Tuesday 20 September 2022

Do You Want A Half Price Grocery Shop? - I Have An Amazing Discount Code For You!


Uber eats half price Asda shop, 50% off asda, uber eats discount code

I am always on the hunt for a bargain or a discount code, especially at the moment with everything going up in price on what feels like a daily basis. 

When I first started blogging I used to write discount code ideas and money saving type posts and I recently decided I was going to bring those types of posts back due to the current cost of living crisis if I can help anyone I will and if sharing codes and deals etc helps just one person it will be worth the research. 

Today I was doing some research for deals etc for a blog post and I came across one that I had to share immediately, £25.00 off a £50.00 at Asda so basically a half price grocery shop! How good is that? 

The offer is on both the Uber Eats website and their app and is available until 30th September 2022

To help you in your search, I have uploaded a photograph so you know you've found the right deal. 

Uber eats half price Asda shop, 50% off asda, uber eats discount code

This is the photograph on the Uber Eats website and app. 

Anyway, I won't keep you, but make sure you run, don't walk to Uber Eats now and grab your £25.00 discount! And please let me know if you used the discount, you can comment here or contact me on social media, I'm @mammafulzo across all my social media. 

Zoƫ x

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