd won and asked for my address! The parcel arrived just before Christmas and looked amazing, but I didn't start using the products for a little while, because I had skincare I was using and didn't want it to go to waste, even though I was itching to try all the products. 

The Omorovicza Night Time Heros Gift Set

The Omorovicza Night Time Heros Gift Set

The Night Time Heros gift set comes with three Omorovicza products, the Cashmere Cleanser, Instant Plumping Cream and the Queen Of Hungary Mist, all the products are full size and the packaging is lovely and feels luxurious. 

The Omorovicza Night Time Heros Gift Set

The Omorovicza Night Time Heros Gift Set

Infused with a host of beneficial ingredients, including Shea Butter, Calendula Extract and vitamin-rich Apricot Kernel Oil, the luxurious cleanser purifies and hydrates skin to restore a supple, youthful visage. The brand's patented Healing Concentrate delivery system infuses minerals into the deeper layers of skin to promote a smoother, firmer and more refined complexion.

Omorovicza Cashmere Cleanser

The Cashmere Cleanser (100ml) is lovely, it's a creamy texture that is easily applied to wet skin and massages into the skin beautifully. Once I have applied the cleanser, I use a face cloth which I have run under hot water and wrung out, to wipe away the cleanser. My skin is left feeling clean, fresh, soft and supple and just lovely, and without leaving any residue on my skin at all. 

It really is a lovely product, and although this is a nighttime gift set, I have also used the cleanser as my morning cleanser which works equally as well. 

Omorovicza Cashmere Cleanser

The Omorovicza Night Time Heros Gift Set

Enriched with Apple Pectin and a nourishing blend of Rose, Sage and Orange Blossom Waters, the refreshing mist balances and hydrates, whilst the brand's patented Healing Concentrate infuses minerals deep into the skin to promote a firmer, younger-looking visage. Inspired by the Queen of Hungary Water - the world’s first recorded perfume specially formulated for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary in the 14th Century - the non-greasy spray can be used as a purifying post-cleanse toner, or as a revitalising spritz throughout the day to soften and replenish

The Omorovicza Night Time Heros Gift Set

The Queen Of Hungary Mist (30ml) is, without doubt, my favourite product of the three in the gift set, the first time I used it, I loved it, my skin felt refreshed and lovely and the scent is beautiful. I use this as the third step in my skincare routine, after my cleanser and exfoliating toner, and it is my favourite step. The mist is a fine mist that sprays evenly over the face, I use two sprays and it is enough. 

It is also lovely to use if I am hot as I do get hot quite often due to health issues and this is so refreshing, I honestly cannot recommend it enough, the packaging is lovely and luxurious as is the product and I absolutely love it! 

The Omorovicza Night Time Heros Gift Set

The indulgent moisturiser replenishes hydration with micro-spheres filled with Hyaluronic Acid that swell to plump out wrinkles, increase skin volume and promote a more youthful appearance. The face cream also features ceramides work to reinforce dermal structures to restore skin integrity. Create a radiant, dewy complexion with this luxurious moisturiser for a plumped-up finish.

The Omorovicza Night Time Heros Gift Set

The Omorovicza Night Time Heros Gift Set

The Instant Plumping Cream (50ml) does exactly what it says on the tin, as they say, it is a beautiful rich moisturiser that instantly plumps the skin, leaving it feeling soft and nourished. I love it and it is perfect for my dry skin but is suitable for all skin types. The cream has a lovely rich feel to it and it melts into the skin perfectly, it has a lovely scent and a little goes a long way, meaning the jar lasts for a good length of time. Usually, with a moisturiser, I will need to use a little more than the average user, as my skin is so dry, and especially in the winter, but with this, I was surprised at how little I needed to use. It really is a beautiful product and my skin loves it and feels so nice after using it and still feels lovely in the morning. 

My Overall Thoughts

I absolutely love everything about this set, the packaging is lovely, and all three products are delightful. My favourite product is, without doubt, the Queen Of Hungary Mist, it is a lovely product and one I will 100% repurchase, it comes in two sizes, 30ml which is priced at £22.00 and 100ml which is priced at £59.00, the bottle that comes in the set is a 30ml bottle and I found is more than enough, so if you wanted to try it but didn't want to buy the 100ml, the 30ml is more than enough. 

The cleanser and plumping cream are also divine products and as I said earlier in my post, although the gift set is a nighttime heroes set, I have used all 3 products quite a few times, in the morning. The cleanser works well at removing makeup, although I liked to savour it, so only used it to remove my makeup a few times. 

The plumping cream is lovely applied in the morning before makeup, my makeup applies beautifully and looks lovely too. 

Overall, I recommend both the gift set and all the products inside, I am so grateful to Omorovicza for choosing me to win the set, but also sad because they have now created a love for their brand and I need to try so many more of their products and have a wishlist so long I could have written it on a loo roll! I honestly can't praise these products enough, and can't recommend them enough either, 

If like me, you haven't ever tried the brand and would like to, a gift set is a brilliant way of doing so, and the Omorovicza website has a great selection of gift sets to choose from, and if you don't like the look of any of those, you can create your own gift set from a range of products, which is something I haven't ever seen before and such a great idea, and if you're a new customer, you can get a 15% discount off your first order with the code OMNEW and who doesn't love a bit of discount? 

If you would like to try the Night Time Heroes gift set, or you think someone you know might like it as a Christmas gift or any gift, you can find it HERE on the Look Fantastic website for £148.00 which is a saving of £36.70 compared to buying the products separately. 

Have you tried any of the products in the Night Time Heroes gift set? If so which is your favourite? And since I'm new to the brand, what Omorovicza products would you recommend I try? Please comment below and I will get back to you asap.


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