Tuesday 27 November 2012

Is oily hair a problem for you?

For years now I have suffered with oily hair and it drives me insane, if I don't wash my hair every day it is oily and looks like I have poured a bottle of olive oil all over my head! I hate it, it is such a pain and I have tried everything on the market, I am also a connoisseur of dry shampoo I have tried so many, and I have found one I like but it still isn't the same as having clean hair, I can only wear my hair down when I have just washed my hair, even if I wash my hair at night it will be too oily in the morning for me to wear it down and I have to put dry shampoo in it and then put it up in a top knot or pony tail.

In the summer I was on the website Feel Unique buying products for my holiday to Greece and I thought I'd look at the shampoos for oily hair as I am always on the look out for something new to try, I saw that the Phtyo range of hair products had 20% off and they had a couple of shampoos for oily hair, I have read quite a lot of good things about Phyto as a brand so I looked into both the shampoos they had which were for oily hair and then went on to look at some reviews on line also, I decided to buy the Phyto Phytocedrat Purifying Treatment Shampoo as it was on offer and the reviews on line were all positive but to be honest I didn't hold out much hope as in the past other shampoos I have tried haven't worked. 

The shampoo came and the first thing I noticed apart from that is was in a metal bottle was the smell, it isn't a smell I like to be honest, it does smell a bit lemony but also a bit herbally, that's the only way I can really describe the smell, I like fruity smells and sweet smells and this is none of those, but it wasn't so bad it put me off, and I decided to use it that evening in the shower. The directions for use are to massage the shampoo into the scalp and then leave for 2 minutes before rinsing it off, my hair does get quite knotted when I have towel dried it but I can brush it out easily so it isn't really a problem. The consistency of the shampoo is really thin and runny and I have to take the lid off then hold the lid and the bottle in my hand and cup my other hand, pour the shampoo into my cupped hand and then put it on my scalp, it is so runny this is the only way to apply the shampoo to my hair, the colour of the shampoo is a browny colour so not very appealing but that doesn't matter if it works does it? 

The day after I used the shampoo my hair wasn't as oily as it normally would be but it wasn't clean enough for me to be able to wear it down, I spoke to my sister about it as she is a hairdresser and she said that with a lot of the shampoos for oily hair sometimes the hair can get worse before it gets better and to persevere with it. I carried on using the shampoo and was a bit disappointed with it and thought it wasn't really doing much and then one day forgot and picked up the shampoo I had been using previously which was an Alberto Balsam Apple shampoo, I washed my hair with it and dried it and went to bed, in the morning my hair was so so oily it was unreal, making me realise that the Phytocedrat shampoo was actually working. 

I have re purchased the Phytocedrat shampoo twice more since and I have to say it really is good, I can wash my hair now every other day which for me is fantastic, for example I washed my hair yesterday morning and dried and straightened it and this morning my hair doesn't need washing, I will wash it tomorrow but if I didn't have an appointment tomorrow I could probably just dry shampoo it and put it up which before would never have been possible, I am really pleased with this shampoo and cannot recommend it highly enough, the smell and consistency aren't the best but it really does do the job, and the best bit is it doesn't contain silicone or parabens. Here's what Feel Unique say about the shampoo and a photograph I took of my bottle of shampoo.

This antiseptic shampoo regulates the scalp and prevents the spread of oil, providing ultra-oil absorbing benefits.

The botanical active ingredients used in Phyto PhytoCedrat Shampoo (essential oil of citron, tormentil, geranium, nettle, rosemary and sage) regulate the sebaceous glands and decrease sebum secretion. The scalp is perfectly clean and the hair feels lighter and is beautifully shiny. Hair no longer requires frequent shampoos. Helps prevent the rebound effect. May be used on both natural and colour-treated hair.

Hair is left bouncy, soft and shiny.

Directions for use:
- Wet hair, apply shampoo
- Massage gently into a lather
- Leave on for 2 minutes
- Rinse thoroughly
- Repeat if necessary

Active Ingredients
- Essentials Oil of Lemon.
- Geranium Extract.
- Extraction from 9 Plants (48%).

Silicone and Paraben Free 

I am really impressed with this shampoo and would recommend it to anyone who suffers from oily hair, it has worked wonders for me and I will continue to use it, it is expensive at £11.50 for a 200ml bottle but Feel Unique are always having promotions and offering discount codes so I buy it when it has money off. 

Have you tried the Phytocedrat shampoo or any other shampoo for oily hair? What did you think? Do you have any recommendations for me for my oily hair? 

Thank you for reading, much love

Zoe x

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