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Trying New Skincare From Hada Labo - My Thoughts


a blog post reviewing hada labo skin care products
It's true to say that I'm a bit of a lot of a skincare geek and love trying new skincare brands and their products and I often use the internet to research skincare, especially if there's a product I've heard a lot about. I especially love Japanese skincare and had recently been researching the brand Hada Labo Tokyo after seeing it pop up in the blogging world, and being very interested in their anti ageing range. So I was extremely delighted when I received an email asking if I would like to try some of their products. I, of course, said "yes please" and have been trying out some products for the last few weeks, today I am going to let you know my thoughts. 

Who Are Hada Labo Tokyo?

Hada Labo was created in Japan by Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. under the concept of “Perfect and Simple,” which promises highly effective skincare while eliminating all unnecessary ingredients and additives. Since its introduction in Japan in 2004, the Hada Labo brand has grown to more than 60 different products and expanded its success to several Asian countries. Hada Labo Tokyo™ is the first Japanese skincare line to launch at U.S. mass retailers.

All products are paraben-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, and mineral oil-free.

Hada Labo Tokyo™ is an essential, rehydrating skin care line with everything your skin needs, and nothing it doesn’t. Radiant and youthful skin.

The Products I Received

a blog post reviewing hada labo Tokyo skincare products

The products I received were:

Anti Ageing Super Hydrator - £17.45 

Anti Ageing Sheet Mask - £2.99

Moisturising Sheet Mask - £2.99

Hada Labo Anti Ageing Super Hydrator

Hada Labo super hydrator, a moisturising serum containing retinols, japanese skincare, superdrug

serum for ageing skin, hada labo, super hydrator with retinols for anti ageing

"This Anti-Aging Lotion - Super Hydrator is an easily absorbed, rejuvenating facial lotion with 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen & Retinol. The unique formulation helps to hydrate dry and dehydrated skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles." 

I have dry and sometimes dehydrated skin and my skin would be considered "mature" I always look for certain ingredients when choosing skincare, Hyaluronic Acid is always on the list of things I look for and since I've gotten older and noticed fine lines, I like to include retinol/acids into my skincare routine too. 

When I saw the Super Hydrator was included in my package from Hada Labo, I was thrilled, and I did something I don't normally do, and know most bloggers won't do either, which was, using the product before it had been photographed. I never do that but I wanted to try the product and I had cleansed my face and it was looking at me from the box of PR products that were waiting to be photographed, so I had to use it, I mean, it would be rude not to wouldn't it? 

The consistency of the Super Hydrator is runny and water like with a subtle fresh scent and is colourless. I pumped two pumps into the palm of my hand then put my hands together and patted the product into my skin, including my neck and décolletage, it felt a little sticky when I first applied it but that soon disappeared and my skin felt lovely, soft, refreshed and had a lovely glow. I follow with a moisturiser and my skin feels soft and hydrated all day and the glow I have is unreal, I love it. 

Hada Labo Sheet Masks

sheet face masks, hydrating sheet maks, anti ageing sheet mask, hada labo sheet masks

Hada Labo Moisturizing Sheet Mask

sheet mask from hada labo, moisturising sheet mask, skin care sheet mask

"This sheet mask deeply moisturises the skin due to the multi molecular HA included.

Fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin"

Since I loved the Super Hydrator so much I couldn't wait to try the masks out too and the first one I tried was the Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask, the mask was pretty easy to put on and once I'd positioned the eyes, nose and mouth openings in the right place, I pressed the mask into my skin and left it on for 15 minutes. Once I removed the mask, my skin still had product on it so I massaged that into my face and neck and left it to dry. 

My skin felt so soft and plump after using the mask and felt hydrated for days, it hasn't felt that good for a very long time, if ever! It looked lovely too and that isn't a word I'd ever usually use when speaking about my skin. I had much better results using the mask than when I used high end brand sheet masks in the past, which were 10 times the price. 
Hada Labo Anti Ageing Facial Sheet Mask

anti ageing sheet mask, hada labo sheet mask, japanese skin care

"This anti wrinkle sheet mask deeply moisturises the skin due to the multi molecular HA included. The collagen and retinol also help firm and rejuvenate the skin.

Fragrance free, suitable for sensitive skin and contains 4 types of HA. 

Contains collagen and retinol"

Because the Moisturising Sheet Mask left my skin feeling and looking so well, I felt I didn't need to try the Anti Ageing Sheet Mask for a couple of weeks. I applied it in exactly the same way as the moisturising mask and again left it on for 15 minutes, once I'd removed the mask, I massaged the rest of the product that was left on my face into my face and neck. 

Once again I was blown away with the results, my skin was glowing, hydrated, smooth and looked amazing, so much so that when it came to makeup I only used minimum products and I never do that, usually, I am trying my best to add some glow with highlight and blush and hating how my skin looks. 

My Overall Thoughts On Hada Labo 

hada labo skincare, anti ageing, hydrating, japanese skincare

I think it's fair to say, I am absolutely blown away with the results I got from using the Hada Labo products, I have already re-purchased all three products so I have a backup of the Super Hydrator because I am still using the original bottle around 8 weeks after starting it, a little really does go a very long way. I have also purchased 3 each of the masks. 

I have continued to use the Super Hydrator daily and I still love it just as much. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated, soft, plump and looking extra glowy. Usually, I have to use quite a rich moisturiser, even during the summer months but I haven't needed to since using the Super Hydrator, I have been able to use a much lighter one which is a first for me. And the way my skin looked and felt after using the sheet masks is the best it has looked and felt, it was glowing and felt hydrated for the longest time, I am still blown away by the results, I had read very good reviews before trying the products but now I can completely understand why this brand has such rave reviews. 

I would highly recommend all three products, they are all incredible. I have the driest skin on the planet so to get results like I have, is absolutely amazing. 

If you would like to try any of the Hada Labo products, and I definitely recommend you do, you need to run, not walk and find the Super Hydrator HERE or HERE for £17.45, the Moisturising Sheet Mask HERE for £2.99 and the Anti Ageing Sheet Mask HERE for £2.99 and if you would like to check out the full range of Hada Labo products, you can find them on the Superdrug website HERE or on Amazon HERE

Have you tried anything from Hada Labo? Or would you like to try any of the products I have shared my thoughts on today? Chat with me in the comments. 

Zoë x

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