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Trying Kerastase Hair Products

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My hair has been the bane of my life for a long time now, I suffer from very oily hair and my hair is thin due to me having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, some people grow excess hair with PCOS and some people lose hair and I am most definitely the latter which is really irritating. When I was asked recently if I would like to try some products from the brand Kerastase I was really pleased and of course said yes please straight away. I have been trying out some products for the last 2-3 weeks now and I wanted to let you know my thoughts on them. 

Kerastase Bain Divalent Balancing Shampoo

The Kerastase Bain Divalent Shampoo is a balancing shampoo for oily roots and sensitised lengths, and removes excess sebum whilst cleansing the scalp, it is enriched with Glycine and Vitamin B6 and re balances moisture from the root and repairs dehydrated and damaged fibres leaving the hair lightweight and softened. The shampoo is free from silicone meaning the hair will feel revitalised and look shiny. 

The shampoo smells incredible, it has a lovely fresh scent that isn't over powering. The shampoo lathers up really well and one thing I noticed immediately was that I don't need to use a lot, I have long hair and usually need to use quite a lot of shampoo but I don't with this, a little goes a long way and both myself, and my 2 daughters have been using the shampoo for the last 2-3 weeks and there is still around a third of the bottle left which is brilliant. 

The shampoo lathers up really well and is easy to rinse out, usually when my hair has been washed it is very tangled and hard to brush through but I don't find that when using the Kerastase, my hair brushes through a lot easier than with other shampoos. My hair feels lovely and soft when it is dry and it has a lovely shine which I don't usually have, having blonde hair it is rare my hair looks shiny. 

Usually having very oily hair I have to wash my hair every day but since using the Kerastase Bain Divalent I find I can go 2-3 days without washing my hair which for me being in a lot of pain is brilliant because having my hair washed and dried can be exhausting. If I want to wear my hair down I can do on the day it has been washed and the day after but on the 3rd day I will pop a little dry shampoo through my hair and wear it up which is brilliant for me and unheard of because usually with my hair being so oily, it has to be washed every day. 

The Kerastase Bain Divalent is a brilliant shampoo, it smells amazing, lathers up well, rinses out well and my hair is left oil free and looking and feeling great,  if you suffer with oily hair or oily roots and dry ends, I highly recommend this shampoo. You can find it on the Kerastase website HERE priced at £17.90 250ml or on the Look Fantastic website HERE where it is currently on offer for £13.40. 

Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique - Resurfacing Strengthening Milk

The Kerastase Ciment Thermique is a leave in heat protectant hair treatment that is applied to towel dried hair before styling, it contains Vita-Ciment Topseal which works to strengthen the hair from the inside out whilst also repairing the outer layer and leaving a protective topcoat. It provides protection from the moment heat reaches the hair, leaving a smooth and shinier finish and healthier looking hair.  

The Ciment Thermique strengthening milk is white in colour and is thicker than a lotion but not as thick as a cream and it smells amazing. I apply it to my towel dried hair before my hair is dried with the hair dryer and brush my hair through, my hair dries a lot faster than it does without using the Ciment Thermique, it cuts down the time it takes to dry my hair to less than half the time and I feel good knowing my hair is being protected from the heat of my hairdryer and then my straighteners which are used after my hair dryer. 

I really like this product, my hair dries super fast which is brilliant and it is protected from my hairdryer and straighteners, another bonus of this product is that it doesn't make my hair oily at all, I usually shy away from using products in my hair because they always make my hair oily but this doesn't at all. My youngest daughter also uses this and she loves it too and is really pleased that her hair dries a lot faster when she uses it, it's a brilliant product and one I would highly recommend. You can find the Ciment Thermique Strengthening Milk on the Kerastase website HERE priced at £20.90 150ml or the Feel Unique website HERE where it is currently on offer for £15.65 (was £20.90).

Kerastase Fondant Densite - Lifting Bodifying Care

The Kerastase Fondant Densite is a wash out hair treatment that contains hyaluronic acid and Intra-Cyclane which are minerals that strengthen the hair from the inside. It provides improved texture, fullness of the hair, resilience to the hair and a weightless feel. I apply the Fondant Densite to my hair after shampooing and towel drying, I apply it to my hair, leave for 1-2 minutes and then rinse out. 

The Fondant Densite is a cream like texture and with all the other Kerastase products, it smells lovely. My hair feels incredible when I use it and it looks and feels so much fuller and like I have so much more volume in my hair, my hair is very thin because I lose a lot of hair due to my PCOS and this is a fabulous product for making my hair look and feel so much thicker, my hair also feels extremely soft and is beautifully shiny too. My youngest daughter has also been using this product and she loves it too and she is so happy with the way her hair looks when she uses it, her hair looks and feels so much thicker too. 

I absolutely adore this product and cannot recommend it enough, my hair looks and feels so much thicker it is amazing, and my hair isn't oily when I use it either, it gives incredible results from the first use, I love it and it smells incredible. You can find the Kerastase Fondant Densite on the Feel Unique website where it is on offer for £15.65 200ml (was £20.90) HERE.

Kerastase Masque Age Recharge

The Kerastase Masque Age Recharge is a firming gel mask to replenish hair that has lost vitality, it's protective formula works to renew your hairs strength and vitality, leaving it feeling soft and smooth and incredibly shiny. The mask contains Vita-Ciment which strengthens the hair from within and Euphorbia Wax to even out the hairs texture, the unique gel mask reinforces the hairs natural defences and transforms the texture of the hair without weighing it down. 

I have been using the mask once a week and applying it all over my hair, massaging it in and then leaving for 5 minutes, I then add a little water to emulsify and then rinse thoroughly. My hair feels absolutely incredible after using the mask, it feels soft and silky and feels and looks thicker too, I rarely ever really use hair masks because the ones I have used in the past have made my hair oily but this mask doesn't make my hair oily at all, it doesn't leave my hair feeling weighed down at all either, it is really nice and I am thrilled with it, my hair looks so nice after using it and if you're like me and have been put off using hair masks because they make your hair oily or feel weighed down, I highly recommend you try this one, it is absolutely lovely! You can find the Kerastase Masque Age Recharge on offer on the Look Fantastic website HERE priced at £21.35 200ml (was £28.50)

My Overall Thoughts On The Kerastase Products

I am absolutely thrilled with all 4 Kerastase products, they all smell incredible and all leave my hair looking and feeling amazing. I love that I can use the shampoo and the Fondant Densite and the Ciment Thermique together and my hair isn't oily the day after or even the same day which is usually the outcome if I use hair treatments. The mask is outstanding and the way my hair looks and feels after using it is fantastic, I have noticed my hair feels and looks so much nicer since I have been using the Kerastase products and I definitely want to try out some other products from the brand, I have honestly been blown away by how amazing each product is, I never thought I would be so pleased with hair products so much but these have to be some of the best hair products I have ever used and I highly recommend them. 

To find out more about the various different products and ranges from Kerastase, check out their website HERE

Have you tried Kerastase products? What is your favourite range/product? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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