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Christmas Gift Ideas From Sanctuary Spa


Christmas Gift Ideas From Sanctuary Spa
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It really isn't Christmas in my house without a gift of a gift set, I love to receive them and use all my new things on Boxing Day, and today I have two absolutely beautiful gift sets to share with you from Sanctuary Spa

This coming week is the last week to do your Christmas shopping and known for being the busiest week for Christmas shopping here in the UK, there are usually some good deals and discounts to be had at this time of year too, and I have some brilliant discounts on these gift sets for you today, so if you still have some gifts to buy or you want to treat yourself, this is the blog post for you, so keep on reading. 

Sanctuary Spa Perfect Pamper Parcel - Was £18.00 now £14.40

Sanctuary Spa Perfect Pamper Parcel

Sanctuary Spa Perfect Pamper Parcel

Give the ultimate gift of relaxation this festive season with the Sanctuary Spa Christmas Perfect Pamper Parcel. Housed in a vibrant and handy case, this collection offers an array of luxurious pampering gifts for the perfect spa-inspired evening. It features must-have essentials such as a luxury bath float and the infamous Sanctuary salt scrub, making it the ideal present for loved ones this Christmas.

Vegan Friendly.

The outer packaging is 100% recyclable made with FSC-certified paperboard.

Plastic-free packaging excluding contents.

Reusable rigid box with removable sleeve.

Set Components:

Body Wash 75ml

This body wash helps to awaken and rejuvenate the skin with an aromatic scent and rich texture. Infused with essential oils, the formula works to cleanse the body while leaving it feeling smooth and pampered.

Luxury Bath Float 75ml

Allow your body to sink into paradise, with the luxurious essence of the bath float. The formula helps generate rich and creamy bubbles that fill the bath and create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Salt Scrub 60g                                                                          

This exfoliating formula helps buff away dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling polished and pampered. The salt scrub is infused with essential oils to help rejuvenate the skin and has been fragranced with notes of patchouli and sandalwood to create an aromatic experience to awake the senses.

Body Lotion 75ml

This rich body moisturiser provides deep nourishment to leave the skin feeling smooth and replenished

Heel Balm 35ml

Treat your feet to this replenishing moisturiser that helps to nourish the heels. The formula helps to soften and smooth the skin giving the appearance of healthier, glowing feet.

Ultra-Rich Hand Cream 30ml

Take care of your hands with this sumptuous cream that helps promote supple and smooth hands. The rich formula helps to replenish dry skin and offer rejuvenation to tired-looking hands.

Body Puff

This luxurious body puff offers a deep cleanse, creating a thick lather to leave the skin feeling refreshed.

Sanctuary Spa Perfect Pamper Parcel

I love that the box is reusable, the sleeve comes off so the box can be used for anything you like, it's a really pretty box and great for storage. I am going to store my backup skincare items in mine. 

All the products in the pamper parcel are lovely and they smell beautiful. I think the heel balm and body lotion may be my favourites but all the products are really nice, the pamper parcel gift set is a really lovely gift set and one I think anyone would be lucky to receive this Christmas, and I have some discounted prices for you. 

You can find the Perfect Pamper Parcel on the Sanctuary Spa website HERE for £14.40 (was £18.00) and the Look Fantastic website HERE for £13.50 (was £18.00) and also the Argos website HERE for £15.00 (was £18.00) so the Look Fantastic price is the best I could find with a £4.50 saving.

Sanctuary Spa Slumber Box - Was £30.00 now £15.00

Sanctuary Spa Slumber Box

Sanctuary Spa Slumber Box

Created to inspire a moment of relaxation this holiday period, the Sanctuary Spa Christmas Slumber Box provides an indulgent pamper in the comfort of home.

Set Contents: 

Sleep Mist 100ml 
An evening spray formulated with a burst of skin-loving ingredients for a dose of nourishment before bed. Spritzing your pillow will release a medley of botanical aromas to uplift the senses as part of your nighttime ritual.

De-Stress Bath Salts 150g
Perfect for a post-workout soak or after-work pamper, the bath salts are designed to immerse the skin in a soothing blend of ingredients. Infused with a relaxing fragrance, the bath salts encourage a moment of me-time after a long day.

De-Stress Warming Body Balm 75ml
A body balm enriched with a blend of moisturising oils to help replenish skin with hydration. The self-heating formula creates comforting sensations when applied to the skin while offering a fragrant infusion of ginger and rosemary oil.

Sanctuary Spa Slumber Box

Sanctuary Spa Slumber Box

I really struggle to sleep at night and these products have been a joy to use, the sleep mist is lovely and makes not only my pillow but the whole bedroom smell amazing, my partner Simon said it's like going to bed in a spa and he finds it relaxing too. 

I love to use the body balm and then spray my pillow with the sleep mist before bed, I spray my duvet too to be honest, and the bedroom feels and smells really calming and relaxing, these products have really worked with helping me to relax and feel calm whilst in bed, to be honest, they aren't something I would have really looked at before, but now I have been using them, I will definitely repurchase them when I'm running low.

If you would like to buy someone the slumber box this Christmas or if you want to treat yourself (I highly recommend it) then I have found an amazing discount for you. 

You can find the slumber box on the Superdrug website HERE for £15.00 (was £30.00) which is an incredible half price discount, it was originally £30 then £20 and now £15, which is brilliant and a bargain, so much so, I am going to pick one up for myself as a backup. 

Overall Thoughts

I think it's safe to say, I love both these gift sets, I love that the boxes are reusable and so pretty, and the products are all beautiful and smell incredible, the slumber box has been amazing for me in terms of being able to relax more, unfortunately unless a cure for my medical conditions is found, I am never going to be able to fully relax and sleep, but I do feel calmer and more relaxed which is wonderful. 

I think anyone would be happy to receive either of these gift sets this Christmas, and with the cheeky discounts, you'll save some pennies too, whats not to love? Happy shopping! 

Have you tried Sanctuary Spa? Which is your favourite out of the two gift sets? 


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