Thursday 28 December 2023

I Have Some News: Unveiling My Latest Blog Series!

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Hello, welcome back to those who are regular readers of my blog, and welcome if it's your first time reading my blog, it's lovely to have you here. 

Today I have some news, I am going to be writing a series "Accessible Adventures" all about accessibility within venues, tourist attractions and basically anywhere I visit.  I feel there is definitely a need for honest reviews surrounding accessibility, especially from those who require it. 

If you are new around here, or if you're not but aren't aware, I'll explain a little about me and why this series is important to me. 

A Bit About Me

I won't go into mass detail but just to give you a bit of background, I suffer from some extremely serious, incurable and life-changing medical conditions. These medical conditions affect both my physical and mental well-being and have a debilitating effect on me daily, because of this when I go out,  I rely on crutches and a wheelchair as mobility aids and I use several other adaptations and equipment to help me day to day. My wheelchair was specially designed for me by Wheelchair Services after being referred to them by my Neurologist and is a self-propelled type of wheelchair. While the wheelchair is a self-propelled wheelchair, the effects of my medical conditions, unfortunately, prevent me from being able to self-propel it, meaning I need the assistance of someone to push me, this is usually my youngest daughter or my partner.

When I visited Wheelchair Services, they explained that it is much easier for the person pushing the wheelchair to push a self-propelled wheelchair than it is to push one that isn't, it is something to do with the wheels being much bigger making it easier for the person pushing and more comfortable for the wheelchair user, I thought this was worth mentioning in case anyone reading is looking to get a wheelchair or someone you know is. 

Why The New Blog Series?

Since being disabled, I have noticed so much that the world isn't always as suitable for wheelchair users and other mobility aid users as it should be. This said I have been making notes when I have been attending anything from events and tourist attractions to going away for a weekend or on holiday and even disabled toilet facilities.

This is where my new blog series "Accessible Adventures" was born, I decided that being a blogger, I could write about my experiences and it would hopefully be useful for others.  I always search to find out what the accessibility is like at places I am going to visit and sometimes I'll read good reviews and then it's completely different when I visit, I had that recently at one of our family Christmas trips out, and that really spurred me on to start my series, and in fact, that venue will be the first post in my series. 

Any Requests Or Questions?

If there are any specific requests you have or questions, please feel free to either leave them below in the comments section, or email me at, my social media accounts are all @mammafulzo too if that's easier for you,  but please do let me know, I want to be as helpful as I possibly can. 

 Thank you for reading

Zoƫ x

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